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Friday, August 31, 2012

Floyd Mayweather: Prime Example of Why Some Athletes Go Bankrupt

Floyd "Money" Mayweather is known for being the best boxer pound for pound in the world today. He is also known for his rather large bets he places when gambling. Mayweather recently made an enormous bet that Michigan will beat Alabama this weekend. This bet isn't the kind you make with a buddy of yours and put a measly five dollars at stake. Oh no, Mayweather makes good on his nickname "Money" and places a $3million bet on the game.

 My problem isn't really his gambling alone, it's the fact that some athletes are very irresponsible with their money like Mayweather is in this instance. Athletes complain they don't make enough money to "support" themselves or their families. Gee, I didn't know you needed millions of dollars to just basically throw it all away on gambling, frivolous items such as expensive cars, a huge mansion on large acres of property, and in some athletes cases use their money on drugs, in order to "support" their families.

These reasons are why some athletes will go bankrupt. Case in point, Lawerence Taylor. He faced many financial problems due to his lifestyle. Athletes need to realize that they are not always going to be on top and be the money makers they are, as someone new always comes along and takes their spot from them. Putting them in the back shadow and when they eventually retire they will not be receiving the same amount of income that they were always used to getting.

My advice to athletes who are incapable of managing their money correctly, stop complaining. You don't make enough and start appreciating what you have as many working class people simply cannot live that lifestyle or make as much money in a year as you do in one day. One more thing, if you're going to just basically give your money away like that, give it away to people who live in third world countries. After all, these are the people who actually need the money to support themselves and their families in order to survive! Not because they need a new $100,000 sports car.

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