Sunday, September 16, 2012

San Francisco Beats Detroit in"The Battle of Two Different Goliaths"

     The early season match up between the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions showcased arguably all around the best defense in the league(49ers) and arguably the best offensive passing team in the league (Lions)

     The stifling defense of San Francisco quickly forced Detroit to a 3 & out and wasted no time by showcasing their own offensive abilities by only needing four plays to go 67 yards to score a TD when Alex Smith hooked up with Vernon Davis for a 21 yard pass.

     After a Detroit field goal cut the lead to four, San Francisco fumbled the ball on the kickoff. However San Francisco's defense stood tall again and forced Detroit to settle for another field goal.

     Now a 1 point game, San Francisco punted the ball back Detroit . Yet once again San Francisco's defense came up big again when Dashon Goldson picked off Matthew Stafford. This would eventually set up a Frank Gore 1 yd. TD run to give the 49ers a 14-6 lead.

     The score remained the same at the end of the first half after a lengthy drive by Detroit that ended  with a missed field and a 49ers drive that stalled. Forcing them to punt.

      The 49ers opened up the second half and drove down the field looking for a TD, but ultimately settled for a field goal when Alex Smith was sacked by Corey Williams and Ndamukon Suh. Again Detroit drove deep into 49ers territory, but again had to settle for a field goal as the 49ers defense prevented Detroit getting into the endzone. However, on the ensuing drive, the Detroit Lions returned the favor, after San Francisco drove deep into enemy territory. Only to be stopped and were forced to settle for another field goal, making it 20-9 in favor of the 49ers with 14:42 left to play. Lions would again responded, but again only for a field goal.

    Detroit needed a big stop on defense, and a couple of times appeared to be on the verge of doing so, but all three times when it was third down, Alex Smith passed to Michael Crabtree to move the chains.  The 49ers would continue to move the ball down field and just like their touchdown in the first quarter, Alex Smith connected with Vernon Davis, this time for 23 yards. Detroit finally scored a TD on their next possession when Stafford connected with Brandon Pettigrew. However, it ended up being to little to late, as the 49ers recovered the ensuing onsides kick and kneeled the ball down to run out the clock.

     The 49ers probably are now the favorites from the NFC. With this win they improve to 2-0. While Detroit falls to 1-1.

   Player of the Game
   Vernon Davis 73 receiving yards 2 TD's

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