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Friday, August 10, 2012

My Predictions for Penn State Football 2012

Since I am starting a sports column/blog, I will give exclusive predictions for my favorite teams.
(NHL-Pittsburgh Penguins, MLB- Cleveland Indians, NFL Tennessee Titans & Green Bay Packers,
NBA- Chicago Bulls, College Basketball- North Carolina & Penn State
 College Football- Penn State) Now with that said lets take a look at Penn State's schedule and           quickly give my predictions.
                                                                                                                          Actual Result
             Penn St. vs. Ohio                                 Prediction- Penn State 30-13    Ohio 24-14
 Penn St. at. Virginia                     Prediction- Penn State 28-21                         Virginia 17-16
 Penn St. vs. Navy                       Prediction-  Penn State 44-6                            Penn State 34-7
 Penn St. vs. Temple                    Prediction- Penn State 27-16                           Penn State 24-13
 Penn St. at.  Illinois                     Prediction- Penn State 23-20                           Penn State 35-7
 Penn St. vs. Northwestern          Prediction-  Penn State 37-17                           Penn State 39-28
 Penn St. at.  Iowa                       Prediction- Iowa 28-6                                        Penn State 38-14
 Penn St. vs. Ohio St.                   Prediction- Penn State 17-14                            Ohio State 35-23
 Penn St. at. Purdue                      Prediction- Purdue 35-21                                  Penn State 34-9
 Penn St. at. Nebraska                  Prediction- Nebraska 24-10                              Nebraska 32-23
 Penn St. vs. Indiana                      Prediction- Penn State 45-17                           Penn State 45-22
 Penn St. vs. Wisconsin                  Prediction- Wisconsin 34-27                          Penn State 24-21

  So with that, I will end up predicting Penn State finishes 8-4. Now again, these are just predictions nothing is etched in stone. Feel free to leave any comments and discuss.

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