Saturday, October 27, 2012

Is Notre Dame Now a BCS or Even Legit National Title Contenders After Win Against Oklahoma?

      Heisman Candidate Manti Te'o  makes a tackle against Oklahoma Running Back Trey Millard
        All season the Notre Dame football team has faced criticism because of having an arguably weak schedule of opponents. Granted one may be able to easily make that case. But after handling Oklahoma the way they did, they do deserve some recognition, and would know say they are a legit Top 10 (I know they are ranked number 5 currently, but many critics have said they are not a top 10 team.) Notre Dame being independent has it's pros and cons. They are able to play pretty much any school they want, yet at the same time with how the BCS is, not being in a conference that has automatic tie ins the the BCS puts the Irish as a disadvantage too.  But I digress. Notre Dame has shown it's ability to beat good teams. Before today's game against Oklahoma, Notre Dame did have one key signature win, beating #19 (then #17) ranked Stanford Cardinals. With today, Notre Dame helped it cause after beating #8 Oklahoma. But many still may not be convinced Notre Dame is a legitimate contender.

       Prior to today's game, I honestly gave Notre Dame no chance to beat Oklahoma. Not only did they prove me (as well as many critics) wrong by beating Oklahoma, but did so in convincing fashion. Despite all of this, I'm still not sold on them being National Title Contenders. But I do believe they are in contention to receive an at large bid into a BCS game. If Notre Dame came can somehow run the table and go undefeated, then Notre Dame would have a legit claim of playing for a National Championship. But so many factors would have to fall into place in order for this to happen They would need other teams in front of them to slip in the polls and lose a few spots from a loss.

     Notre Dame has not only needs other teams to slip in the polls, but they still have a few obstacles in front of them they need to accomplish and complete before they think about an undefeated season and making a claim at a shot at the National Championship game. Notre Dame still has Pitt, BC, Wake Forest, as well as USC. The remainder of their schedule makes them look primed to finish undefeated, but the Irish should not overlook Pitt as it may end up being a trap game. Then in the final game of the season, Notre has to travel to Southern Cal. Whether you do or do not think this team is of a championship caliber, but one thing as a college football fan, you know it's going to be exciting how things will turn out.

 Source: Picture courtesy of (Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE, US PRESSWIRE / October 27, 2012)

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