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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"File Profile" Calvin "Megatron" Johnson

                                                                                       Calvin "Megatron" Johnson   

Name: Calvin Johnson (nickname Megatron)

Height: 6ft 5in.

Weight: 235 lbs

College: Georgia Tech

College Career Stats- 178 receptions 2,927 receiving yards & 28 touchdowns

2007 NFL Draft- Selected Round 1 Number 2 Overall Pick

40 Time: 4.3

Bench Press: 335lbs (Max), 22 Reps (225lbs)

Vertical & Jumping:  45 inches

    Calvin Johnson is a special brand of NFL Wide Receivers. What's intriguing about Johnson is that not only does he have the size, speed, strength, and leaping ability, all to go with it,  he has the ability to create separation and mismatches against opposing defenses. This combination is something you don't normally get out of every wideout , making Johnson a rare breed for a wide receiver.

    Calvin Johnson already has an enormous size advantage against most defenders with his 6ft 5in frame. Whenever the ball is thrown high to where Johnson and the defender need to position themselves in a jump ball situation, Johnson already puts the defender at a huge disadvantage in terms of height, but his amazing Vertical/Jump (45 inches) makes it practically impossible for the defender to come away with the football in a jump ball ordeal. Defensive Backs will have to acquire special springs in their shoes in order to even have a chance when it comes to defending Calvin Johnson in these situations.

        Along with Johnson's size, his strength makes him able to create separation between he and the defender, allowing him to open himself up for an easy play for his quarterback. When Johnson isn't bull rushing his way over 'a' defender, he finds himself fighting off multiple defenders, but even in double coverage, he positions himself to make sure he has the best chance at catching the ball. If the defense is not busy having a difficult time already by trying to cover him, they are having an equal amount of trouble just trying to slow him down.

        As stated by his statistics, Johnson has amazing speed, especially for a guy his size. Already posing great size and strength, Johnson gives opposing defenses another problem with his blazing 4.3 40 time! Right from the snap, Johnson will make a quick move to put the defender out of position and then blow right past him, easily putting himself into the open field allowing himself to become an easy target for his quarterback. Even if the quarterback is being pressured, chances are if he throws it up Johnson will already be wide open, and not only because of his speed, but his ability to run routes really well also puts the defender at an even greater disadvantage.

       Another thing that's impressive is Calvin Johnson's toughness and durability. Johnson won't hesitate and isn't afraid of a little contact. If he has to make a play on the ball even if it ends up with him getting hit, he will risk getting roughed up in order to make that play and reap the reward that may come with it by either making a huge gain or a touchdown.

       Of the many elements that Calvin Johnson has to offer and bring to the table, he is more than just a Wide Receiver. He is a top notch athlete, and a huge playmaker. Johnson's athleticism is what makes him one of, if not the best Wide Receiver in the game today, and inevitably one of the best to ever play the game.

 UPDATE: Watch Calvin Johnson destroy triple coverage by the Cincinnati Bengals (date of game 10-20-13)

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                    Carving up the Green Bay Packers secondary on Thanksgiving 2013 (11/28/13)
                   Johnson finished the day with 6 receptions for 101 yards and this TD in the Detroit Lions 40-10 thumping over Green Bay


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