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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aaron Rodgers and Packers Defeat Drew Brees and Saints in QB Showdown

  In a match up that pitted reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers against reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year Drew Brees, this game was not anything short of dramatic, as the Packers won a nail biter 28-27.

     Though both teams had losing records entering in to the game, they both were arguably the top two scoring offenses in the league. Rodgers threw for 319 yards through the air and had 4 TD's  (Jones 2, Jennings, Nelson) while Brees threw for 446 yds and 3 touchdowns (Colston, Sproles, Morgan)

   Both teams were displaying their offensive production to the fullest. Marques Colston was Drew Brees favorite target of the day, connecting with him nine times for 153 yds. They connected with each other twice on 3rd and long that saw the Saints produce a field goal.

   Another circumstance that happened to both teams were when an incomplete pass by Jordy Nelson was challenged but ended up being upheld. Yet, ironically the Saints had the same exact situation but got the call in their favor when Jimmy Graham was awarded a catch, but Green Bay challenged it as it was clear he trapped the ball into his body, only for the ruling on the field to stand. This would be crucial, as the Saints would tact on three points from this golden opportunity.

    Midway through the 4th, Green Bay was able to put together a nice drive with short (but effective) yardage plays as the final result ended up with a TD pass from Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson, giving the Packers a 28-27 lead . It wouldn't be however, a Packers game with more controversy. On the ensuing kickoff,  Darren Sproles ran the ball out of the end zone, and as he got out to the 30, he lost control of the ball, which Green Bay had seemed to recover. However the refs claimed he was down before he lost control of the ball (video replay clearly showed him losing possession of it while be tackled) Green Bay couldn't challenge the play as they had already lost their two previous challenges, and even if they could, it would have been hard to determine what team came up with the ball at the bottom of the pile.

     Saints faced a 4th and 2 and were able to convert on a 6 yard pass to Lance Moore. Yet, again it came with a little controversy, as on the initial pre-snap New Orleans was called for delay of game. Only for it to be overturned that the Saints had called a timeout prior to the play clock expiring.
After moving the chains on the next play, New Orleans was then forced to kick a field goal late in the game. Garrett Hartley made quick work of a 43 yard field, except for the fact it ended up being nullified because of a holding call. The Saints were backed up 10 yards and right before the snap, Green Bay was called for encroachment, putting the Saints back only 5 yards from the original spot.

    Garrett Hartley finally was set to attempt another shot at a field goal,  It had the distance, and it appeared it would go through the uprights, but just as the ball was getting closer it slowly drifted left and ended up going a little wide. The Packers took possession after the missed Field Goal, would attempt to run the clock out and succeeded when Rodgers hit James Jones for a first down on 3rd and short and sealed the game for Green Bay as they would go on to kneel the ball and allow the clock to expire.

    Green Bay with the win, improved to 2-2 while New Orleans surprisingly dropped to an 0-4 record, despite a potent offense.

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New England Ends Strong By Scoring 35 Unanswered After Poor Start

     For Tom Brady and the Patriots, they were coming off a tough loss against the Baltimore Ravens that saw the Pats with a 13-0 lead and a 30-21 lead in the 4th quarter.  After forcing Buffalo to a punt, New England drove the ball down the field 90 yds. for an early score, that saw Brady go 5 for 5 on passing. It looked like New England was going to run out of the gates with complete control of the entire game.

     Buffalo Bills said 'not so fast' as they were able to eventually get in stride and make some big plays. Despite two interceptions, the Patriots failed both times to score (missing on a FG on one of them) After another missed FG, the Patriots next possession saw Ron Gronkowski fumbled the ball deep in their own zone and Buffalo wasted no time to capitalize on the rare miscue by the Patriots, as Ryan Fitzpatrick went to his big Tight End Scott Chandler for a TD in the corner of the endzone to tie the game at 7.

     After another missed Field Goal by Stephen Gostkowski, Buffalo would produce an exact same drive as the last with Fitzpatrick hitting Chandler, this time over the middle, to put the Bills up 14-7
  New England would then turn the ball over after a Wes Welker fumbled on the NE 21 and the Bills looked to capitalize off another mistake from New England, and looked primed to do so until C.J. Spiller was hit right at the 1yd and loss control of the ball. Vince Wilfork came away with the recovery preventing any points by Buffalo. Nonetheless, Buffalo went into the half with the lead.

  New England opened up the second half, but got no points, and missed on an opportunity when Brady threw to Gronkowski, who appeared to have a catch but couldn't hang on to it, which prevented the Pats from having a 1st & goal inside the 5, maybe even a touchdown.

   Buffalo would look to redeem themselves of that missed TD opportunity at the end of the first half. Buffalo was facing a 3rd and long situation deep in their own zone, when what was the key play of the drive, Fitzpatrick threw a screen pass to Fred Jackson. This would allow Buffalo to keep their drive alive and a couple plays later, Donald Jones caught a pass and went 68 yds for a TD giving the Bills a 21-7 advantage. Seemingly giving Buffalo complete control of the game.

    However, as history has shown us on multiple occasions, Tom Brady and the Patriots are not exactly strangers of facing and overcoming adversity. Brandon Bolden and Stephen Ridley sparked the running game and after a Tom Brady TD Pass to Danny Woodhead, Buffalo was forced to a quick 3 & out. New England responded once again when Brady scored on a 4yd run and suddenly the game was tied at 21, New England had the momentum and looked to take total control of the game.

   Buffalo was again forced to punt after a stalled drive. Brady went to Gronkowski, despite some earlier miscues, came through with 28 yd TD reception, giving New England it's first lead since their opening drive of the game. On both of Buffalo's next two possessions, New England would cause a fumble and an interception, and both times the Patriots came away with a touchdown, scoring 35 unanswered points.

    New England would go on to score on both its 6th and 7th consecutive with a TD and a Field Goal. Meanwhile, Buffalo would drop to 2-2 and failed to drop the Patriots to 2 games behind them in the AFC East Standings. New England improved to 2-2.

Game Notes
-Tom Brady's TD pass to Woodhead marked his 36th straight game with a TD Pass  -                        -NE has not lost 3 straight since the 2002 season (losing 4 straight after starting the season 3-0)

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Penn State vs. Illinois Game Review

     Going into this game, there was no love lost for Penn State concerning Illinois, as Illinois was primarily one of the schools to take advantage of the sanctions imposed on Penn State and there were reports that Illinois appeared on campus to recruit players.  Before the game, Bill O'Brien didn't even shake hands with Illinois coach Ted Beckman, showing the animosity felt towards Illinois and the coaching staff.

    Penn State started the game out with the ball, Illinois' Defense forced the Nittany Lions to a 3 & out and looked to gain momentum with a good defensive stop. However on the punt, Tommy Davis muffed the ball and Penn State recovered, allowing the offense to continue being on the field from Davis' miscue. Penn State was able to go into the redzone and drive all the way inside the 10 until they were forced to kick a Field Goal.  Sam Ficken was able to connect on the field goal and it appeared the Illini Defense was able to hold them to a FG. However, another Illinois miscue once again gave Penn State's offense a second chance for a shot at the endzone after a roughing the kicker penalty. Two plays later Zack Zwinak punched it into the endzone from the one yard line to give Penn State a 7-0 lead.

    Penn State's Defense held Illinois to a 3 & out and on their next possession, Penn State continued to take advantage of Illinois costly penalties when a helmet to helmet hit was called on a pass play where Penn State gained 10 yards and was granted an extra 15 yds. after the penalty. Matt McGloin continued to lead the Nittany Lions down field with efficient passing and capped off the scoring drive with McGloin himself sneaking the ball into the endzone giving Penn State a 2 TD advantage.

  The 2nd Quarter would again produce another Penn State scoring drive that was anchored by a good running game from Zack Zwinak and Matt Mcgloin put a ribbon and bow on by hitting Matt Lehman over the middle on a Play Action to give Penn State a 21-0 lead.

    The Illini looked to produce a scoring drive of their own right before the end of the half when Mike Mauti (who was one of the more vocal players that opposed Illinois tactics of trying to recruit Penn State players) intercepted the ball at the one and took all the way down for what at first appeared to be a touchdown, but after further review his knee came down on the 1 prior to breaking the plain of the endzone. Fickens then attempted a field goal which was blocked. Nonetheless, Penn State stopped Illinois from putting points on the board.

   The 3rd quarter saw the only points Illinois would score on the day when Nathan Scheelhaase threw a backwards pass to Josh Ferguson who then threw to a wide open Spencer Harris to cut into Penn States lead.  However, much like the first half, the second half also belonged to Penn State.

  Penn State would get another scoring drive that was lead by a quality passing game of McGloin and solid running game of Zack Zwinak that ended with another 1yd TD on a QB sneak by Penn State.

  With the fourth quarter beginning, Penn State was once again driving the ball and this time being heavily orchestrated by Zack Zwinak's strong running game as he had 31 yards rushing on the scoring drive, which was finished of by Zwinak himself for a 1 yd. TD run.

     Illinois would get the ball two more times but couldn't do anything with it. Illinois miscues, costly penalties, and it's incapability to muster much offense allowed Penn State to just steamroll all over them as Illinois never put up much of a fight.

     Penn State got the win and is now a game above .500 after starting out 0-2. The win was against Illinois was even more satisfying considering the controversy that surrounded around Illinois having coaches recruiting players from Penn State after the sanctions that were handed down to them, which allowed players to transfer to other schools without having to sit out a whole year.

   Bill O'Brien would however meet Ted Beckham in the middle of the field to shake hands, but it was more of a protocol of a handshake as both coaches didn't stop to actually take the time to talk for a second and wish each other good luck the rest the way, and I think it's safe to say that these two won't be sending Christmas cards to one another.

Players of the Game

1. Zack Zwinak- 19 carries, 100 yds, 2 TD
2. Mike Mauti- 2INT 1FF
3. Matt McGloin- 18 of 30, 211 yds passing, 1 TD (3 total)

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Florida State Wins Wild One In ACC Top 10 Showdown With Clemson

An early test for both Clemson and Florida State in the season (and top 10 showdown) pivoted a high powered offense (Clemson) against a stout defense (Florida State)

   Clemson received the ball to start the game and wasted no time showing why they are one of the best offensive teams in the nation as they went 75 yards in 5 plays and Clemson quarterback Taji Boyd hit Deandre Hopkins for a 60 yard bomb to give Clemson an early 7-0 lead.

    Florida State however, wasted no time responding as E.J. Manuel drove the Seminoles down the field in 6 plays for 85 yards and capped off the drive with a 13 yard run by Lonnie Pyror, as FSU wasted no time in responding to Clemson's quick scoring drive with one of their own to tie it up at 7-7.

  But Clemson wouldn't flinch, as they responded with another quick scoring drive that was finished off with an Andre Ellington TD rush, to quickly give the lead back to the Tigers, 14-7.

   After a missed field goal, which was followed with a defensive stop by Florida State.(which included two sacks, both by Cornellius Carradine) the Seminoles had two big plays; A Chris Thompson 41 yard run, and a 28 yd pass from Manuel to Nick O'Leary to set up a 5 yd. TD run by James Wilder Jr and tie the game back up at 14 all.

  A defensive stand by the Seminoles that would force Clemson to punt, FSU Punt Returner(name) muffed the punt and Clemson recovered. The Tigers  made sure to take advantage of FSU's miscue, taking four plays to score when Boyd connected with Brandon Ford on a 17 Yd Td Pass.
   Right before the end of the half, Florida State was driving and looked as if they were going to score as they were inside the 20, but a penalty by the Seminoles cost them 10 seconds (since it was less than one minute) Florida State looked to tie it up, but Manuel overthrew Kelvin Benjamin in the end zone and the Noles had to settle for a FG attempt, unfortunately for Florida State, Placekicker Dustin Hopkins missed his second field goal of the game as time expired at the end of the first half.

  Florida State received the ball at the start of the second half. After a couple plays and  a new set of downs, they were forced to punt to Clemson. A few plays later, the Tigers had a trick up their sleeves when Boyd hand the ball off to Sammy Watkins  who then threw the ball across to the field to Andre Ellington who then scampered in the endzone to give Clemson a two touchdown lead.

    Florida State didn't hesitate  to respond, as they quickly made it a 7 point game again after a 9 yard TD run by Chris Thompson which was highlighted by a 64 yd pass from Manuel to Benjamin from the scoring drive.

   Clemson would follow up with a 50 yard field goal from Chandler Catanzaro. Making it a 10 point game in favor of the Tigers.

   Florida State's defense bent and did not break, and on the kickoff return  Lamarcus Joyner returned the kick for 89 yards to the Clemson 10. Two plays later Manuel hooked up with Rashad Greene for a TD, now cutting the deficit to three.

  Florida State then finally forced their first 3 & out after Clemson failed to move the chains on the ensuing possession.

  Florida State's offense then looked to capitalize off the defense's big stop. After a TD run was nullified, Florida State was pushed back to the 29, but then on the very next play Manuel went through the air to Rodney Smith, giving the Seminoles their first lead of the night 35-31

  Florida State's defense rose to the challenge again and forced another three and out. The Seminoles looked to get control of the game as the momentum slowly began towards them.

  After several plays, James Wilder Jr. burst through the Clemson defense all the way down to the 9. Two plays later, Wilder Jr. ran the ball in from five yards out as Florida State had now scored touchdowns on their last 4 possessions and now giving the Seminoles a 42-31 lead.

  As the game continued to progress, the Seminoles defense began to dominate Clemson, as they had just forced Clemson to their third consecutive 3 & out. After seemingly catching a break and recovering a Florida State fumble, Clemson turns right back around and throws an interception. Then on the ensuing play, Chris Thompson raced to the end zone adding on to their(Florida State) lead by putting themselves up by 18.

  Florida State's Defense ended up being too much for the Tigers offense to get themselves back into a game where they were up by as many as 10. Florida State once again forced Clemson to another three and out.

   Clemson went on to score a late TD, but it obviously would not be enough as Florida State came back from behind and took total control of the game in the Second Half and went on to win by the final score of 49-37. Moving Florida State to 4-0 (1-0 conference play) while Clemson fell to 3-1(0-1 in Conference play)

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Penn State vs. Temple Game Review

   What else can you say about Matt McGloin? His confidence is through the roof, his relationship and chemistry with his receivers is blossoming and as mentioned before, he looks real comfortable in the pocket and is making good decisions. A reason for some of this success is the quality of receivers he has, and his favorite target of late has been Allen Robinson, who has been flying under the radar his been showcasing his abilities and making big plays and using his speed for YAC and scoring TD's.

     Penn State's Defensive Line dominated up front against Temple who overpowered the Owls Offense and getting to him for 3 sacks and applied pressure all day, forcing Temple's quarterback to get rid of the ball or

    Penn State's Michael Zordich and Zack Zwinak both have done a tremendous job filling in for starters Bill Belton and Derek Day, as they(Zordich, Zwinak) combined for 194 rushing yards. Another positive to take from this is that the more Penn State uses its running game, it will continue ti allow Matt McGloin to open up the passing game.

  There are a few areas where Penn State can and needs to improve upon.
1. Sometimes McGloin will over throw his receiver(s), which forces the receiver to come back on the route he was running and go under and catch the ball.

2.  Penn State's Defense on 3rd & long has a habit of giving up first down's to the oppositions offense when they are facing 3rd and long. Anytime when Penn State fails to stop a 3rd and long, it gives momentum to the other team's offense and  instead of a win for the Penn State Defense, it keeps the players on the field and in the long run may cause fatigue for them and as the season progresses, it may become a problem unless Penn State does something to address this.

 Overall, as a team, I would Give Penn State a B+ They are a completely different team than they were 3 weeks ago against Ohio and it's not out of the question for Penn State to win their division.

Player of the Game- Matt McGloin- 24/36 318 Passing Yards 1 TD , 1 INT

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Despite Bad Performance Against Falcons, Peyton Is Still The Man(ning)

    After a poor outing from Peyton Manning on Monday Night, some are wondering if the game has passed him by and if  he can no longer play at an elite level that he has always been capable of doing.  That answer to this rather silly question is simply no. Manning has all the tools he's always had (obviously) and not playing for a year will take anyone, no matter who you are, time to get back to their form. I want to present logical explanations as to why Manning is not past his prime.

     1. New Offense and Players
Look, Manning already knows how to run an offense and is very vocal on the field calling audibles and switching up plays. The only thing that's different really is the receivers. He's not working with the likes of a Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne, (but he already has some chemistry with Brandon Stokley, so he's already got that going for him.) Nonetheless, Manning will quickly need to and will adapt to a new supporting cast of players.

     2. May be rusty and a little time to get back to form

The big picture that people clearly overlook at is that Manning has been in fact out of action for over a year. This may be one of the main reasons people think he doesn't the capability to perform anymore, which couldn't be further from the truth. Think of it this way; say you have been lifting weights for a certain number of years, and then suddenly you get yourself into a situation where you are unable to lift for awhile. When you are able to go back and start lifting again, you're not going to be able to perform at the level you were before the accident. So what do you do? You slowly work your way back up to that level, and an advantage you would have over a beginner would be that you already established the strength for your muscles beforehand, therefore you will be back to the same level of performance because of muscle memory. In short, before Manning had his neck surgery he was playing at a level that was elite, and now that he is back after a long absence, It will take him time to be at the same performing level he was before the surgery, and with this analogy, a rookie quarterback is the beginner in lifting weights, where as Manning is the experienced lifter who is back in action and will be able to adjust to the game again quicker due to his "muscle memory"

3 His Poise

 Alright so Manning is arguably one of the best at doing so. But I think Manning may have been (and still be) a little eager to get back on the playing field again after his long absence and may continue to be that way for a bit.  I think part of the reason Manning threw three interceptions may have been because he wants to get back out there and do what he normally does by running the offense and making big plays. So yes, Manning already has great poise, he'll just need to make sure his nerves and eagerness are taken down a notch so he can can get back to business and do what he does best.

4. Mannings Experience
    This sort of goes back to issue number two when talking about needing time to play at the level he has always been capable of.  Manning's body and mind will need time to quickly adjust to the game again, but with his experience, he will have no problem doing it in just a short amount of time.

5. Manning is still a leader
       Despite coming up short of a comeback bid Monday Night against the Atlanta Falcons, Manning led the Broncos to two touchdown drives in the fourth quarter to cut the lead to six. This shows that Manning can execute in the clutch and is capable of scoring when it matters most, even if it's in a game where statistically he's playing poorly.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Manning Comes Up Short In Comeback Bid As Falcons Pick Apart Peyton

                                                                                                                 (subject to edit)

    Peyton Manning started the game by doing something that he had done only twice before. Unfortunately for Manning, the 'accomplishment' was not in his favor as he threw three interceptions(all on Denver's first three possessions) which led Atlanta scoring 2 times on the 3 turnovers.

    Despite the turnovers, Denver's defense stood strong by only allowing 10 points off the 3 interceptions (13 total points when off TO's including a fumble by Knowshon Moreno) The Falcons would however, force Denver to punt. Which ended with the Falcon's offense going 51 yards in 5 plays which was capped of with a touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to Tony Gonzalez giving the Falcons a 20-0 advantage.

      Willis McGahee had a solid first half performance with 77 rushing yards on 11 carries (finishing   with 2 Rushing TD's and 113 rushing yards on 22 carries.)
  Manning finally managed to drive the Broncos down field and threw a TD Pass to
  Demaryius Thomas that was originally ruled incomplete. Denver now had some hope heading into the locker room, down only 20-7 going into halftime, even after 4 turnovers.

    The second half started with both teams exchanging punt. However, on Atlanta's second possession of the half Matt Ryan quickly drove the Falcons 64 yards in 6 plays and finished it off with a 4 yard TD Pass to Roddy White to make it a 27-7 Atlanta lead.

    Manning and the Broncos would continue to fight back. After an impressive 11 play 94 yard drive, Travis McGahee powered his way into the end zone to cut the Falcons lead to 13.

   Denver's defense came up big, as it forced a 3& out after Von Millersacked Ryan for -11 yards with 9:35 still left on the clock. The Falcons then returned the favor of stopping a well put drive when William Moore came up with a huge sack on Manning for -13 yards. Denver's defense again responded with another 3 & out and allowed the offense to start on Atlanta's side of the field.Denver's offense took advantage of the great field position and finished the scoring drive off with a McGahee rushing touchdown on 4 & goal.

    Denver's defense would need another huge three & out, and despite a great effort by the Broncos  they couldn't stop the Falcons on 3rd down when Matt Ryan hit an open Julio Jones for a first down. A few plays later Michael Turner sealed the victory after running for a 1st down, thus allowing them to kneel the ball and kill the clock.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

San Francisco Beats Detroit in"The Battle of Two Different Goliaths"

     The early season match up between the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions showcased arguably all around the best defense in the league(49ers) and arguably the best offensive passing team in the league (Lions)

     The stifling defense of San Francisco quickly forced Detroit to a 3 & out and wasted no time by showcasing their own offensive abilities by only needing four plays to go 67 yards to score a TD when Alex Smith hooked up with Vernon Davis for a 21 yard pass.

     After a Detroit field goal cut the lead to four, San Francisco fumbled the ball on the kickoff. However San Francisco's defense stood tall again and forced Detroit to settle for another field goal.

     Now a 1 point game, San Francisco punted the ball back Detroit . Yet once again San Francisco's defense came up big again when Dashon Goldson picked off Matthew Stafford. This would eventually set up a Frank Gore 1 yd. TD run to give the 49ers a 14-6 lead.

     The score remained the same at the end of the first half after a lengthy drive by Detroit that ended  with a missed field and a 49ers drive that stalled. Forcing them to punt.

      The 49ers opened up the second half and drove down the field looking for a TD, but ultimately settled for a field goal when Alex Smith was sacked by Corey Williams and Ndamukon Suh. Again Detroit drove deep into 49ers territory, but again had to settle for a field goal as the 49ers defense prevented Detroit getting into the endzone. However, on the ensuing drive, the Detroit Lions returned the favor, after San Francisco drove deep into enemy territory. Only to be stopped and were forced to settle for another field goal, making it 20-9 in favor of the 49ers with 14:42 left to play. Lions would again responded, but again only for a field goal.

    Detroit needed a big stop on defense, and a couple of times appeared to be on the verge of doing so, but all three times when it was third down, Alex Smith passed to Michael Crabtree to move the chains.  The 49ers would continue to move the ball down field and just like their touchdown in the first quarter, Alex Smith connected with Vernon Davis, this time for 23 yards. Detroit finally scored a TD on their next possession when Stafford connected with Brandon Pettigrew. However, it ended up being to little to late, as the 49ers recovered the ensuing onsides kick and kneeled the ball down to run out the clock.

     The 49ers probably are now the favorites from the NFC. With this win they improve to 2-0. While Detroit falls to 1-1.

   Player of the Game
   Vernon Davis 73 receiving yards 2 TD's

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Turnovers Will Be Eagles Eventual Downfall

     It's obvious, no matter who you are if you're a football team that commits many turnovers, chances are you will lose the majority of your games. Despite a 2-0 start, For Mike Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, it couldn't be further from the truth.

     One may say, "But the Eagles are 2-0 and just beat a Ravens team with one of the best defenses in the league."  True, but they could easily be 0-2 as well as they committed 5 turnovers against a young inexperience Cleveland Browns team, and committed 4 turnovers against the Ravens ( 3 of them being in the redzone.)

     The positive thing the Philadelphia Eagles can take away from their 9 turnovers they have committed, opposing teams have only 26 points off their turnovers (if you only count defense, they have only allowed 19 points as one of Vick's INT's was a pick 6)

     As the season progresses, the schedule will become tougher. On top of that, the Eagles already play in arguably the toughest division in all of the NFL. If the Eagles expect to contend for their division and a playoff spot, they can't be making these turnovers against teams like the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins.
   The Eagles are not in a "panic mode"situation (after all they are 2-0) but this is an important and crucial issue that the Eagles will need to address as the season progresses.
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Penn State vs Navy Game Review

     Penn State came in to the game against Navy still looking for their 1st win of the season and for Coach Bill O'Brien.  Navy never really had a chance and Penn State was never truly battle tested.
 That being said, I'm still impressed at how well and comfortable he looks in this new offensive system. McGloin hooked up with his favorite target Alan Robinson 3 times for a touchdown.(the 3rd TD reception was a pass that was intended for another receiver that took a bounce off him and right into Robinson's hands.

    The Penn State defense was never really challenged by Navy's offense so to speak. Though Penn State did have trouble from time to time stopping the option and missed some easy tackles, however Penn State's defense was just too much and forced three turnovers, one interception and two fumbles(one which was returned for a TD by Mike Hull)

     Curtis Dukes and Mike Zordich did a good job filling in for injured starting running backs Bill Belton and Derek Day and moved the ball efficiently on the ground.

    Navy may not necessarily be the greatest indicator of how good and competitive a team is. But after coming off two tough losses where Penn State held leads in boths game, I believe this a step in the right direction for Penn State and hopefully can take away from what went right for them and what they can still work on.

   But it was a nice touch at the end when Bill O'Brien a gatorade bath/shower to commemorate his first head coaching victory at Penn State (and at any level as a head coach)  Congrats Bill O'Brien

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Packers Beat Bears In Defensive Showdown

    The Green Bay Packers got a huge win against their longtime division rival Chicago Bears but more importantly avoid an 0-2 start.  The Bears with their already potent defense, were coming off an outstanding performance from Jay Cutler passing for over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns. Despite putting up similar numbers as Cutler, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers were coming off a tough loss against the San Francisco 49ers.

    Both teams began the game by showcasing dominating defensive play. Applying pressure to the opposing quarterbacks, in the 1st half alone both teams had 7 sacks combined (12 game total Packers 7 Bears 5)

    Both teams struggled offensively and had penalties that put points on the board for the opposition. Chicago appeared to have Green Bay forced to punt, but a Green Bay challenge that Chicago had 12 men on the field before the snap, was successful. Instead of 4th down, Green Bay had a fresh set of downs, and took advantage of Chicago's miscue with an eventual field goal. Giving the Packers a 3-0 lead.

    A personal foul killed Chicago's next drive and were forced to eventually punt the ball.  Aaron Rodgers had the Green Bay offense driving, all the way down to Chicago's 11. However, Rodgers was sacked two times in a row and put the Packers in a 4th and long situation. In what was the highlight of the night for both teams, Green Bay was lined up to what appeared to be a FG attempt. Green Bay snapped the ball, but instead of kicking a FG, they call a fake and Tim Masthay flipped the ball to Tom Crabtree, who had nothing but daylight ahead of him and gave the Packers a 10-0 lead.

     After an interception on offense, Chicago had a chance to prevent Green Bay from scoring when Lance Briggs appeared to have an easy interception, but managed to drop it. This missed opportunity allowed the Packers to kick a field goal, extending their lead to 13-0 at the half.

    Chicago opened the second half with a Robbie Gould field goal which ended up being the only points for either team in the 3rd quarter. Cutler threw another interception, this one by Charles Woodson, only for Green Bay to cough the ball up on their ensuing drive.

    After a 3 and out by Chicago, Green Bay opened up the 4th quarter with a 54 yd Mason Crosby Field Goal to once again extend their lead to 10.

    On Chicago's first play of their next drive, Cutler was intercepted by Tramon Williams and returned it back to the Chicago 26. After a relatively quiet and uneventful night, Aaron Rodgers on their first play after the turnover, went over the middle and connected with Donald Driver for a TD giving them a 23-3 advantage.

    Despite Chicago scoring a touchdown, the Packers defense was too much for Cutler, as Clay Matthews had an outstanding night by registering 3.5 sacks. Green Bay also picked off a Jay Cutler pass for their 4th of the game as they improved their record to 1-1 while the Bears dropped to 1-1.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack Was A Blessing In Disguise

   This past Monday, Jerry Lawler had a health scare when he suffered a heart attack on Raw.  In the midst of doing commentary for a match, Lawler started making snorting sounds, due to the lack of oxygen he was losing. All of the action in the ring was suddenly overshadowed and was focused on Lawler when he collapsed and Emergency Personnel immediately rushed to his aid. Quickly, about a half dozen men, carried Lawler over the barrier's and placed him on a stretcher.

   The severity of Lawler's incident had EMT's perform CPR backstage as they transported him to the hospital. Once there, Lawler was put on a ventilator to assist him in breathing, underwent several surgeries to repair his heart and had a CAT scan to check for brian damage . Lawler is still in rough condition as of right now, but is improving as he is responsive and his sedation and breathing support are being lowered, as well as having no brain damage. As horrific and terrifying as this incident was, you would have to say, it's a good thing that it happened when it did.

     Think for a second now. Lawler is working for an organization that always has EMT's at all of their events due to the nature of their profession. When Lawler had his heart attack, medical personnel were already on the spot to reach Lawler which they then picked him up and carried him onto a stretcher. Despite the bad situation Jerry Lawler was able to receive the help he needed in order to essentially survive. Taking all of that into consideration, things could have been worse for Lawler. Lets say Lawler was in his hotel room getting ready for the show later on, then suddenly Jerry experiences chest pains, can't catch his breath and turns blue due to the lack of oxygen. Now he would be in the same situation, but no medical personnel nearby or anyone to call and signal for help. The thought is scary, but the reality of it all is that had Jerry Lawler not had his heart attack when he did, he wouldn't have been able to receive medical assistance and more than likely ended up dying.

    Hang in there "King" and keep fighting!  Thoughts and prayers go out to you, your family, and friends

Monday, September 10, 2012

Manning And Solid Defense Lead Broncos To Victory

     New team, same old Manning. It had been two years since Peyton Manning threw a football in a regular season game as he missed the entire season last year due to four surgeries he had on his neck. Many were wondering if Peyton would be able to play at the same level as he did before and some were speculating he would retire. Despite getting off to a slow start, Manning would eventually settle in and would lead the Broncos to a touchdown on the teams third possession of the game (with Manning going 7/8 passing for 61 yards) to give the Broncos a 7-3 advantage.

      After a scoring drive that resulted in a touchdown for the Steelers before the first half, Pittsburgh received the ball to open the second half and went on a 16 play 74yd drive that took 8:51 off the clock. Manning though didn't hesitate to quickly respond to Pittsburgh's long scoring drive. On the second play of Denver's first possession of the second half, the offense set up a flanker screen  allowing Manning to throw to Demaryius Thomas who then sprinted down the sidelines, giving the Broncos a quick score in a drive that went 80 yards in just 21 seconds.  This however became an advantage for Pittsburgh's next drive after they already had Denver's defense out on the field for nearly nine minutes.

     Ben Roethlisberger lead the Steelers on another lengthy drive that saw them finish it off with a TD pass to Mike Wallace. Pittsburgh once again burnt a large chunk of time off the clock. This time going 50 yards in 13 plays with a time of possession of 6:13. But Manning and Denver began to take total control for the rest of the game. The Broncos once again started off on their own 20, but needed very little time to go 80 yards to score again. After two plays of Willis McGahee running for 20 yards combined, Manning was hitting his targets left and right as they continued to move the ball downfield. Manning then found Jacob Tamme in the corner of the endzone for a Broncos TD and converted on the two point conversion afterwards making it 22-19 in favor of the Broncos.

   Denver's defense began to find its stride by forcing Pittsburgh into a 3 and out on their next possession. Denver then took the ball down field again, and got a field goal out of it, extending their lead to six. Pittsburgh had one last chance to win the game and looked as if they were going to do so, until Denver's defense stepped up when it mattered the most.  Tracy Porter picked off Roethlisberger and returned it for a touchdown. Pittsburgh got the ball one last time but the Steelers were already in way over their heads as Denver finished off the Steelers offense by sacking Roethlisberger three times (twice by Von Miller) on their final possession.

   In the end, Peyton Manning's experience and leadership helped control Denver's offense by putting together productive scoring drives and the defense stepped it up in the second half by applying pressure to Roethlisberger and jamming up the Steelers receivers.

Game Notes
Manning's 71 Yard TD pass to Thomas was the 400th of his career
Manning has played for teams that both represent horses(Colts, Broncos)
Pittsburgh went 4 for 4 in the red zone (2FG's 2TD's) 

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Penn State Vs. Virginia Game Review "Missed Opportunities And Kicking Game Prove Costly For Penn State (Highs & Lows)

     Just like last week, Penn State started off strong and this time scored on their opening possession. Matt McGloin showed great composure and lead the offense on a slow but methodical drive that they capped off with a TD pass to Kyle Carter. Not only that, but Penn State was able too burn time off the clock with 75 yards, on 17 plays, with a time of possession of 6:27. On Virginia's following possession, it looked as if Penn State was going to take complete control of the game as Virginia fumbled the ball.  Mike Mauti stripped the ball from the receivers hands and Stephen Obeng-Agyapong returned it inside the 20 to give Penn State great field position and a great opportunity to quickly make it a two possession game. However, just like last week, Penn State again shot themselves in the foot.

    So with that lets take a look at the Highs and the Lows from today's game.

    Penn State Offense- The Nittany Lions don't really have a problem when it comes to moving the ball. As evident by their first possession of the game. Matt McGloin and the Nittany Lions were able to cap off a 16 play 75 yard scoring drive for a touchdown. Unfortunately that was the only time they scored a TD once they got inside the red zone. Penn State's Defense (as I will talk about them momentarily) gave the Offense numerous opportunities by forcing Virginia into making four turnovers (three of which were inside Virginia's 20) As mentioned, Penn State doesn't have a problem moving the ball downfield, but once they get inside the red zone the offense suddenly stalls and has a breakdown. There were bright spots in the game, especially the running game. Much improved from last week and that was without Bill Belton. Derek Day (A True Freshman Walk On) had a solid and productive game and was able to move the chains. Fullback Zach Zwinak and Michael Zordich were also productive in short yard situations. Matt McGloin continues to impress me as he is gelling real well into O'Brien's system, but I would like to see him put a little more touch on his passes as he tends to overthrow his receivers from time to time.

   Penn State Defense
     The Nittany Lion defense that we have come to know were back to their old ways and improved greatly from last week. I will say that one reason they weren't fatigued like they were against Ohio was because Penn State's offense put together long drives which allowed the defense to remain fresh and on the sidelines. Nonetheless this is a solid defensive team. They forced four turnovers (3 fumbles and 1 interception) 3 sacks and held Virginia's star running backs Kevin Parks and Perry Jones to 40 yards combined! Despite Penn State's defense giving up a touchdown in the last minute to give Virginia the lead and eventually the win, if Penn State's offense took advantage of the turnovers their defense gave them, it would have just been another meaningless touchdown.

       Penn State Special Teams
    Last week I had said I really couldn't form an opinion on special teams(though I forgot to mention the blocked punt) my only question was why they had Gerald Hodges returning kickoffs. After today I have a better understanding of Penn State's kicking game. I can't help but feel bad for Sam Ficken, but unfortunately he needs to be held responsible and hold up his end of the bargain. Even if Penn State were only able to manage field goals on the four turnovers by the defense, that would put Penn State's total at 28. Ficken's most crucial mistake was arguably his PAT that was blocked, as it turned out all Virginia needed at the end of the game was a TD and an extra point. Ficken did get one last chance from 42 yards out with just one second remaining, unfortunately like most of Ficken's kicks, he ended up shanking it.

   Penn State played fought and played hard today and you can't take that away from them. Overall as a whole, I would give the team a C+ They still need to take advantage of turnovers and convert them into points. The defense was much improved from last week, the only thing I want to see more of is Deion Barnes. As a Redshirt Freshman, he has a great potential upside and I look for him to be one of the leaders for the Penn State defense in the future. As for the kicking game, the only advice I can give Ficken is to practice all week and every day work on your accuracy by doing a total of 100 kicks (40 from the 10, 30 from the 20, 20 from the 30, 10 from the 40) that way he can concentrate first on his accuracy before he worries about kicking long field goals. But win or lose WE ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE PENN STATE!

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Friday, September 7, 2012

3 Issues The Dallas Cowboys Still Need To Address

    After Dallas' performance on Wednesday night against the Giants, many experts and fans said the Cowboys made a statement by going into New York (technically New Jersey) and beating the defending Super Bowl Champions.  Because of this victory, people are already saying that the Cowboys are primed for a playoff run.

    Indeed, it was a statement by the Cowboys. Tony Romo had a career game, passing for over 300 yards, 3 touchdowns, and the Defense did a great job of applying pressure to Eli Manning.  Despite the productive showing of Dallas, there are still a few issues that need to be addressed.

          Jason Witten
          Witten showed his toughness by playing in the season opener despite a spleen injury and was even willing to sign a waiver. The fact of the matter is he is not 100%. Witten's role was greatly reduced against the Giants as he was not really incorporated into the passing game, primarily being used for blocking in the running game. When healthy, Witten is one of the better Tight Ends in the league. Not only does he provide vital production in the offensive game, but his veteran status provides great leadership for the younger players.

        Running Game
       Don't get me wrong, DeMarco Murray had a great game and looks like he's going to be a quality running back in the future.  Felix Jones also provides the team with productive carries (After all, he led the NFL in rushing yards per attempt in 2009) but Dallas' running game is still rather young and inexperienced. After Murray and Jones, the Cowboys really don't have anyone else on the depth chart at running back.

        Tony Romo
            Tony Romo is the best quarterback Dallas has had since Troy Aikman ,and like Aikman, he has put up good numbers over the course of his career. The only difference is that Aikman has also performed well in critical must win situations. Despite relatively successful performances in the regular season, Romo has not fared to well in the playoffs.(1-3) In 2007, Romo mishandled a snap on a FG attempt which he then tried running in the end zone for a TD only to be stopped on the 1 yard line. The following season it looked as if Romo was getting ready to redeem himself, as the Cowboys posted a 13-3 record and the #1 Seed in the NFC, only to once again come up short as the Cowboys were upset by the #6 seed and eventual Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. Since then the Cowboys only appeared in the playoffs one other time (beating Philadelphia then losing to Minnesota in the 2010 playoffs. In order for Dallas to make a primed playoff run, they are going to need Romo to step it up and play at a whole different level.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dallas Cowboys Spoils New York Giants Night of Commemorating Team's Past Super Bowl Champions

For New York it was a night to honor the success of the Giants by celebrating their franchises Super Bowl championship teams. For Eli Manning and his teammates, they wanted to top the night off with a win over division rival, Dallas. However, Tony Romo and the Cowboys had other ideas.

     The first quarter was rather uneventful as both teams exchanged three and out, following that up by exchanging turnovers (Giant's fumble, Cowboys turnover on downs) After a Tony Romo interception by Michael Boley, he returned the ball inside the ten and on top of that moved the ball half the distance to the goal after a Horse Collar penalty set up 1st & Goal inside the 1 yd. line. That penalty ,however, ended up saving the Cowboys a touchdown, as the Giants failed to punch the ball in after two rushing attempts(a problem that was a reoccurring theme all night) and an incomplete pass in the end zone forced the Giants to settle for a field goal.

    The Giants next offensive possession was another 3 and out, giving the Cowboys one more shot to score before the end of the half. Dallas finally ended up taking advantage of New York's weak secondary,(which was has been a problem for them as late, due to starters and backups getting hurt) when Romo connected with Dez Bryant down the sideline for a huge game of 38 yards and finished off the scoring drive two plays later when Romo was flushed out of the pocket, connecting with a wide open Kevin Ogletree in the end zone, giving the Cowboys a 7-3 lead heading into the half.

    The Cowboys received the ball first in the second half and drove down the field for the same exact result they had before the end of the first half. Romo threw another pass for a TD to Ogletree, when he blew right past defender Corey Webster giving the Cowboys a 14-3 advantage. The Giants, though, refused to quit and responded quickly. Key plays by both Domenik Hixon and Ahmad Bradshaw gave the Giants first downs. Hixon then caught another pass for 39 yards, with Bradshaw immediately running it in for a touchdown to cap off the scoring drive, trimming the Dallas lead to four once again. The Cowboys responded with a field goal to make it 17-10 at the end of three quarters.

   The Cowboys defense again forced the Giants to punt the ball once again. Dallas  first possession of the fourth quarter consisted of penalties by both teams, most of which were committed by the Cowboys. After coming up with three first downs, even after three penalties, the Cowboys were once again in position to score until the Cowboys committed two straight penalties that pushed them back 20 yards setting up 1st and 30 from the Giants 34. Just like other plays in the current drive, the Cowboys had no problem answering right back by having their receivers continue to blow right past by a fatigued New York secondary, as Romo connected with Miles Austin for a 34 yard TD pass to give the Cowboys a two touchdown lead and successfully scoring on their first 4 possessions of the second half.

   The Giants desperately needed a score and fast!  New York wasted no time and came up big twice on two fourth down plays to move the chains and avoid a turnover on downs. Immediately after successfully converting on their second fourth down situation, Manning hooked up with Martellus Bennett(who was let go by the Cowboys in the off season) on a 9 yard pass for a touchdown to once again make it a one possession game.  With three timeouts still remaining as well as the two minute warning, New York decided to kick the ball deep in hopes they could force Dallas into a 3 and out giving them plenty of time to have a chance of tying the game up. Two straight rushing attempts by DeMarco Murray set up 3rd and short, then with Cowboys appearing to have the 1st down until a holding call brought it back making it 3rd and long. The game came down to this, Dallas needing a first down to seal the game, with New York needing a stop to have one last chance to tie it up. Tony Romo received the snap and went to his favorite target of the night, Kevin Olgetree(who already had two receiving touchdowns) who arguably had his most important catch of the game, giving the Cowboys a fresh set of downs and preventing the Giants from getting the ball one last time. Taking a knee for the final three plays of the game, Dallas ran the clock out to seal the win on the opening game of the 2012 NFL season over the defending Super Bowl Champions .

Important Game Notes
- DeMarcus Ware's sack in the first quarter was the 100th of his career.
- New York is the first Super Bowl defending champion to lose their first game of the season after the NFL's inception in 2004 of having the champions play at home on opening night.
- Penalties/Yards Dallas 13/86  New York 4/33

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Comparing Andrew Luck To Peyton Manning

 Franchise quarterbacks these days are hard to find. However, the Indianapolis Colts have no problem when it comes to getting one, i.e., Johnny Unitas, Peyton Manning, and now they may have just struck gold again with Andrew Luck.

 Andrew Luck shows great composure in the pocket and has a quick release of the ball, and despite when the Defense applies pressure, Luck's accuracy is flawless. A lot of these qualities are the same exact ones Peyton Manning displays. Believe it or not, for as good as Luck is in the pocket much like Manning, I think Luck is actually better than Manning when throwing the ball while scrambling outside the pocket.

    Their sizes are almost identical, (Luck 6ft 4in 234lbs. Manning 6ft 5in 230lbs) but their speeds are noticeably different. Peyton Manning is by no means necessarily "slow ", but his 4.9 40 doesn't even come close to that of Luck's 40 time which is over .2 faster (4.67 40) than Manning's. If Luck quickly sees that there is not any receiver he can throw to, he will alertly tuck the ball and run. One significant difference is Luck's durability. Unlike when Manning runs with ball, Luck isn't afraid to get physical and will plow his way through defenses with his explosive speed and power.

   As much as Luck is pretty even with Manning on some attributes, Manning does display areas in his game that Luck still needs to work on. Some may now question Manning's arm strength after his surgery, but nonetheless, Manning still has an arm that is a howitzer, while Luck's arm strength is arguably his weakest area. Manning can also deliver the ball with a little more finesse and touch, whereas Luck, even though he displays great accuracy, needs to establish a little more control when throwing the ball.

        It's obviously too early to say just how good Andrew Luck will be and if he can accomplish and have a decorated career like Peyton Manning (11 time Pro Bowl, 4 time NFL MVP, Pro Bowl MVP, Superbowl Champion & MVP, as well as a numerous other of achievements.) Andrew Luck has been highly praised and has had great potential and expectations since his Sophomore season at Stanford. The question now is, will Luck live up to these expectations, and will he be as good as Manning, if not, better?

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Fastest NFL Combine 40 Yard Dashes

                                                                        Chris Johnson ran a 4.24 40 in 2008
                                                                                   (Michael Conroy/AP)

     One thing I love about sports is statistics. Anything from; fastest goals, furthest punt, longest field goal, longest home runs, etc. It really intrigues me to look up these kind of records that may not get as much exposure as some. In this blog I will be presenting the fastest 40 times (40 yard dash) at the NFL combines dating back to 1999. My criteria is simple, the player needs to have a time of 4.40 seconds or less. Ready, here we go.  (t) *  denotes players who had the same time

1. Champ Bailey 4.28
2. Jay Hinton 4.29
3. Karsten Bailey 4.33
4. Kevin Brooks 4.34
5. Chris Watson 4.36
(t)6. Billy Gustin 4.38
(t)6. Edgerrin James 4.38
8.Anthony Parker 4.39

(This class had the fewest 4.40 time or less with just 3)
1. Antwan Harris 4.34
2. Jay Soward 4.35
3. Chris Cole 4.37

1. Santana Moss 4.31
(t)2. Chris Chambers 4.33
(t)2. Mike Vick 4.33
4. Ken-Yon Rambo 4.34
5. Jonathan Carter 4.35
6. Derrick Baylock 4.36
7. Michael Bennett 4.38
(t)8. John Capel 4.39
(t)8. Reggie Germany 4.39
10. Chris Taylor 4.40

1.Aaron Lockett 4.31
2.Tim Carter 4.32
3.Cliff Russell 4.36
4.Tony Beckham 4.37
5. Javon Walker 4.38
6. Joseph Jefferson 4.39

1. Kevin Garrett 4.32
(t)2. Tyrone Calico 4.34
(t)2. B.J. Tucker 4.34
4. Justin Fargas 4.35
5. Terrance Newman 4.37
(t)6. Bethel Johnson 4.38
(t)6. Marcus Trufant 4.38
(t)6. Dennis Weathersby 4.38
9. Drayton Florence 4.39
(t)10. Colin Branch 4.40
(t)10. Andre Johnson 4.40

1. Michael Waddell 4.31
2. Carlos Francis 4.33
(t)3. Ahmad Carroll 4.34
(t)3. DeAngelo Hall 4.34
(t)3. Dunta Robinson 4.34
(t)6. Roc Alexander 4.35
(t)6. Bob Sanders 4.35
8. Tatum Bell 4.37
9. Kevin Jones 4.38
(t)10. Lee Evans 4.39
 (t)10. Sammie Parker 4.39

1. Jerome Mathis 4.26
2. Stanford Routt 4.27
3. Fabian Washington 4.29
4. Darrent Williams 4.30
(t)5. Chris McKenzie 4.32
(t)5. Troy Williamson 4.32
7. Domonique Foxworth 4.34
8. Karl Paymah 4.35
(t)9. Patrick Body 4.36
(t)9. Nick Collins 4.36
(t)9. Stanley Wilson 4.36
(t)12. Ronald Bartell 4.37
(t)12. Mark Bradley 4.37
(t)12. Matt Jones 4.37
(t)12. Roscoe Parrish 4.37
(t)12. Scott Starks 4.37
(t)17. Daven Holly 4.39
(t)17. Terrance Murphy 4.39
(t)19. J.J. Arrington 4.40
(t)19. Leron McCoy 4.40

1. Jonathan Joseph 4.31
(t)2. Chad Jackson 4.32
(t)2. Tim Jennings 4.32
(t)4. Tye Hill 4.34
(t)4. Michael Huff 4.34
(t)4. Willie Reid 4.34
7. Devin Aromashodu 4.35
(t)8. Daniel Bullocks 4.38
(t)8. Vernon Davis 4.38
(t)8. Sinorice Moss 4.38
(t)11. Jason Allen 4.39
(t)11. Antoine Betha 4.39
(t)11. Maurice Jones Drew 4.39
(t)11. Kelly Jennings 4.39
(t)15. Joseph Addai 4.40
(t)15. Andre Hall 4.40
(t)15. Reggie McNeal 4.40
(t)15. Jerious Norwood 4.40
(t)15. Todd Watkins 4.40
(t)15. Jeff Webb 4.40
(t)15. Donte Whitner 4.40

1. Yamon Figurs 4.30
(t)2. Jason Hill 4.32
(t)2. Chris Houston 4.32
(t)4. Calvin Johnson 4.35
(t)4. LaRon Landry 4.35
(t)4. Mike Walker 4.35
(t)7. David Clowney 4.36
(t)7. Jonathan Wade 4.36
(t)7. Eric Wright 4.36
10. Laurent Robinson 4.38
(t)11. Aundrae Allison 4.39
(t)11. Leon Hall 4.39
(t)11. Marcus McCauley 4.39
(t)11. Robert Meacham 4.39
(t)11. Kenny Scott 4.39
(t)11. Josh Wilson 4.39
(t)17. Chris Henry 4.40
(t)17. Adrian Peterson 4.40
(t)17. Garrett Wolfe 4.40

(Class with the most 4.40 time or less with 27)

1. Chris Johnson 4.24
2. Dominique Rodgers Cromartie 4.29
(t)3. Tyvon Branch 4.31
(t)3. Justin King 4.31
5. Orlando Scandrick 4.32
(t)6. Dexter Jackson 4.33
(t)6. Darren McFadden 4.33
8. Josh Barrett 4.34
(t)9. Andre Caldwell 4.35
(t)9. DeSean Jackson 4.35
11. Anthony Alridge 4.36
(t)12. Will Franklin 4.37
(t)12. Michael Grant 4.37
(t)12. Tracy Porter 4.37
(t)12. Arman Shields 4.37
(t)12. Terrance Wheatley 4.37
(t)17. Jamaal Charles 4.38
(t)17. Mike Jenkins 4.38
(t)17. Leodis McKelvin 4.38
(t)17. Jonathan Wilhite 4.38
(t)21. Zackary Bowman 4.39
(t)21. Quintin Demps 4.39
(t)21. Antwaun Molden 4.39
(t)21. Eddie Royal 4.39
(t)25. Wilrey Fontenot 4.40
(t)25. Chad Simpson 4.40
(t)25. Devin Thomas 4.40

1. Darrius Heyward-Bey 4.25
2. Mike Wallace 4.28
3. Johnny Knox 4.29
4. Mike Thomas 4.30
(t)5. Deon Butler 4.31
(t)5. Tiquan Underwood 4.31
7. Louis Murphy 4.32
8. Chris Clemons 4.33
9. Cedric Peerman 4.34
10. Demetrius Byrd 4.35
11. Kevin Ogletree 4.36
(t)12. Andre Brown 4.37
(t)12. Kevin McKinely 4.37
(t)14. Percy Harvin 4.39
(t)14. Kory Sheets 4.39
(t)16. Vontae Davis 4.40
(t)16. Quinten Lawerence 4.40
(t)16. David Bruton 4.40
(t)16. Brandon Hughes 4.40

(Trindon Holliday posted the fastest 40 time since 1999, Jacoby Ford posted the second fastest)

1. Trindon Holliday 4.21
2. Jacoby Ford 4.22
3. C.J. Spiller 4.27
4. Taylor Mays 4.31
5. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah 4.32
(t)6. Jahvid Best 4.34
(t)6. Ben Tate 4.34
(t)8. Brandon Ghee 4.37
(t)8. Ryan Mathews 4.37
(t)8. David Pender 4.37
11.Devin McCourty 4.38
12. Marcus Easley 4.39
(t)13. Eric Berry 4.40
(t)13. Dorin Dickerson 4.40
(t)13. Kareem Jackson 4.40
(t)13. Joe McKnight 4.40
(t)13. Taylor Price 4.40
(t)13. Andre Roberts 4.40
(t)13. Emmanuel Sanders 4.40
(t)13. Kyle Williams 4.40

1. DeMarcus Van Dyke 4.25
(t)2. Edmond Gates 4.31
(t)2. Patrick Peterson 4.31
(t)4. Noel Devine 4.34
(t)4. Julio Jones 4.34
(t)4. Ricardo Lockette 4.34
7. Aldrick Robinson 4.35
8. Chris Culliver 4.36
(t)9. Mario Fannin 4.37
(t)9. Derrick Locke 4.37
(t)9. Buster Skrine 4.37
(t)9. DeMarco Murray 4.37
(t)13. Prince Amukamara 4.38
(t)13. Chimdi Chekwa 4.38
(t)15. Ras-I Dowling 4.40
(t)15. Leonard Hankerson 4.40
(t)15. Roy Helu 4.40
(t)15. Dontay Moch 4.40
(t)15. Brandon Saine 4.40
(t)15. Da'Rel Scott 4.40
(t)15. Jordan Todman 4.40

1. Josh Robinson 4.33
(t)2. Travis Benjamin 4.36
(t)2. Stephen Hill 4.36
(t)2. Chris Owusu 4.36
5. Ron Brooks 4.37
(t)6. A.J. Jenkins 4.39
(t)6. Devon Wylie 4.39
(t)8. Stephen Gilmore 4.40
(t)8. Lamar Miller 4.40
(t)8. Tommy Streeter 4.40

1. Marquise Goodwin 4.27
(t)2. Tavon Austin 4.34
(t)2. Onterio McCalebb 4.34
(t)2. Ryan Swope 4.34
5. Darius Slay 4.36
(t)6. Knile Davis 4.37
(t)6. Dee Milliner 4.37
(t)8. Josh Boyce 4.38
(t)8. Kenny Stills 4.38
(t)8. Desmond Trufant 4.38
(t)11. Robert Alford 4.39
(t)11. Jamar Taylor 4.39
13. Brandon McGee 4.40

If you would like to check out other players 40 times, shuttles, Bench Reps, etc. Then go to this following link where I was able to gather my information I plan to continue making these videos of stats that I find interesting that don't get mentioned on a daily basis as more common statistics.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Penn State vs Ohio Game Review: Highs and Lows

The 2012 Penn State Football season(and Bill O'Brien era) has officially begun. Unfortunately for Penn State, the lack of depth on the roster finally caught up to them. Up 14-3 at the half, Ohio outscored Penn State 21-0 in the second half to win 24-14. Lets take a look at the highs and lows and see where Penn State excelled and where they need to improve.

Penn State Offense- Overall the team moved the ball rather efficiently, but a fumble and a missed opportunity on 4th down ended up costing Penn State points. I see an improvement in Matt McGloin as he looks more comfortable in the pocket and was able to find a rhythm connecting with his Wide Receivers on his passes. I would have liked to seen Bill O'Brien allow McGloin to stretch the field more, and have him throw more vertically than horizontal. Overall, McGloin played one of his better games, and I think he fits O'Brien's system really well. The running game was rather disappointing. I know that may be a little harsh for me to say, considering Bill Belton had to quickly adjust to being the starting running back after Silas Redd left. However, I think Belton is capable of playing better than what he did today, but I think with a little more experience under his belt, he will be a quality back for the team. The receiving game overall isn't too bad. I am very impressed with our Tight Ends (Carter, Gilliam, Lehman) and the receivers were able to make some catches, but I would like to see them run more streak patterns other than just slant patterns.

Penn State Defense- The defense started out strong, but fatigue would finally set in near the end of the 3rd quarter. I would like to see more rotations with the defense that way the players don't get tired so quickly. The turning point in the game was when Ohio Quaterback Tyler Tettleton threw a TD pass where Penn State Defensive Back Stephen Obeng-Agyapong tipped the ball off his hands and Ohio got a lucky deflection when the ball fell into the hands of WR Landon Smith and he scampered in the end zone for a TD. That play drained all of the energy out of Penn State not just physically, but mentally as well. What's worse was on the play before that, Tettleton desperately threw the ball and it went right into the hands of a Penn State defensive lineman, but he couldn't haul it in for the interception. Ohio took advantage of their good luck and were able to keep the Penn State Defense on the field for the majority of the second half and put the final nail in the coffin with a late 4th quarter touchdown.

Penn State Special Teams- The special teams muffed a punt and had a difficult time on kickoff returns and punts. One thing I'm still scratching my head over is why was Gerald Hodges returning kicks? No disrespect to Hodges, but if I was Bill O'Brien I would have the likes of Adrian Amos or Shawny Kersey return kicks with their speed. Penn State's kicker, Sam Ficken, wasn't tested (other than his PAT's) So I can't really make an opinion on that part of Penn State's game.

Overall, despite some of the miscues and missed opportunities, Penn State has nothing to be ashamed about, considering all that has happened over the course of the past 10 months. What we as a Penn State family need to realize is not everything is going to happen over night and that it's going to take the players time to adjust to the unfortunate situation they are in. Now more than ever the players will need our support and let them know that they aren't going into this battle alone. Because WE ARE......PENN STATE!!!!!!