Monday, October 15, 2012

Aaron Rodgers Proves Nothing Has Changed

                  Despite a 3-3 record, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has remained the same                                    

      After last night's dominating performance by Aaron Rodgers against the Houston Texans, which saw him throw for 6 TD Passes and 338 yards, some may say "this is the Aaron Rodgers we know". I myself was even wondering what was "wrong" with Aaron Rodgers during the first 5 games of the season. As I was watching last night's game, Cris Collinsowrorth was discussing Aaron Rodgers with Al Michaels and he said something that made it finally dawn on me that there wasn't anything wrong with him.(Rodgers) It was the same Aaron Rodgers we all knew from last year. As a matter of fact, Aaron Rodgers Rating for this season(105.4) is higher than his career average(104.2)1.  When players have high expectations, it isn't exactly easy to live up to them and even harder to exceed them.

     Last night while watching the game between the Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans, I was listening to Cris Collinsworth describing how he thinks Aaron Rodgers makes things look so easy, that when he asked Rodgers about it, he said Rodgers just quickly replied, "That's the thing. It's not easy" as Collinsworth went on to explain Rodgers reasoning and how he said its hard to live up to these constant high expectations, that was when it all made sense to me that Rodgers is, was, and always has been the same since he got the starting job at Quarterback with Green Bay. Through six games, Aaron Rodgers has thrown for over 1,600 yards, 16 TD Passes and only 4 interceptions. These numbers are nothing to scoff at. Yet, because it's Aaron Rodgers, these numbers are somehow seen as "average" while ironically for the "average" quarterback, these numbers would be considered a career season.

     One thing that may make things deceiving for football fans is at first glance the Green Bay Packers record. At 3-3 one may look and say"oh man they were 15-1 last season, I wonder what is wrong with them". This possible likelihood can give a wrong indication on Aaron Rodgers performance as a player alone as well. If you have actually watched Aaron Rodgers play this season, you will easily see how nothing is different and that he is the same player as he was last year. Now granted, he has taken alot of sacks, but that's the risk you take when you're a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers who is in a pass happy offense. However, a good quarterback will take the sack before he forces a bad throw, which is something Rodgers has learned overtime from experience.

    Simply put, things haven't changed, Aaron Rodgers is still the same as he has always been. In fact, as far as Aaron Rodgers goes, the only thing that has changed, is that it's a new season.

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