Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Comparing Andrew Luck To Peyton Manning

 Franchise quarterbacks these days are hard to find. However, the Indianapolis Colts have no problem when it comes to getting one, i.e., Johnny Unitas, Peyton Manning, and now they may have just struck gold again with Andrew Luck.

 Andrew Luck shows great composure in the pocket and has a quick release of the ball, and despite when the Defense applies pressure, Luck's accuracy is flawless. A lot of these qualities are the same exact ones Peyton Manning displays. Believe it or not, for as good as Luck is in the pocket much like Manning, I think Luck is actually better than Manning when throwing the ball while scrambling outside the pocket.

    Their sizes are almost identical, (Luck 6ft 4in 234lbs. Manning 6ft 5in 230lbs) but their speeds are noticeably different. Peyton Manning is by no means necessarily "slow ", but his 4.9 40 doesn't even come close to that of Luck's 40 time which is over .2 faster (4.67 40) than Manning's. If Luck quickly sees that there is not any receiver he can throw to, he will alertly tuck the ball and run. One significant difference is Luck's durability. Unlike when Manning runs with ball, Luck isn't afraid to get physical and will plow his way through defenses with his explosive speed and power.

   As much as Luck is pretty even with Manning on some attributes, Manning does display areas in his game that Luck still needs to work on. Some may now question Manning's arm strength after his surgery, but nonetheless, Manning still has an arm that is a howitzer, while Luck's arm strength is arguably his weakest area. Manning can also deliver the ball with a little more finesse and touch, whereas Luck, even though he displays great accuracy, needs to establish a little more control when throwing the ball.

        It's obviously too early to say just how good Andrew Luck will be and if he can accomplish and have a decorated career like Peyton Manning (11 time Pro Bowl, 4 time NFL MVP, Pro Bowl MVP, Superbowl Champion & MVP, as well as a numerous other of achievements.) Andrew Luck has been highly praised and has had great potential and expectations since his Sophomore season at Stanford. The question now is, will Luck live up to these expectations, and will he be as good as Manning, if not, better?

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