Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aaron Rodgers and Packers Defeat Drew Brees and Saints in QB Showdown

  In a match up that pitted reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers against reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year Drew Brees, this game was not anything short of dramatic, as the Packers won a nail biter 28-27.

     Though both teams had losing records entering in to the game, they both were arguably the top two scoring offenses in the league. Rodgers threw for 319 yards through the air and had 4 TD's  (Jones 2, Jennings, Nelson) while Brees threw for 446 yds and 3 touchdowns (Colston, Sproles, Morgan)

   Both teams were displaying their offensive production to the fullest. Marques Colston was Drew Brees favorite target of the day, connecting with him nine times for 153 yds. They connected with each other twice on 3rd and long that saw the Saints produce a field goal.

   Another circumstance that happened to both teams were when an incomplete pass by Jordy Nelson was challenged but ended up being upheld. Yet, ironically the Saints had the same exact situation but got the call in their favor when Jimmy Graham was awarded a catch, but Green Bay challenged it as it was clear he trapped the ball into his body, only for the ruling on the field to stand. This would be crucial, as the Saints would tact on three points from this golden opportunity.

    Midway through the 4th, Green Bay was able to put together a nice drive with short (but effective) yardage plays as the final result ended up with a TD pass from Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson, giving the Packers a 28-27 lead . It wouldn't be however, a Packers game with more controversy. On the ensuing kickoff,  Darren Sproles ran the ball out of the end zone, and as he got out to the 30, he lost control of the ball, which Green Bay had seemed to recover. However the refs claimed he was down before he lost control of the ball (video replay clearly showed him losing possession of it while be tackled) Green Bay couldn't challenge the play as they had already lost their two previous challenges, and even if they could, it would have been hard to determine what team came up with the ball at the bottom of the pile.

     Saints faced a 4th and 2 and were able to convert on a 6 yard pass to Lance Moore. Yet, again it came with a little controversy, as on the initial pre-snap New Orleans was called for delay of game. Only for it to be overturned that the Saints had called a timeout prior to the play clock expiring.
After moving the chains on the next play, New Orleans was then forced to kick a field goal late in the game. Garrett Hartley made quick work of a 43 yard field, except for the fact it ended up being nullified because of a holding call. The Saints were backed up 10 yards and right before the snap, Green Bay was called for encroachment, putting the Saints back only 5 yards from the original spot.

    Garrett Hartley finally was set to attempt another shot at a field goal,  It had the distance, and it appeared it would go through the uprights, but just as the ball was getting closer it slowly drifted left and ended up going a little wide. The Packers took possession after the missed Field Goal, would attempt to run the clock out and succeeded when Rodgers hit James Jones for a first down on 3rd and short and sealed the game for Green Bay as they would go on to kneel the ball and allow the clock to expire.

    Green Bay with the win, improved to 2-2 while New Orleans surprisingly dropped to an 0-4 record, despite a potent offense.

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