Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack Was A Blessing In Disguise

   This past Monday, Jerry Lawler had a health scare when he suffered a heart attack on Raw.  In the midst of doing commentary for a match, Lawler started making snorting sounds, due to the lack of oxygen he was losing. All of the action in the ring was suddenly overshadowed and was focused on Lawler when he collapsed and Emergency Personnel immediately rushed to his aid. Quickly, about a half dozen men, carried Lawler over the barrier's and placed him on a stretcher.

   The severity of Lawler's incident had EMT's perform CPR backstage as they transported him to the hospital. Once there, Lawler was put on a ventilator to assist him in breathing, underwent several surgeries to repair his heart and had a CAT scan to check for brian damage . Lawler is still in rough condition as of right now, but is improving as he is responsive and his sedation and breathing support are being lowered, as well as having no brain damage. As horrific and terrifying as this incident was, you would have to say, it's a good thing that it happened when it did.

     Think for a second now. Lawler is working for an organization that always has EMT's at all of their events due to the nature of their profession. When Lawler had his heart attack, medical personnel were already on the spot to reach Lawler which they then picked him up and carried him onto a stretcher. Despite the bad situation Jerry Lawler was able to receive the help he needed in order to essentially survive. Taking all of that into consideration, things could have been worse for Lawler. Lets say Lawler was in his hotel room getting ready for the show later on, then suddenly Jerry experiences chest pains, can't catch his breath and turns blue due to the lack of oxygen. Now he would be in the same situation, but no medical personnel nearby or anyone to call and signal for help. The thought is scary, but the reality of it all is that had Jerry Lawler not had his heart attack when he did, he wouldn't have been able to receive medical assistance and more than likely ended up dying.

    Hang in there "King" and keep fighting!  Thoughts and prayers go out to you, your family, and friends

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