Saturday, September 22, 2012

Penn State vs. Temple Game Review

   What else can you say about Matt McGloin? His confidence is through the roof, his relationship and chemistry with his receivers is blossoming and as mentioned before, he looks real comfortable in the pocket and is making good decisions. A reason for some of this success is the quality of receivers he has, and his favorite target of late has been Allen Robinson, who has been flying under the radar his been showcasing his abilities and making big plays and using his speed for YAC and scoring TD's.

     Penn State's Defensive Line dominated up front against Temple who overpowered the Owls Offense and getting to him for 3 sacks and applied pressure all day, forcing Temple's quarterback to get rid of the ball or

    Penn State's Michael Zordich and Zack Zwinak both have done a tremendous job filling in for starters Bill Belton and Derek Day, as they(Zordich, Zwinak) combined for 194 rushing yards. Another positive to take from this is that the more Penn State uses its running game, it will continue ti allow Matt McGloin to open up the passing game.

  There are a few areas where Penn State can and needs to improve upon.
1. Sometimes McGloin will over throw his receiver(s), which forces the receiver to come back on the route he was running and go under and catch the ball.

2.  Penn State's Defense on 3rd & long has a habit of giving up first down's to the oppositions offense when they are facing 3rd and long. Anytime when Penn State fails to stop a 3rd and long, it gives momentum to the other team's offense and  instead of a win for the Penn State Defense, it keeps the players on the field and in the long run may cause fatigue for them and as the season progresses, it may become a problem unless Penn State does something to address this.

 Overall, as a team, I would Give Penn State a B+ They are a completely different team than they were 3 weeks ago against Ohio and it's not out of the question for Penn State to win their division.

Player of the Game- Matt McGloin- 24/36 318 Passing Yards 1 TD , 1 INT

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