Friday, October 19, 2012

Despite Taking Control of NFC West After Defeating Seahawks, 49ers Still Need Improvements

    After a blowout loss against the New York Giants, the San Francisco 49ers were able to bounce right back again after a losing performance by beating the Seattle Seahawks with their stout defense. More importantly, the win put them in the driver's seat of the NFC West.

   As the saying goes ''Defense wins championships" and the 49ers Defense is of championship caliber. However, their defense can only do so much until it eventually breaks. Last week Alex Smith was intercepted 3 times, and all three times the NY Giants were able to convert points off each turnover (13 points 1TD, 2FG's) and twice inside their own 20(luckily their defense held strong both times off those turnovers and held them to Field Goals). Still, if the 49ers offense continues struggling, the defense will only be able to do so much until turnovers or the lack of offensive production, will be their eventual downfall.

   Now that's not saying the 49ers offense hasn't been able show a glimpse of offensive production and not put points on the board. The point is, if the 49ers meet a team with the caliber of the Giants(or the Giants themselves) in the playoffs, turnovers will end up resulting in an early exit. Even if they meet the Seahawks (or a team that matches up well with the Seahawks) 13 points may not be enough to prevent an early outing from the playoffs as well.

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