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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Melky Cabrera: A Cheater In More Ways Than One And Why He Should Be Banned From MLB

With more news coming out of Melky Cabrera's positive test for a Performance Enhancing Drug. (PED) Some are wondering if he deserves to receive a harsher punishment, if not, banned completely.From CBSsportsline "According to an article from the New York Daily the Giants outfielder created a fake website which featured ads for a fake product in hopes it would exonerate him. The plan was reportedly to say that Cabrera had ordered a legal supplement from the website and say that the product accidentally raised his testosterone levels too high. The story fell apart, though, and now Cabrera and some of his representatives are under investigation"

Now it's one thing that he took PED's and eventually got caught. However, it's another thing where you go to extreme lengths to try to cover up your tracks. If for some reason that fails, you then have another trick up your sleeve and devise a bogus claim for a failed drug test.

As more and more information comes out, it is pretty clear Cabrera, prior to doing this, would make sure he would have an 'explanation' for if and when he was caught for PED's. Everything was premeditated and Cabrera did everything within his power to get away with his actions, and for that, I believe he deserves to be banned as he tried to circumvent the rules to fit his agenda.

What I, as a baseball fan, am worried about now is if this will influence other players to go to extreme lengths and find other ways to make sure they don't get caught and comprise a scheme of their own, and making sure the only difference is that they don't get caught. If this ends up happening, Melky Cabrera could end up being indirectly responsible for further tainting of the sport of baseball.

The MLB needs to get tough for once and make an example by banning Cabrera for good. This will let players know that if they plan to cheat and also plan to cheat the system, then start planning to prepare yourself for a 9-5 job.

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  1. That he attempted to cover his hiney before and during investigations reveals that he knew right from wrong...or at least legal from illegal. I've jokingly stated that MLB should require everyone to take the same PEDs, which would reflect a "level playing field" policy. The profit-n-loss calculus, combined with the obscene amount of money to made at all levels in MLB, reveals what was meant by the biblical quote: Money is the root of evil.