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Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Predictions For The Top 10 Scoring Leaders In The NHL From Last Season

I wanted to hold off on making this blog for a bit to see how the CBA would turn out. And as of yesterday, it seems things will resolved and the NHL season will start on schedule. So with that said, I want to make my predictions for the top 10 scoring leaders in the NHL last season, for this season. Before I get into making
my predictions here are the top 10 from last season

 2011-12 NHL Scoring Leaders
1. Evgeni Malkin  50 goals 59 assists 109 points
2. Steven Stamkos 60 goals 37 assists 97 points
3. Claude Giroux 28 goals 65 assists 93 points
4. Jason Spezza 34 goals 50 assists 84 points
5. Ilya Kovalchuk 37 goals 46 assists 83 points
6. Phil Kessel 37 goals 45 assists 82 points
7. James Neal 40 goals 41 assists 81 points
8. John Tavares 31 goals 50 assists 81 points
9. Henrik Sedin 14 goals 67 assists 81 points
10. Patrik Elias 26 goals 52 assists 78 points

My Predictions for the top 10 stat leaders from 2011-12

Evgeni Malkin-  Best in the world! Now that I got that out of the way. I don't see Evgeni Malkin
slowing down anytime soon. I believe his point production will be up from last year and will win another
scoring title along the way   2012-2013 predictions 50 goals 70 assists 120 points

Steven Stamkos- Stamkos is a scoring machine who is only going to get better. Stamkos will continue to make his case for the best in the league (and perhaps the world) and I finally see him surpassing
the 100 pt mark for the first time in his young NHL career.
2012-2013 predictions 58 goals 46 assists 104 points

Claude Giroux- As a Penguins fan, I don't like Giroux. But as a hockey fan, what's not to love? Giroux
point production has significantly improved over the past two years and I also see him cracking the
100 point barrier as well.   2012-2013 predictions 30 goals 70 assists 100 points

Jason Spezza- Spezza has been a hit or miss type player. He had three straight seasons of 80+ points.
(including two 90 point seasons) He then followed them up with 73, 57, and 57 points respectively.
Even though he missed games due to injuries, in his 2nd highest offensive production season (90 points)
he only played in 68 games. Spezza again broke the 80 point mark last season and I can see him
duplicating the same numbers as last season, if not, close to it.
2012-2013 predictions 30 goals 48 assists 78 points

Ilya Kovalchuk- With Zach Parise gone, Kovalchuk is now the leader and the face of the franchise.
Kovalchuk will need to be the man to step up for the Devils and I personally believe that since he
will have to carry more of the load, his offensive production will increase. He's always good for
40 goals a season and I would not be shocked at all if he scores 50.
2012-2013 predictions 43 goals 42 assists 85 points

Phil Kessel- For the past two seasons, Kessel started off really hot and then came back down to
earth and his offensive production would slowly start to level out. Kessel is capable of a 90+
point season. But until he can keep a steady pace of good offensive production, I only see him
just barely surpassing the 80 point mark this year
2012-2013 predictions 41 goals 41 assists 82 points

James Neal- Originally suppose to be Crosby's winger, Neal has become Malkin's instead. Neal
is putting the NHL on notice and is becoming one of the elite snipers in the league
2012-2013 predictions 47 goals 39 assists 86 points

John Tavares- With all of the hype and talk about other offensive stars (Malkin, Stamkos, Giroux,etc)
Tavares has been a little overlooked. He is slowly improving his offensive production each season and
will continue to do so over time.
2012-2013 predictions 40 goals 48 assists 88 points

Henrik Sedin- Not much of a goal scorer. But nonetheless, Henrik's play making abilities will still
generate plenty of offense. 2012-2013 predictions 15 goals 78 assists 93 points

Patrik Elias- Elias may be getting older, but he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Elias
has been playing some of the best hockey of his career over the past few seasons. Heading into the
last year of his current contract, expect Elias to be extra motivated for a nice new one next offseason.
2012-2013 predictions 25 goals 50 assists 75 points

So those are my predictions for last year's top ten scoring leaders and remember nothing is set in stone.
This will be interesting to watch and see how my predictions unfold.

Other players to keep an eye on
Sidney Crosby
Alex Ovechekin
Eric Staal
Jonathan Toews
Patrick Kane
Rick Nash
Henrik Zetterberg
Anze Kopitar
Zach Parise
Marian Gaborik

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