Monday, October 29, 2012

NFL Week 8 Studs & Duds

                   Tom Brady is getting in mid-season form with 563 yds. passing and 6TD's in his last two games

     Tom Brady-  Never underestimate or let your guard down on Tom Brady. Brady threw for over 300yds. and 4TD's in a 45-7 blowout win over the St. Louis Rams.

     Rob Gronkwski- One of Tom Brady's favorite targets, Gronkwski produced great numbers with 8 receptions for 146yds. and 2 TD catches.

     Matt Ryan- Perfect record, perfect performance(for the most part) going 22-29 with 262 passing yards and 3 TD passes as Ryan and the Falcons improved their record to 7-0

     Julio Jones- Jones continues to impress as he hauled in 123 receiving yards on catches and a TD. The second year player now has 5 TD's an 499yds to date this season.

     Matthew Stafford- Stafford arguably single handily, beat the Seattle Seahawks. Throwing for 352 yds. and 3 TD's(one which was a game winning drive) He also had 1 rushing TD to go with his 3 passing ones.

     Titus Young- Unlike his counterpart Calvin Johnson, Young was money as he aided Matthew Stafford by registering 9 receptions for 100yds and 2 TD's.

     Steve Smith- Smith had a nice performance after flying under the radar the past couple of weeks, and bounced back with 7 receptions and 118 yds. receiving.

     Peyton Manning-  Manning (at least in my eyes) continues to live up expectations and proves he's still got it by throwing for 305yds. and 3TD's. Manning has now improved the Broncos record to 5-3

     Doug Martin-  It's always great when you have a versatile Running Back. Martin ran for 135 yds. 1 TD on 29 carries and also contributed to the receiving game in a huge way by catching three passes for a total of 79 yds, with 64 yds going for a TD reception

     Jason Witten-  Witten had a huge game by hauling in 18 catches(tied for 3rd most in NFL history and most by a Tight End) for 167yds.

           Things continue to go sour for Cam Newton as he now has 8 interceptions on the season and only 5 TD Passes

     Mark Sanchez-  Sanchez contines to hurt his case that he deserves the starting gig at QB for the Jets. Sanchez connected on less than 50% of his passes (28 of 54) and only throwing for1 TD & 283 yds. but had an interception and lost a fumble in a 30-9 defeat against the Dolphins.

     Browns&Chargers Defense- 60 minutes of football and on 13 total points to show for by both teams. Very anemic performances by both offenses.

     Cam Newton- "The Sophomore Slump" continues as Newton despite throwing for 314yds. he had no TD's and 2 interceptions (one which was returned for a TD)  Newton now has the Panthers at 1-6 (all of which he started)

     Tony Romo-  It's soon going to be time the Cowboys look for a new answer for their quarterback problems. Despite throwing for 437 yds. and a TD, Romo threw 4 interceptions which the Giants were able to take advantage of by scoring off each turnover. Romo is treading water and may lose his the starting quarterback role come this offseason.

     Calvin Johnson-  Megatron has had a rather underachieving season. Yesterday's game against the Seahawks, Johnson only registered 3 receptions for 46 yards. These numbers are well below the ones we expect from Johnson.

     Jamal Charles- slumping the past two weeks, Charles only ran the ball for a total of 4 yds. on 5 carries, his second worst rushing performnce of the season (week 3 rushed for only 3yds. on 6 carries.)

     Steven Jackson-  Jackson has been having a lackluster season compared to what he has shown and had in the past. Steven Jackson only ran for 23 yards on 7 carries.

     Kansas City Chiefs- For being the first team since 1940 to never hold a lead  regulation through the 7 first games.

     Drew Brees- Last night, Brees actually had an okay game. But it's not like the numbers he routinely produces week in and week out. Too be fair, even when Bree's has been putting up big numbers, the Saints defense has cost them games, or relied on Brees to bail them out. Last night though, Brees performance of  213 passing yds. 2TD's and an interception is not going to be enough for Brees to lead the Saints to victory.

    John Skeleton- Skeleton's performance may lead the Cardinals into going back with Kevin Kolb at quarterback. Skeleton threw for 290 yds and 1 INT. as the Cardinals were only able to muster a total of 3 points.

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