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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sandusky's Victims Are Being Manipulated

With Jerry Sanduky's sentence coming up in less than a month, his victims will be able to have more closure knowing that this evil man who took advantage of them will be locked away for more than likely the rest of his life. I, as a Penn State fan, am affected by this in a different way. I say a different way because I was not in the same situation as those boys. So for me to sit here and try to make sense  of what happened to them  and  to understand how they feel is completely unfair.  We have to realize what happened to them is something you hope that no child should have to ever encounter. I would, however, like to, if I ever could, ask the victims if they truly believe Paterno is to blame for what happened to them and if they actually think Joe would really disregard their safety.  Joe always wanted the best for the Penn State student body. Also, when Joe said "with the benefit of hindsight, I wish I would have done more" he wasn't admitting to being guilty, rather he, was essentially saying 'Had I known then what I know now, I would have made sure Sandusky was locked away."

However, the victims have a right to be upset at Penn State officials Spanier, Curley, and Shultz for their attempt to cover the information up in hopes that it would go away .Yet, Penn State's part is rather smaller in this. As for Paterno, he ended up being the fall out guy. People who may read this might say ,"Quit trying to blame others for Joe Paterno's disregard of the safety of children" or "Quit drinking your Penn State kool aid",the same can be applied to you regarding the media. Let's work our way up the ladder of other parties the media refused to question and give criticism to.  That way the victims can really see who were the ones that failed them.

1. Dottie Sandusky-  Everyone wants to label Joe Paterno as an enabler who allowed Jerry Sandusky to take advantage of these young boys. Why not start with the actual root for this bad seed, that being Sandusky's wife, Dottie?  Obviously, she was going to deny any of the allegations of her husband, but why didn't the media press hard after her?  Victims were reported to have made loud screams from their downstairs basement from Sandusky allegedly touching the young boys in an inappropriate manner, all the while Dottie Sandusky possibly disregarded these screams and didn't even have the curiosity to see what was going on. Even if she did, she is, of course, going to deny any of it happening to protect her husband. These are all valid questions and reasons to have Dottie Sandusky answer these damning allegations against her husband.  How could she have not known what her husband was doing, and not doing anything about it to protect these children?

2. Central Mountain High School Staff-  The media talks about how Paterno didn't do anything to stop Sandusky and continued to let him have free reign on these young boys. Yet, you don't hear anything about the coach that walked into a room in the gym area, turned the light on and immediately saw a rattled Sandusky jump off from being on top of a boy and in a defensive manner said, "Oh I was just showing him some wrestling moves." The boy then went to his High School Guidance Counselor to tell her what happened. The counselor had the audacity say ,"Don't report Mr. Sandusky,  he is a good man." Unfortunately the subject was dropped thus allowing Sandusky to continue to prey on his victims. (I don't know about you, but if it were me, I wouldn't care what I was told by that high school guidance counselor, or anybody, I would have kept pursuing this and made sure Sandusky would pay for his actions.)  Another incident that occurred was when the mother of one of the boys said that when Sandusky had brought her son back home that she noticed both of them were wet as if they had taken a shower together. Sandusky even said to her, "I wish I were dead" after she told him she no longer wanted Sandusky around her son. The boy would proceed to tell his mother and explain the details of what happened, which she then decided to take her son to see psycologist Alicia Chambers.

 3.Tom Corbett )- Tom Corbett,  who is the current Governor of Pennsylvania,  and a member of the BoT at PSU, had ties to Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation. He received $600,000 in campaign ads from the Second Mile and granted them with a 3 million dollar donation. Corbett stated that he signed off for the grant for Second Mile so as not to raise any bells about the Sandusky investigation. This does not make any sense as Corbett had enough evidence to charge Sandusky in the summer of 2011 but waited while he received campaign donations from the Second Mile. Sandusky was charged with his crimes only after Corbett left as Attorney General and became Governor of Pennsylvania.  So instead of handling the Sandusky situation Corbett decided to sit on the case when he had the authority all along to give the green light to file charges on Sandusky. Corbett put the safety of children on the back burner since he would most likely lose a source of donations for his political agenda. It's funny how Governor Corbett had the nerve to say that, "Joe Paterno failed his moral obligations"  when in fact, Corbett himself not only failed to do the same thing but also failed to do his legal obligations to investigate the matter.

4. A. Pennsylvania Law Enforcement-  In 1998, Dr. Alycia A. Chambers, a psychologist, who alerted officials that Sandusky ,"likely fit the pattern of a pedophile" after two of her clients had told her what Sandusky had done to them in the Penn State locker room.  Her concerns though, ended up being completely dismissed by law enforcement as they said ,"there wasn't enough evidence to prove there was abuse of the boys."  I quickly want to say, " I personally think Dr. Chambers is not at fault as she did report to the proper authorities of what her clients had told her and did everything to get them to look into the matter." Detective Ron Schreffler was contacted by the boy's mother about the incident. When Detective Schreffler interviewed the boy he told him exactly what he told Dr. Chambers. Tom Harmon,  Director of Penn State's Police Department, refused to make a crime log entry as he felt ,"At this point in time I can justify that decision because of the lack of clear evidence of a crime." Had he made that crime log entry, it would have become public information, which would have made the public aware of the allegations back in 1998. Because he chose not to, it allowed Sandusky to continue victimizing children. What is more mind boggling is that the authorities themselves had evidence to arrest Sandusky when they had him come to the house of one of the mother's, and he basically admitted to what happened in the shower with them quietly listening to the conversation in another room

 B. Department of Public Welfare(DPW) & Centre Country Children & Youth(CAY)- One of Sandusky's notable victims was his adopted son, Matt, whom he met through The Second Mile. At his request, Sandusky told CAY to  have Matt  placed in the Sandusky household in 1995. Matt Sandusky's biological mother asked Centre County Judge David Grine, that her son be placed in another foster home as she was worried for his safety and mental health. The counselor for CAY, John Seasock, also conducted a second evaluation on Sandusky's shower victim and came to the conclusion that the boy was not in any danger of future sexual victimization. Jerry Lauro, an investigator for the DPW, said he never got the evaluations from Dr. Chambers on the young boy, but he got Seasocks evaluations and accepted them and told then DA Ray Gricar to close the case. Thus, allowing Sandusky to reign free on his would be future victims.

(Note: Ray Gricar  went missing in 05' and was declared legally dead in 2011.  His disappearance has been said to be linked to Sandusky and The Second Mile Sex Scandal)

C. The Second Mile Foundation- The Second Mile is and was Sandusky's way of recruiting under privileged kids in order to gain their trust so he could take advantage of them. The Second Mile needs to be criticized and questioned real hard as this was more about Jerry Sandusky and the Second Mile itself, and not so much as what the media labels it ,"Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal."  Recently new allegations came out about Jerry Sandusky using The Second Mile as a Pedophile/Child Porn ring. Sandusky is said to have had ties with Eddie Savitz, (who was also arrested for sexual acts on thousands of young boys) who would introduce new kids to Sandusky and also exchange pictures of young boys with one another. Unfortunately, since TSM has shut down, gaining any files or emails that came to and from them would be a difficult challenge at hand.

There are so many other parties that also deserve their fair share of criticism. So,  someone please tell me how Joe needed to do more or Joe allowed this to happen.   It's as if Joe was suppose to be babysitting Jerry Sandusky 24/7.  The only thing that is proven that happened is  Paterno was approached by Mike McQueary and even that story has some conflicting reports of what McQueary actually said to Joe. Oh, and notice I called him "Joe." Tim Curley always called Paterno, "Joe" not "Coach" as that weak email that Freeh used as evidence that "Joe" was part of a coverup. Also, in the email it states,"Coach is eager to see where things stand." I do not know everything, but it does not  take a rocket scientist to realize that "Coach" in this email meant Sandusky himself, as he knew or had an idea that he was potentially facing criminal charges. Also, I spoke to a victim of Eddie Savitz, Greg Bucceroni, which is how he was introduced to Sandusky, that Sandusky always felt uncomfortable around Joe because he knew Joe was a "No nonsense type of guy", and if Paterno had caught wind of it, he would have had Sandusky taken down. To those that say "he had to know" you need to realize that most pedophiles are discreet and keep a low profile about it and can fool those around them.  A person can be fooled even by the closet people to them.  

It has become apparent though that the media doesn't want the facts, and wants to play the blame game and point the finger at Joe Paterno. Since they know it will get people watching and reading the news, the media has manipulated the public into thinking this was all Joe's fault. Even worse, the media may be manipulating Sandusky's victims, preventing them from knowing the real truth which I believe gives the victims a false sense of closure.

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  1. You've got a lot right in this, but you might want to reexamine your view of Spanier, who now looks like he did not cover up anything.

    1. When I wrote this, I still had it in my head of the details about Spanier before his triak. But that is an error on my part for not looking into that.

  2. You're point is right on - that their are a large number of other parties who looked the other way and refused to recognize what was going on. Joe is being targeted because he was a good man and the media and others love to bring down a good man. However, you have some of your facts about the victims confused. Victim #6 is the one in 1998 who's mother called his psycologist, Alicia Chambers, when her son came home with wet hair. This was investigated by police, DPW, and CYS who found they coudn't charge Sandusky with anything. Sandusky stated he wished he was dead to the mother with 2 officials listening from another room.
    The boy who told his guidance councelor and the one that the wrestling coach walked in on (victim #1) were not victim #6. However, your central point is 100% correct and the irony is that Paterno was the only one (other than the mother of victim #6) in this litany of people who actually reported Sandusky - And he's charaterized as a villain.

  3. I appreciate the feedback and thanks for pointing out the errors to me. I always believed that the media hated Joe and always had it out for him. And this when this happened they saw it as a way to completely trash Paterno, even though there is no valid evidence or proof that Joe Paterno tried covering it up.

  4. You missed out on the Philadelphia Police Dept. in the late 80s they had charges against a man by the name of Fast Ediie Savitz, Those people willing to testify then wanted to testify against Sandusky and a pedophile ring at that time, yet the DA Ed Rendell would not press charges against Sandusky (sound familiar).

    1. I spoke to Greg Bucceroni, who was a victim of Eddie Savitz. It was there that he was introduced to Sandusky. Bucceroni also told me that Rendell knew about the whole thing and actually had ties to the pedophile ring to benefit from it.

  5. lol wow so much has changed in my view points since I wrote this!!!! So much wrong and case against Sandusky is rather weak to begin with!