Monday, October 22, 2012

NFL Week 7 Studs & Duds


                                                                       Week 7 Studs

 (1) Victor Cruz catches a pass for a 77yd TD Reception which ended up being the game winning score

      Chris Johnson- Look who finally decided to show up! Johnson had a career game and in the process help the Titans defeat the Buffalo Bills with his amazing performance with 195 rushing yards on 18 carries and 2 TD's

        Houston Texans Defense- After being completely being picked apart by the Green Bay Packers Offense, the Houston Texans defense showed their ability to bounce back after facing adversity. The Texans defense registered 4 sacks(one which resulted in a safety) 2 INT's (one returned for a TD) and a Forced Fumble. The Texans showed that even after a mediocre performance, they are capable of shaking off the cobwebs and playing to their full capability.

     Adrian Peterson- Not even an ankle problem could slow Peterson down this week as he rushed for 153 yds. on 23 carries and a Touchdown to help lead the Vikings to another win, giving Minnesota a surprising 5-2 start on the season.

     Minnesota Vikings Defense- Registered 7 sacks, 2 FF's and an INT returned for a Touchdown which ended up being a difference maker, as the Vikings beat the Cardinals by 7

      Victor Cruz- Cruz flew under the radar in this game. Actually they may have been the crucial mistake the Washington Redskins made. Cruz came up clutch as he scored on a 77yd TD Reception to win the game against their divisional rivals. Cruz ended up with a total of 7 receptions for 131 yds. to go with his game winning TD.

     Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers continued where he left off from last week and again silenced his critics. Rodgers again threw for over 300+ yds and threw for 3 TD Passes as the Packers beat the Rams 30-20.

     Jordy Nelson-  Like his QB, Jordy Nelson continued going on a tear by helping Rodgers in the receiving game once again by catching 8 passes for 122yds. and a TD

     Drew Brees-  It's really no surprise to see Drew Brees name here as he is always putting up unthinkable numbers, only to raise the bar a little higher. Brees threw for 4 TD's for 377yds. as the Saints have now won 2 in a row after starting 0-4.

     Vincent Jackson- Despite in a losing effort, Jackson had over 200yds. receiving on the day (216yds) on 7 receptions and a TD that went for 95 yards!

                          (2)  Joe Flacco couldn't escape the pressure of Houston's potent Defense
                                                                      Week 7 Duds

       Joe Flacco- For Flacco, he couldn't have played the Houston Texans at a worst time!  After their embarrassing performance against the Packers, the Texans took their frustration out on Flacco. So I don't rehash to much, just go up and see under studs "Houston Texans Defense" Flacco finished the day going 21 of 43 for 147 yds 1TD and 2INT's

      Trent Richardson- A rather lackluster day for the "Rookie Sensation". Richardson only had 8 carries for 8 yds. with his longest run of the day. Richardson fared no better in the receiving game either with 2 receptions for just 11 yards. A rather anemic performance by Richardson.

      Christian Ponder- Despite two of my studs being from Minnesota (Adrian Peterson, and the Vikings Defense itsself) Ponder displayed a poor performance from his counterparts. Going for an 8 for 17 on passes for a total of 58 yds. along with 2 interceptions, Ponder should definitely be thanking his teammates for stepping up.

     Washington Redskins Offense- The Redskins Offense is going to need to acquire some cement glue. Fumbling the ball a total of 5 times, 3 of which they lost, and one which ultimately ended up costing the game, the Redskins need to address this problem or just like this game, they will end up with the same result(s).
      Russell Wilson- From a great comeback win performance against New England to a subpar performance against San Francisco. Wilson who was only 9 of 23 for 122yds. along with an interception, could not get the offense going as the Seahawks are now 0-3 against divisional opponents

      Alex Smith- The 49ers defeated divisional foe Seattle in spite of Alex Smith who is still on a cold streak after last week's disaster against the Giants. Smith went 14/23 for just 140 yds. Passing with a TD and 1 INT. If San Francisco intends on being a Super Bowl contender, Smith will need to become more consistent and start producing better numbers and eliminating turnovers.

     Ray Rice-  To be fair, I have to cut Joe Flacco some(though very little) slack. Rice didn't exactly have a great outing as well. Rushing for 42 yards on 9 carries, with his longest being for 17 yards.

      Andy Dalton- I wouldn't say Dalton is having a "Sophomore Slump" but the last two weeks he has been consistently inconsistent. Last week he threw for over 300 yards and passed for 3 TD's but also had 3INT's too match. This week against the Steelers, Dalton started out rather strong, but slowly halted any further offensive production as he hit only 50% of his passes (14 of 28) for 105 yds. 1TD and an interception too match. Hopefully for Dalton's sake, he can turn things around and lead the Bengals to victories or they may fall out of playoff contention fast.

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                 2. Picture courtesy of Kenneth K. Lam from the Baltimore Sun

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