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Friday, August 31, 2012

Floyd Mayweather: Prime Example of Why Some Athletes Go Bankrupt

Floyd "Money" Mayweather is known for being the best boxer pound for pound in the world today. He is also known for his rather large bets he places when gambling. Mayweather recently made an enormous bet that Michigan will beat Alabama this weekend. This bet isn't the kind you make with a buddy of yours and put a measly five dollars at stake. Oh no, Mayweather makes good on his nickname "Money" and places a $3million bet on the game.

 My problem isn't really his gambling alone, it's the fact that some athletes are very irresponsible with their money like Mayweather is in this instance. Athletes complain they don't make enough money to "support" themselves or their families. Gee, I didn't know you needed millions of dollars to just basically throw it all away on gambling, frivolous items such as expensive cars, a huge mansion on large acres of property, and in some athletes cases use their money on drugs, in order to "support" their families.

These reasons are why some athletes will go bankrupt. Case in point, Lawerence Taylor. He faced many financial problems due to his lifestyle. Athletes need to realize that they are not always going to be on top and be the money makers they are, as someone new always comes along and takes their spot from them. Putting them in the back shadow and when they eventually retire they will not be receiving the same amount of income that they were always used to getting.

My advice to athletes who are incapable of managing their money correctly, stop complaining. You don't make enough and start appreciating what you have as many working class people simply cannot live that lifestyle or make as much money in a year as you do in one day. One more thing, if you're going to just basically give your money away like that, give it away to people who live in third world countries. After all, these are the people who actually need the money to support themselves and their families in order to survive! Not because they need a new $100,000 sports car.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Evaluting Tennessee Titans Rookie Wide Receiver Kendall Wright


Well the 2012-13 NFL season will be underway in a week's time. We already know so much about the established star players (i.e. Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Chris Johnson etc) but what we don't know yet is anything about some of the NFL Rookies. So I'm going to take the time by evaluating Tennessee Titans Rookie Wide Receiver Kendall Wright and see just how much of an impact he potentially could make in the league, but first lets look at his college career stats and credentials

 Baylor Bears WR Kendall Wright

2008-09 True Freshman- played in all 12 games led the team in reception(50) receiving yards(649) TD's (5)

2009-10 Sophomore- led team in receptions(66) receiving yards(740) TD's(5)

2010-11 Junior- Named Second Team All Big 12  78 receptions 952 receiving yards 7 TD's

2011-12 Senior Played in all 13 games 108 receptions 1,633 receiving yards 14 TD's named First Team All American and All Big 12

The fact that Kendall Wright's production increased every season showed that he gets better with the more experience he gets. It's no wonder that Wright was Heisman Trophy Winner Robert Griffin III favorite target.

Lets break down all components of Kendall Wright's game and look at his strengths and weaknesses.

Speed- Wright's speed is everything a QB looks for in a Wide Receiver. Wright's acceleration allows him to burst down field with his blazing 4.41 40 he is able to separate himself from defenders and get himself open down field and generates a lot of YAC (yards after catch)

Route Running- Wright's route running skills are what make his game so effective. He is able to line up anywhere on the line and give his QB a perfect target. Whether it's a short pass and Wright uses his speed to run the field, or his precise route running skills to go down field and attack the opposing team's Safeties, Wright will have a lot to offer with his play making abilities.

Size- This is where Kendall Wright will have some problems. He's rather short for a Wide Receiver (5ft 10in some list him as 5ft 11in.) As the field gets shorter it will take away from Wright's ability to utilize his down field threat. Wright will also have to fight for the ball in jump ball situations, where the QB throws the ball high in the air to make sure only his receiver can get it, like when the QB throws the ball in the corner of the end zone. Wright will also need to add some strength to fight off defenders. He only managed to rep 225 for 4 reps at the NFL Combine. Wright needs to add a good 10-15lbs of quality muscle in order to match up well against the stronger Cornerbacks. One positive to take away from this though is that Wright has great hands and has the ability to make tough catches.

                                            What to expect from Kendall Wright

I see the Tennessee Titans using Kendall Wright often in order to get use to the system, create chemistry with Jake Locker, and use his ability to get open down field whenever the Titans need a big play and a quick score. It's going to take some time though for Wright to adjust to the speed of the NFL and the Titans.  I don't see him posting career numbers in his first year, nor do I see him being the next Jerry Rice, but with time Kendall Wright has the opportunity to become one of the premiere Wide Receivers in the NFL.

         Stat predictions for Kendall Wright in 2012-13 season
                60 receptions 712 receiving yards   5 TD's

       2012-13 Actual Stats
      64 receptions  626 receiving yards  4 TD's

Image Source(s)-
(November 24, 2012 - Source: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images North America)

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sandusky's Victims Are Being Manipulated

With Jerry Sanduky's sentence coming up in less than a month, his victims will be able to have more closure knowing that this evil man who took advantage of them will be locked away for more than likely the rest of his life. I, as a Penn State fan, am affected by this in a different way. I say a different way because I was not in the same situation as those boys. So for me to sit here and try to make sense  of what happened to them  and  to understand how they feel is completely unfair.  We have to realize what happened to them is something you hope that no child should have to ever encounter. I would, however, like to, if I ever could, ask the victims if they truly believe Paterno is to blame for what happened to them and if they actually think Joe would really disregard their safety.  Joe always wanted the best for the Penn State student body. Also, when Joe said "with the benefit of hindsight, I wish I would have done more" he wasn't admitting to being guilty, rather he, was essentially saying 'Had I known then what I know now, I would have made sure Sandusky was locked away."

However, the victims have a right to be upset at Penn State officials Spanier, Curley, and Shultz for their attempt to cover the information up in hopes that it would go away .Yet, Penn State's part is rather smaller in this. As for Paterno, he ended up being the fall out guy. People who may read this might say ,"Quit trying to blame others for Joe Paterno's disregard of the safety of children" or "Quit drinking your Penn State kool aid",the same can be applied to you regarding the media. Let's work our way up the ladder of other parties the media refused to question and give criticism to.  That way the victims can really see who were the ones that failed them.

1. Dottie Sandusky-  Everyone wants to label Joe Paterno as an enabler who allowed Jerry Sandusky to take advantage of these young boys. Why not start with the actual root for this bad seed, that being Sandusky's wife, Dottie?  Obviously, she was going to deny any of the allegations of her husband, but why didn't the media press hard after her?  Victims were reported to have made loud screams from their downstairs basement from Sandusky allegedly touching the young boys in an inappropriate manner, all the while Dottie Sandusky possibly disregarded these screams and didn't even have the curiosity to see what was going on. Even if she did, she is, of course, going to deny any of it happening to protect her husband. These are all valid questions and reasons to have Dottie Sandusky answer these damning allegations against her husband.  How could she have not known what her husband was doing, and not doing anything about it to protect these children?

2. Central Mountain High School Staff-  The media talks about how Paterno didn't do anything to stop Sandusky and continued to let him have free reign on these young boys. Yet, you don't hear anything about the coach that walked into a room in the gym area, turned the light on and immediately saw a rattled Sandusky jump off from being on top of a boy and in a defensive manner said, "Oh I was just showing him some wrestling moves." The boy then went to his High School Guidance Counselor to tell her what happened. The counselor had the audacity say ,"Don't report Mr. Sandusky,  he is a good man." Unfortunately the subject was dropped thus allowing Sandusky to continue to prey on his victims. (I don't know about you, but if it were me, I wouldn't care what I was told by that high school guidance counselor, or anybody, I would have kept pursuing this and made sure Sandusky would pay for his actions.)  Another incident that occurred was when the mother of one of the boys said that when Sandusky had brought her son back home that she noticed both of them were wet as if they had taken a shower together. Sandusky even said to her, "I wish I were dead" after she told him she no longer wanted Sandusky around her son. The boy would proceed to tell his mother and explain the details of what happened, which she then decided to take her son to see psycologist Alicia Chambers.

 3.Tom Corbett )- Tom Corbett,  who is the current Governor of Pennsylvania,  and a member of the BoT at PSU, had ties to Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation. He received $600,000 in campaign ads from the Second Mile and granted them with a 3 million dollar donation. Corbett stated that he signed off for the grant for Second Mile so as not to raise any bells about the Sandusky investigation. This does not make any sense as Corbett had enough evidence to charge Sandusky in the summer of 2011 but waited while he received campaign donations from the Second Mile. Sandusky was charged with his crimes only after Corbett left as Attorney General and became Governor of Pennsylvania.  So instead of handling the Sandusky situation Corbett decided to sit on the case when he had the authority all along to give the green light to file charges on Sandusky. Corbett put the safety of children on the back burner since he would most likely lose a source of donations for his political agenda. It's funny how Governor Corbett had the nerve to say that, "Joe Paterno failed his moral obligations"  when in fact, Corbett himself not only failed to do the same thing but also failed to do his legal obligations to investigate the matter.

4. A. Pennsylvania Law Enforcement-  In 1998, Dr. Alycia A. Chambers, a psychologist, who alerted officials that Sandusky ,"likely fit the pattern of a pedophile" after two of her clients had told her what Sandusky had done to them in the Penn State locker room.  Her concerns though, ended up being completely dismissed by law enforcement as they said ,"there wasn't enough evidence to prove there was abuse of the boys."  I quickly want to say, " I personally think Dr. Chambers is not at fault as she did report to the proper authorities of what her clients had told her and did everything to get them to look into the matter." Detective Ron Schreffler was contacted by the boy's mother about the incident. When Detective Schreffler interviewed the boy he told him exactly what he told Dr. Chambers. Tom Harmon,  Director of Penn State's Police Department, refused to make a crime log entry as he felt ,"At this point in time I can justify that decision because of the lack of clear evidence of a crime." Had he made that crime log entry, it would have become public information, which would have made the public aware of the allegations back in 1998. Because he chose not to, it allowed Sandusky to continue victimizing children. What is more mind boggling is that the authorities themselves had evidence to arrest Sandusky when they had him come to the house of one of the mother's, and he basically admitted to what happened in the shower with them quietly listening to the conversation in another room

 B. Department of Public Welfare(DPW) & Centre Country Children & Youth(CAY)- One of Sandusky's notable victims was his adopted son, Matt, whom he met through The Second Mile. At his request, Sandusky told CAY to  have Matt  placed in the Sandusky household in 1995. Matt Sandusky's biological mother asked Centre County Judge David Grine, that her son be placed in another foster home as she was worried for his safety and mental health. The counselor for CAY, John Seasock, also conducted a second evaluation on Sandusky's shower victim and came to the conclusion that the boy was not in any danger of future sexual victimization. Jerry Lauro, an investigator for the DPW, said he never got the evaluations from Dr. Chambers on the young boy, but he got Seasocks evaluations and accepted them and told then DA Ray Gricar to close the case. Thus, allowing Sandusky to reign free on his would be future victims.

(Note: Ray Gricar  went missing in 05' and was declared legally dead in 2011.  His disappearance has been said to be linked to Sandusky and The Second Mile Sex Scandal)

C. The Second Mile Foundation- The Second Mile is and was Sandusky's way of recruiting under privileged kids in order to gain their trust so he could take advantage of them. The Second Mile needs to be criticized and questioned real hard as this was more about Jerry Sandusky and the Second Mile itself, and not so much as what the media labels it ,"Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal."  Recently new allegations came out about Jerry Sandusky using The Second Mile as a Pedophile/Child Porn ring. Sandusky is said to have had ties with Eddie Savitz, (who was also arrested for sexual acts on thousands of young boys) who would introduce new kids to Sandusky and also exchange pictures of young boys with one another. Unfortunately, since TSM has shut down, gaining any files or emails that came to and from them would be a difficult challenge at hand.

There are so many other parties that also deserve their fair share of criticism. So,  someone please tell me how Joe needed to do more or Joe allowed this to happen.   It's as if Joe was suppose to be babysitting Jerry Sandusky 24/7.  The only thing that is proven that happened is  Paterno was approached by Mike McQueary and even that story has some conflicting reports of what McQueary actually said to Joe. Oh, and notice I called him "Joe." Tim Curley always called Paterno, "Joe" not "Coach" as that weak email that Freeh used as evidence that "Joe" was part of a coverup. Also, in the email it states,"Coach is eager to see where things stand." I do not know everything, but it does not  take a rocket scientist to realize that "Coach" in this email meant Sandusky himself, as he knew or had an idea that he was potentially facing criminal charges. Also, I spoke to a victim of Eddie Savitz, Greg Bucceroni, which is how he was introduced to Sandusky, that Sandusky always felt uncomfortable around Joe because he knew Joe was a "No nonsense type of guy", and if Paterno had caught wind of it, he would have had Sandusky taken down. To those that say "he had to know" you need to realize that most pedophiles are discreet and keep a low profile about it and can fool those around them.  A person can be fooled even by the closet people to them.  

It has become apparent though that the media doesn't want the facts, and wants to play the blame game and point the finger at Joe Paterno. Since they know it will get people watching and reading the news, the media has manipulated the public into thinking this was all Joe's fault. Even worse, the media may be manipulating Sandusky's victims, preventing them from knowing the real truth which I believe gives the victims a false sense of closure.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Mike Vick Keeps Getting Injured & What The Eagle and Vick Himself Need To Do To Reduce The Risk of Him Getting Hurt Again

Eagles quarterback Mike Vick is hit with the injury bug again, and this Eagle's "wings" or rather his ribs, are keeping this bird flightless once more.  If the Eagles hope to win this year, they will need a healthy Vick. In order to make that happen, the Eagles, and Vick himself need to find a way of reducing the possibility of him getting hurt.

We already know that Vick has the speed and capability of running the ball and picking up positive yards. As evident that he is already the all time leader in rushing yards among quarterbacks. However his playing style is what is ultimately hindering him from playing time due to repeated injuries. When Vick decides to scramble out of the pocket and run with the ball, he is putting himself in a more vulnerable position by allowing himself to get hit hard in the open field by any would be tacklers. Case in point: in Week 4 of the 2010 season when the Eagles were facing the Redskins, Vick ran the ball towards the end zone when he took an open field hit by the Redskins defenders and ended up cracking his ribs. In order to reduce the risk of Vick getting injured, the Eagles need to make sure that Vick runs the ball less.

If, and I emphasize on the word 'if'', the Eagles want to keep Vick from getting hurt, or at least minimize the chances of doing so, Vick needs to become a traditional type quarterback with the idea of pass first, run second. That doesn't mean that Vick needs to take his running game out of his arsenal, (because as I stated earlier, he is the all time leading rusher for quarterbacks) you just have to limit the amount of times he will carry the ball. Also, the Eagles have a great running back in LeSean McCoy, so why increase the risk the chances of getting your quarterback hurt when you already have a good running game? Also Vick is rather small for a quarterback (6ft) so his body will not be able to handle as much punishment like someone like Ben Roethlisberger.(6ft 5in) Though the Eagles need to limit Vick's rushing attempts and make him throw more, it is still inevitable that he will on more than one occasion need to scramble and avoid getting tackled for negative yards.

There will always be times where Vick, and any quarterback for that matter, will have to scramble out of the pocket and avoid losing yards. For Vick there are a few simple solutions as what to do when he finds himself in that situation. First, if he decides to run he shouldn't try to challenge the opposing defender and try to over power him, rather he should run and slide feet first which should almost guarantee him not getting hit. Second, if the defense is jamming the wide receivers and Vick gets rushed out of the pocket, just throw the ball away and come back on the next play to try and get the first down. Third, do what my favorite player of all time did (Barry Sanders) when running the ball, step out of bounds and avoid getting hit.

No matter what, the probability of anyone getting hurt playing football is tremendous. For Michael Vick his game style needs to be adjusted to where he applies himself more in his passing game and in the process limit the amount of times he runs with the ball, and if and when he has to run the ball. Vick needs to have a plan on what to do in order to avoid getting hit. Hopefully Vick will be able to rebound and stay healthy and for his sake and all Eagles fans, he will be able to lead Philadelphia back to the playoffs although it will be a big mountain to climb in order to do so lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl championship.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Why Jake Locker Is The Right Choice For Tennessee

                                                                             Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

     Since the Tennessee Titans are one of my two favorite teams in the NFL, I think it's fitting that I give my opinion of the team naming Jake Locker the starting quarterback. I personally, think its the right choice.

     Despite not having the greatest numbers during the preseason, Locker already proved last year that he is more than capable of leading the team to success, when he had a strong showing in a game against the Atlanta Falcons, where he came in for an injured Matt Hasselback and threw 2 TD's and 140 yds in a losing effort. So now is the time for the Titans to start building for the future and that starts with Jake Locker.

     Locker is still young and he needs all the experience he can get and learn from his mistakes early on to eventually develop himself into an elite quarterback, and if you're going to make him the future of the franchise, then you also have to make sure you also build around him as well. The Titans already have a running back in Chris Johnson and a solid receiving core with Nate Washington,  Damian Williams, Kenny Britt (if and when decides to get his act together) and Rookie Kendall Wright who was considered by many experts to be the best Wide Receiver in the 2012 NFL Draft.

     Giving Locker the job for starting quarterback will allow him to be able to understand and learn the offensive system quicker. While in the process of learning the system, Locker will also be able to create and build chemistry with the players around him. Locker can also benefit having Matt Hasselback as a potential mentor, as he(Hasselback) has the experience of what it takes to win, who came one game away from winning a Super Bowl.

It will take Jake Locker some time to get adjusted, but with a good supporting cast, Locker and the Titans may finally return this team to being a contender like they once were in the early 2000's when Steve McNair led the them to a Super Bowl appearance. Who knows, maybe Locker will have similar success like another quarterback (that played for the organization when they were still known as the Houston Oilers) who, coincidentally, played college football for Washington as well. I'll let you think for a second as to who that quarterback was (Hint: Warren Moon)

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Melky Cabrera: A Cheater In More Ways Than One And Why He Should Be Banned From MLB

With more news coming out of Melky Cabrera's positive test for a Performance Enhancing Drug. (PED) Some are wondering if he deserves to receive a harsher punishment, if not, banned completely.From CBSsportsline "According to an article from the New York Daily the Giants outfielder created a fake website which featured ads for a fake product in hopes it would exonerate him. The plan was reportedly to say that Cabrera had ordered a legal supplement from the website and say that the product accidentally raised his testosterone levels too high. The story fell apart, though, and now Cabrera and some of his representatives are under investigation"

Now it's one thing that he took PED's and eventually got caught. However, it's another thing where you go to extreme lengths to try to cover up your tracks. If for some reason that fails, you then have another trick up your sleeve and devise a bogus claim for a failed drug test.

As more and more information comes out, it is pretty clear Cabrera, prior to doing this, would make sure he would have an 'explanation' for if and when he was caught for PED's. Everything was premeditated and Cabrera did everything within his power to get away with his actions, and for that, I believe he deserves to be banned as he tried to circumvent the rules to fit his agenda.

What I, as a baseball fan, am worried about now is if this will influence other players to go to extreme lengths and find other ways to make sure they don't get caught and comprise a scheme of their own, and making sure the only difference is that they don't get caught. If this ends up happening, Melky Cabrera could end up being indirectly responsible for further tainting of the sport of baseball.

The MLB needs to get tough for once and make an example by banning Cabrera for good. This will let players know that if they plan to cheat and also plan to cheat the system, then start planning to prepare yourself for a 9-5 job.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Penn State Football Dream Team

If you didnt know already, my favorite college football team is Penn State. I have been one for 17 years now. I've seen many great players come and go at Penn State and also read about the many legends that played before I was even born. So I'm making my own Penn State dream team after reading this article over on bleacher report
I've decided to compile my own Penn State "Dream Team"

Quarterback Kerry Collins


This one is an easy no brainer. Collins was the leader of the explosive offense that PSU demonstrated in the 1994 season, with 21 TD's 2,679 passing yards. Collins was also a finalist for the Heisman. (finishing 4th in the voting) Collins went on to win the Maxwell Award (College Player of the Year) Sammy Baugh Trophy
(Nation's top college passer) and the Davey O'Brien Award (Best College Quarterback in NCAA)

Running Back Larry Johnson

I may be a bit biased since Johnson was around my early teenage years. But man what he did in one season takes some running backs two or more. He rushed over 2,000 yards (2,087) alone in 2002. He constantly kept raising the bar by breaking the single game rushing record three different times while averaging 7.8 yards in the process. Johnson himself was a Heisman finalist (finishing 3rd) a winner of the Doak Walker Award (top running back) Maxwell Award winner and Walter Camp Award. (Top College Player) I often wonder what Johnson's numbers would be had he been the running back when he first arrived at PSU. Oh incase you didn't know, Johnson had 31 tackles and 7 sacks during his first 3 seasons at Penn State.

Fullback Franco Harris


Harris was mostly known for his time at PSU as Lydell Mitchell's blocker. But Harris also racked up over 2,000 career rushing yards and 24 TD's. I would love to see him in the backfield blocking for Larry Johnson. And with how Franco turned out to be in the NFL, I think I would have to utilize Franco Harris in the running game a bit more.

Wide Recievers
Bobby Engram
Winning the first ever Bilentikoff Award (College Football's Best Receiver) Bobby Engram for sure left his
mark as he is still the all-time leader in receiving yards (2,986) and TD's (31) It's easy to see why he was Kerry Collins favorite target.(What? You didn't think I wouldn't pick Collins main go to guy now did you?)

Deon Butler
     Butler's story is an amazing one. As a walk-on, Butler became one of the main receivers from 05-08 alongside highly touted Derrick Williams, an athletic Jordon Norwood, and a versatile Justin King. Butler
holds the record for career receptions at Penn State and the single game record for receiving yards.
Butler was more often than not the deep bomb guy who would blow past his defenders and make some
of the better catches one would see. Butler is also second on the list for all time receiving yards (2,771)
and third all time in TD receptions (22) Now looking back, I'm scratching my head and wondering why he wasn't rated as a 4 or 5 star player coming out of high school? I guess that goes to show you though that the "Star Rating System" isn't always the best way to find some of the better players.

Kenny Jackson
     A great athlete coming out of high school, Kenny Jackson would become Penn State's first ever
All-American WR. Jackson help lead the Nittany Lions to their first national championship in the 1982 season. Jackson would finish with 2,006 receiving yards which is fifth all time in school history. Along
with 25 career receiving TD's which is second all time only behind Bobby Engram.

Tight End Andrew Quarless

     I know this may seem a little bit premature, but Andrew Quarless had size, speed, and strength. Quarless also had very good hands and was also a reliable blocker when put in the position to do so. Although
Quarless had some issues off the field, his presence on the field didn't go unnoticed. 8 TD's 1,146 receiving
yards during his time at Penn State.

Offensive Line

Levi Brown second team all american & first team all big ten(2005), All American Honors (2006)

Kareem McKenzie three time All Big Ten Conference (only 1 of 5 players from PSU to be selected ABT 3 times) (9.)

Jeff Hartings  two time First Team All American


Marco Rivera two time Second Team All Big Ten, 4 time letter winner

Stefen Wisniewski- First Penn State Football Student Athlete to be named an ESPN Academic All-American three times  (12.)

With this offensive line protecting Collins and company, it would open up continuous scoring and create a lot of holes for the running backs, and give Collins plenty of time in the pocket.

Defensive Line

Courtney Brown

     Brown was part of one of the more ruthless and arguably one of, it not the best defensive
unit in Penn State History. A 2x All Big Ten First Team, Big Ten Defensive & Lineman of the Year, and an All American. Brown would swarm right through the opponents offensive line and harass the QB. Brown finished his college career with 33 sacks and 70 tackles for a loss (a record at the time when he left Penn State)

Mike Reid


     I havent been able to find much info regarding his stats other than the fact that he had 89 career tackles, was an All American, and finished 5th in the 1969 Heisman Trophy voting. But to give you a little example of how great he was, he only played in the NFL for four seasons (unfortunately injuries took its toll and had to retire
early) he still managed 49 career sacks, averaging just a little over 12 a season. Reid won the Outland Trophy for "Best College Football Interior Lineman" and the Maxwell Award.

Jimmy Kennedy


     Kennedy was big and plugged up alot of holes for the Penn State defense during his college career. Kennedy finished his career with 213 tackles, 14 sacks, and  39 tackles for loss. Kennedy received the Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year in 2002 as well as First Team All Big Ten and First Team All American.

Tamba Hali

Tamba Hali's story is also remarkable. Coming from Liberia where little kids as young as five (perhaps even younger) would actually partake in the war themselves. Hali moved to the USA at the age of ten with his father. Hali was considered to be undersized for his position. But that did not stop him! In his senior year he recorded 11 sacks and 17 tackles for losses. One of his most memorable sacks that season came against
Illinois when he came from the side out of nowhere and bullrushed QB Tim Brasic and left him really shooken up from the hit. (See Below)
Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year, First Team All Big Ten and an unanimous All American in 2005

This Defensive Line would demonstrate size and speed and great athleticism. Hali and Brown would be a major threat for a QB and make them flush out of the pocket and force them to make mistakes. With Mike Reid and Jimmy Kennedy plugging up the holes so no running back would slip through.


Jack Ham

Okay this is too easy. If Jack Ham is considered one of, if not the greatest outside linebacker of all time, why wouldn't I have him on my dream team? Exactly, because if I didn't I'd be a fool. He was an All American and registered 251 career tackles during his time at Penn State. Ham was also part of two 11-0 Nittany Lion
teams which relied heavily on it's defense, which Jack Ham and company never failed to produce.

Paul Posluszny

Even though Posluszny is one of the more recent players to have played at Penn State, his work ethic is hard to go unnoticed. Poslusnzy had great lateral movements causing many opposing running backs to go east & west. Poslusnzy also delivered some of the most brutal hits and some that just left you in awe. Especially when Poslusnzy decided to go airborne and tackle Gary Russell denying him a TD (video clip
Poslusnzy eventually went on to win the Butkus Award (Top Linebacker in the Country) and a two time winner of the Chuck Bednarik Award (College Defensive Player of the Year) Posluszny also recorded 372 career tackles, which was a school record at the time.

LaVar Arrington

     Despite my recent difference of opinion on some matters with this man, I cannot take away what he did on the field. LaVar was a highly touted recruit coming out of high school and when he came to Penn State, he already had so many expectations. As far as his career at Penn State, he lived up to them. (I remember in 1999 in a game against Pitt he blocked a last second field goal by the Panthers who were trying to tie the game, and I can recall the whole stadium erupting with excitement and joy) In his final season at Penn State he made 72 tackles, with 20 Tackles-For-Losses, nine sacks, one interception, one forced fumble, two fumble recoveries (one TD) and two blocked kicks(one of those being the one I just mentioned) LaVar made many great plays, but what he will probably be most remembered "The LaVar Leap" when he jumped prior to the snap and tackled the running back from Illinois immediately after he had the ball handed off to him (See video below). Arrington won the Butkus Award, Bednairk Award, and the Lambert Award (top collegiate linebacker) In his final year at PSU.

This unit of Linebackers is essentially why Penn State is known as "Linebacker U". You have Jack Ham, who you could consider one of the 'pioneers' if you will for making Penn State eventually known for producing great Linebackers. Paul Poslusnzy would cause many problems for opposing offenses causing them to go east and west and finish them off with his brutal hits. And then you have LaVar Arrington for his tenacity and athleticism and ability to make numerous big plays. One thing I can say is that I wouldn't want to be an opposing QB with these hard-hitters coming at me!

Defensive Backs

David Macklin in 1998 made all Big Ten and led the Big Ten in interceptions with six

Bhawoh Jue had 99 career tackles, 7 interceptions and was All Big Ten Honorable Mention in 2000

Alan Zemaitis (22.)

181 career tackles, three time All Big Ten Cornerback. Had three int's in 2005 game against Michigan State. In 2003 he broke the Penn State and Big Ten single season record of interception return yards with 269.

Anthony Scirrotto

12 career interceptions (returned them for a total of 234 yds.) And a TD. Two time All Big Ten


Kevin Kelly  (24.)

Penn State career scoring leader. Penn State career field goals,Penn State longest field goal (tie) Penn State consecutive field goals, Big Ten career scoring. 2008 All Big Ten


Jeremy Boone 2007 All Big Ten


This category is interesting. It's players who could play offense, defense, special teams, different positions, etc. And I have decided to choose 5

1. Michael Robinson

M-Rob spent his first season playing quarterback, running back, and wide receiver. M-Rob was an all around athlete and had plenty of toughness. He help lead Penn State out of the "Dark Years" and made  Penn State return to national prominence. Robinson and the Nittany Lions finished #3 in the rankings with a victory of Florida State in the Orange Bowl and an 11-1 record. Along with that, Robinson finished 5th in the Heisman Trophy voting and was the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year in 2005 and won the "Chicago Tribune Silver Football" (MVP in the Big Ten)

2. Justin King

King was versatile. He had tremendous speed and when he was put in as a WR he would blow right by his defenders, as well when he would rush with the ball on reverses and turn on the wheels and race down the sideline with his blazing 4.31 40. Speed kills, and that's exactly what King would do to opposing teams, whether on offense or defense.

3. Derrick Williams

D-Will was a dynamic player that was able to create so many opportunities. He could run, pass, and catch. He was another all around athlete that could do anything when put into a situation. Williams was part of a highly touted recruiting class, (along with Justin King, Deon Butler(walk on) Jordan Norwood) that turned the Penn State Football Program around and return to glory.

4. Brandon Short

I know Short didn't play multiple positions, but Short was a great linebacker in his own right. Despite being in the back shadow of Courtney Brown and LaVar Arrington, Short led the team in tackles in 1999 with 103. He was even a Butkus Award Finalist alongside teammate LaVar Arrington (Arrington went on to win the award) Short was also 1st-team All-American and 1st-team All-Big Ten in 1999(as well as 1st team ABT in 1998)

5. Ethan Kilmer

Kilmer may not have put up the biggest numbers, but he was a good utility man as you could put him in any situation, special teams, offense, defense. And he made plays when they mattered the most. Like he did in the 2006 Orange Bowl when he caught a TD right before halftime to give Penn State a one point lead. Had he not come up with that big play, Penn State may have gone on to lose that game.

There you have it folks, my Penn State "Dream Team" And who knows, over time some of these players could get replaced on my list by new ones. Let me know what you think in the comments section and tell me where you agree, disagree, and who you would have on your "Dream Team" (Even if it isn't Penn State, list your all time favorite players who you thought were the best to play football at your teams school)

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Image sources: (1.)




























Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Predictions For The Top 10 Scoring Leaders In The NHL From Last Season

I wanted to hold off on making this blog for a bit to see how the CBA would turn out. And as of yesterday, it seems things will resolved and the NHL season will start on schedule. So with that said, I want to make my predictions for the top 10 scoring leaders in the NHL last season, for this season. Before I get into making
my predictions here are the top 10 from last season

 2011-12 NHL Scoring Leaders
1. Evgeni Malkin  50 goals 59 assists 109 points
2. Steven Stamkos 60 goals 37 assists 97 points
3. Claude Giroux 28 goals 65 assists 93 points
4. Jason Spezza 34 goals 50 assists 84 points
5. Ilya Kovalchuk 37 goals 46 assists 83 points
6. Phil Kessel 37 goals 45 assists 82 points
7. James Neal 40 goals 41 assists 81 points
8. John Tavares 31 goals 50 assists 81 points
9. Henrik Sedin 14 goals 67 assists 81 points
10. Patrik Elias 26 goals 52 assists 78 points

My Predictions for the top 10 stat leaders from 2011-12

Evgeni Malkin-  Best in the world! Now that I got that out of the way. I don't see Evgeni Malkin
slowing down anytime soon. I believe his point production will be up from last year and will win another
scoring title along the way   2012-2013 predictions 50 goals 70 assists 120 points

Steven Stamkos- Stamkos is a scoring machine who is only going to get better. Stamkos will continue to make his case for the best in the league (and perhaps the world) and I finally see him surpassing
the 100 pt mark for the first time in his young NHL career.
2012-2013 predictions 58 goals 46 assists 104 points

Claude Giroux- As a Penguins fan, I don't like Giroux. But as a hockey fan, what's not to love? Giroux
point production has significantly improved over the past two years and I also see him cracking the
100 point barrier as well.   2012-2013 predictions 30 goals 70 assists 100 points

Jason Spezza- Spezza has been a hit or miss type player. He had three straight seasons of 80+ points.
(including two 90 point seasons) He then followed them up with 73, 57, and 57 points respectively.
Even though he missed games due to injuries, in his 2nd highest offensive production season (90 points)
he only played in 68 games. Spezza again broke the 80 point mark last season and I can see him
duplicating the same numbers as last season, if not, close to it.
2012-2013 predictions 30 goals 48 assists 78 points

Ilya Kovalchuk- With Zach Parise gone, Kovalchuk is now the leader and the face of the franchise.
Kovalchuk will need to be the man to step up for the Devils and I personally believe that since he
will have to carry more of the load, his offensive production will increase. He's always good for
40 goals a season and I would not be shocked at all if he scores 50.
2012-2013 predictions 43 goals 42 assists 85 points

Phil Kessel- For the past two seasons, Kessel started off really hot and then came back down to
earth and his offensive production would slowly start to level out. Kessel is capable of a 90+
point season. But until he can keep a steady pace of good offensive production, I only see him
just barely surpassing the 80 point mark this year
2012-2013 predictions 41 goals 41 assists 82 points

James Neal- Originally suppose to be Crosby's winger, Neal has become Malkin's instead. Neal
is putting the NHL on notice and is becoming one of the elite snipers in the league
2012-2013 predictions 47 goals 39 assists 86 points

John Tavares- With all of the hype and talk about other offensive stars (Malkin, Stamkos, Giroux,etc)
Tavares has been a little overlooked. He is slowly improving his offensive production each season and
will continue to do so over time.
2012-2013 predictions 40 goals 48 assists 88 points

Henrik Sedin- Not much of a goal scorer. But nonetheless, Henrik's play making abilities will still
generate plenty of offense. 2012-2013 predictions 15 goals 78 assists 93 points

Patrik Elias- Elias may be getting older, but he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Elias
has been playing some of the best hockey of his career over the past few seasons. Heading into the
last year of his current contract, expect Elias to be extra motivated for a nice new one next offseason.
2012-2013 predictions 25 goals 50 assists 75 points

So those are my predictions for last year's top ten scoring leaders and remember nothing is set in stone.
This will be interesting to watch and see how my predictions unfold.

Other players to keep an eye on
Sidney Crosby
Alex Ovechekin
Eric Staal
Jonathan Toews
Patrick Kane
Rick Nash
Henrik Zetterberg
Anze Kopitar
Zach Parise
Marian Gaborik

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Cedric Benson Will Impact The Green Bay Packers

Last year the Green Bay Packers had one of, if not, the best offensive productions team. And ironically had one of, if not, the worst running games in the league. I can't tell you how many times I would see them in and 2nd or 3rd and 1 situation and fail to convert for a first down. And despite having one of the best passing
and receiving games in the league, their lack of a running game caught up to them and ended up being
one of the reasons why they had an early playoff exit.

Enter: Cedric Benson. With Benson, the Packers are finally getting the running back they so desperately needed. Benson may not be the flashiest RB in the league, but he has proven himself capable of producing
some offense. The past three seasons Benson has ran for 1,000+ yards. And something interesting to point out is that in 2010 Benson alone, rushed for more yards than Packers' running backs Brandon Jackson, James Starks, and John Kuhn combined! That alone tells you how anemic the running game was for the Packers.

With Benson now part of the offense, the Packers will now make opposing defenses second guess themselves. And because Benson's ability to produce rushing yards, its only going to open up the passing
game up more for Aaron Rodgers and his receivers. So not only will the Packers be improving their run game, but it will actually end up helping the passing game more too. Alert to opposing defenses, the Packers
just may be even more dangerous on offense this year than they were last year!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are The Lakers Now The Best Team in the League After the Dwight Howard Trade?

Now that the whole Dwight Howard trade rumors and saga is finally over, one of the questions
everyone is asking "Are the Lakers now the best team in the league?" Well in my humble opinion
I think they are. Why? Well for starters, Dwight Howard wants to play for a winner and he already has proved he is capable of carrying a team single handily on his back (which he will not need to do in L.A.)
when he led the Orlando Magic to their 2nd NBA Finals appearance in franchise history.

What the Lakers are essentially getting in Howard is a player who offers the total package.
He can score, play defense, rebound, block. And out of those the most important aspect of his game
is in fact his defensive game. Not that Howard's offense isn't going to significantly improve the Lakers
offense (because it will) but his defensive game is what makes him stand out. Ever since his second season
in the NBA, Orlando coach Brian Hill wanted to make sure he groomed Howard into a full fledged
Center,(much like he did with Shaquille O'Neal who coincidentally also went from Orlando to L.A.)           by making him work on his defensive game. And did it ever pay off. Dwight went on to establish
himself as one of the elite defenders in the game. Which is hard to argue with,with his(Howard) honors
of being selected to NBA All Defensive 1st Team four times. And in the process became a
3x NBA Defensive Player of the Year (all consecutively).

So looking at what Dwight Howard has to offer for the Lakers, it is apparent that he is the missing
piece to the puzzle for the Lakers to be championship favorites again. Kobe Bryant has 5 rings and tremendous scoring ability. Pau Gasol one of the better low post scoring players in the league.
Steve Nash adds a good veteran presence for the younger players. And now Dwight Howard.
With his own scoring ability, as well as his own great play in the low post and
even only at the age of 26 is already entering his 9th NBA season.
So he has the experience as well. He is giving the L.A. Lakers the best defensive player in the league.

Now the only question remains, are they the team to beat? I think so, but only time will tell.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

My Predictions for Penn State Football 2012

Since I am starting a sports column/blog, I will give exclusive predictions for my favorite teams.
(NHL-Pittsburgh Penguins, MLB- Cleveland Indians, NFL Tennessee Titans & Green Bay Packers,
NBA- Chicago Bulls, College Basketball- North Carolina & Penn State
 College Football- Penn State) Now with that said lets take a look at Penn State's schedule and           quickly give my predictions.
                                                                                                                          Actual Result
             Penn St. vs. Ohio                                 Prediction- Penn State 30-13    Ohio 24-14
 Penn St. at. Virginia                     Prediction- Penn State 28-21                         Virginia 17-16
 Penn St. vs. Navy                       Prediction-  Penn State 44-6                            Penn State 34-7
 Penn St. vs. Temple                    Prediction- Penn State 27-16                           Penn State 24-13
 Penn St. at.  Illinois                     Prediction- Penn State 23-20                           Penn State 35-7
 Penn St. vs. Northwestern          Prediction-  Penn State 37-17                           Penn State 39-28
 Penn St. at.  Iowa                       Prediction- Iowa 28-6                                        Penn State 38-14
 Penn St. vs. Ohio St.                   Prediction- Penn State 17-14                            Ohio State 35-23
 Penn St. at. Purdue                      Prediction- Purdue 35-21                                  Penn State 34-9
 Penn St. at. Nebraska                  Prediction- Nebraska 24-10                              Nebraska 32-23
 Penn St. vs. Indiana                      Prediction- Penn State 45-17                           Penn State 45-22
 Penn St. vs. Wisconsin                  Prediction- Wisconsin 34-27                          Penn State 24-21

  So with that, I will end up predicting Penn State finishes 8-4. Now again, these are just predictions nothing is etched in stone. Feel free to leave any comments and discuss.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Barry Sanders " Why He is The Best Running Back Ever in the NFL"

                                                                               Image posted by Ryan Koziel

When it comes to which NFL Running Back was the greatest of all time, many will make arguments and make their case as to who is and why. For me I believe that Barry Sanders happens to be the best of all time and will give you facts and to other reasons why I believe so.


                                                                            Some of the Facts

Barry Sanders who only played in the NFL for 10 seasons still managed to register 15,269 rushing yds. 2nd of all time on the career rushing list at the time of his retirement (3rd of all time to this day behind Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton, respectively)

Now lets look at Sanders, Smith, and Payton's numbers and averages throughout their careers.

                                Barry Sanders                     Emmitt Smith                         Walter Payton

No. of Seasons                 10                                        15                                          13

Career Rushing Yds.       15,269                               18,355                                     16,726

Avg. Yds. Per Season     1,526.9                              1,223.66                                  1,286.62

 Total Career TD                99                                       164                                         110

Avg. TD Per Season          9.9                                       10.9                                        8.46

                                                                 Barry Sanders always displayed amazing elusiveness!

     As you can see the numbers speak for themselves. Barry Sanders at the time of his retirement(age 31)
would have probably passed Walter Payton on the all time Rushing list if he played one more season. And
if Sanders would have played 5 more seasons (same amount as Smith) going by his average he would have
amassed 7,634.5 yds. (1,526.9 x5) which would have put him at 22,903.5 yds. ( 15,269 + 7,634.5)
This would have put Sanders first on the all time list and over 4,500 yds. ahead of a 2nd all time Smith.

 Now even though Sanders' production may have likely slowed down over those extra 5 years, he would only need to average 617.2 yds a season to put him in a tie with Emmitt Smith

    18,355 - 15,269    =       3,086         divided by          5                                 = 617.2
    (Smith)   (Sanders)   (difference between     (number of more seasons Smith  (Avg. number of
                                    Smith and Sanders)          played over Sanders)         yds. Sanders needed)         

Not only are Barry Sanders numbers are reasons why he was the best Running Back of all time, but the
way he carried himself as well.  He never show boated, always gave credit to his offensive line, and was very humbled with his accomplishments.

 And to add to that, Barry Sanders was a Heisman Trophy winner in college. And was recently voted by
fans in a poll in which former Heisman Trophy winner they wanted to appear on the cover of
NCAA Football 13.

  Some may agree and I'm sure many will disagree with my opinion. But given the reasons
and facts I presented, this is why I believe Barry Sanders was the best Running Back of all time!

Image Sources: (1.)

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 NFL Predictions

To officially start my new sports blog I decided to begin it with my Predictions for the upcoming NFL season. Nothing to "eye-raising" but nonetheless I give my 2 cents on how teams will fare this season.

AFC East
New England    12-4
NY Jets              8-8
Miami Dolphins   7-9
Buffalo Bills         6-10

New England still will be the best team coming from the AFC East and will once again win their division

AFC North
Balitmore Ravens  13-3
Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5
Cincinnati Bengals   7-9
Cleveland Browns   5-11

I see Baltimore having the best record in their division with the difference being the games between them and the Pittsburgh Steelers and along the way capturing the best record in the AFC

AFC South
Houston Texans  12-4
Tennessee Titans 10-6
Jacksonville Jaguars 4-12
Indianapolis Colts 4-12

This division seems to be the most predictable as the Texans will most likely win the AFC South and I see  them splitting with the Titans 1-1  and beating the Colts and Jaguars both twice.

AFC West
Denver Broncos 11-5
Kansas City Chiefs 9-7
San Diego Chargers 8-8
Oakland Raiders 5-11

I think this division will be somewhat close but with the recent addition Denver got in Peyton Manning maybe just what the doctor ordered in answering their QB problems.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles 11-5
NY Giants             10-6
Dallas Cowboys      7-9
Washington Redskins 6-10

Quickly I just want to state that my sister will be happy that I predicted her Eagles to win the division (If I didn't where would I go for the holidays?)  All kidding aside, I actually see the Eagles living up to expectations this season and I also see LeSean McCoy surpassing the 1,500 yd. rushing mark this year.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers 13-3
Chicago Bears          9-7
Detroit Lions            9-7
Minnesota Vikings    3-13

Though I dont see the Packers matching their win total from last season (15) they will still have a solid team and I look for the defensive unit to improve.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints 12-4
Atlanta Falcons        11-5
Carolina Panthers      8-8
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-14

Despite the allegations against the Saints, I don't see them and reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year Drew Brees having any problem this year.

NFC West

San Fransisco 49ers 12-4
Seattle Seahawks       9-7
Arizona Cardinals      6-10
St. Louis Rams          3-13

San Francisco who had arguably the best defense last season, will have a repeat performance of last year and win another division title.


                                                                          Wild Card
                                   AFC                                                                              NFC
              New England vs Tennessee                                                  San Francisco vs NY Giants
                 Denver vs Pittsburgh                                                            Philadelphia vs Atlanta


           Baltimore vs Denver                                                            Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta
           Houston vs New England                                                    New Orleans vs San Francisco

                                                                 Conference Championship             

         Baltimore vs Houston                                                                 Green Bay vs New Orleans

                                                                            Super Bowl  

                                                                      Baltimore vs Green Bay

                                                                         Green Bay Packers       

   So there you have it. Those are my 2012 NFL predictions. If you agree, disagree, or think I'm crazy let me know!  But remember, these aren't anything official just predictions. And if any of us did have the actual answers Vegas would go broke!
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