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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

File Profile: Scouting Tre Mason

                                                                                    Jeff Gross/Getty Images

     Name: Tre Mason                                 

     Height: 5ft 9in

     Weight: 205lbs.

     College: Auburn

     College Stats: (3 Seasons) 2,979 Rushing Yards, 32 TD's (23 in his 3rd season alone)
                                               Receiving: 19  Receptions, 249 yards, 1 TD
                                               Kickoff Returns: 42 Returns, 1,107 yards 2 TD's

                                               *2013 SEC Offensive Player of the Year
                                               * 6th in 2013 Heisman Voting
                                               * Set school single season rushing yard record previously held by Bo Jackson. Mason surpassed Jackson's mark of 1,786 with 1,816 yards on the ground in the 2013-14 season

                                                  Has a reported 40 time of 4.5

     Tre Mason decided to forgo his final year of eligibility at Auburn and enter the 2014 NFL Draft. Mason is one of the top Running Back prospects in this year's draft and his numbers as mentioned above give a good indication as to why that is! Mason's performance in the SEC Championship Game against the Missouri Tigers (304 Rushing Yards, 4 TD's) demonstrated his ability to take over a game single-handily!

     Mason has displayed the skill sets to become a reliable starting Running Back for an NFL team. Lets take a look at some of them and analyze Mason's game.

     His display of quickness and footwork

                        I'm really impressed with Mason's footwork. Notice how his quickness and stabilization allows him to cause defenders to miss tackles!

                Mason's great vision allows him to find the open holes and race into the open field!

                       Whether coming out of the backfield, or returning a kickoff, Mason has a great view (vision) of his surroundings to make a big play!

    While Mason is looking for a hole to run through, he secures the ball responsibly, tucking it in close with his body. By no means is Mason slow either (reported 4.5 40 time.) but I think he can improve upon his acceleration a bit more so he can create some more space between him and opposing defenders once he gets into the open field.

     Mason will surely need to also add on some size. Though he is listed as 205lbs, some reports have him in the low 190's. Either way, Mason will need to pack on some size, roughly 10-20lbs to increase his durability and strength. One thing though that Mason does well is bounce off would be tacklers, and with a more solid upper body frame, it should allow him to break away (bounce) off of opposing defenders.

     Like all great Running Backs, Mason is great on 3rd downs! In 2013 for Auburn he averaged 6.65 yards per carry on 3rd down. That was more than both his yards per carry on 1st and 2nd down with 5.95 and 5.14 respectively. This is a very interesting stat that should have teams salivating over Mason, especially teams who have struggled in short yardage situations!

     Mason is projected as a 2nd round selection, which I believe he is a sure lock for. Would I be surprised if someone took him late in the 1st round, no, but his lack of size and one dimensional speed may be the reason why he falls into the 2nd round.



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Saturday, January 25, 2014

File Profile: Scouting Jadeveon Clowney

                                                                                    Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

     Name: Jadeveon Clowney

     Height: 6ft 6in

     Weight: 274lbs.

     College: South Carolina

2014 NFL Combine: 4.53 40 time
                                  21 Reps with 225lbs. on Bench Press

     College Stats: (3 Years) 130 total Tackles, 47 Tackles for Loss, 24.0 Sacks, 7 Pass Deflections, 1 Fumble Recovery, 9 Forced Fumbles

             *Set Single Season School Record For Most Sacks (13.0) in 2012


     Without question, South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney is one of this years top prospects for the 2014 NFL Draft. Perhaps the play the put Clowney on the radar of the entire nation came in the 2013 Outback Bowl versus Michigan. Clowney exploded into the Wolverines backfield laying out Running Back Vincent Smith, forcing a fumble which he recovered and in the process knocked of Smith's helmet!

                                                  If you did not know about Jadeveon Clowney before, you did after this hit!

     Clowney displays tremendous speed for a player his size (6ft 6in). He ran a 4.54 40 time while weighing 274 lbs. in 2013 Spring Practice. An improvement from the year before when he ran it in 4.58 when he weighed less! (257 lbs.) (1.)

     To showcase just how fast and explosive he is at the snap of the ball, I found one GIF, then made several of my own to state my case! Personally I have never seen a player get in the backfield as quick as Clowney does! He perfects the "Swim Move" Technique and his great agility to escape double team!
                                       A bad snap allows Clowney to collect his poise and make another great play in the backfield!

                                        Clowney's strength's allows him to shed blockers and in the process bring down the ball carrier

           Notice how his quickness off the ball does not allow offensive lineman a chance to get set and make a block! Result, Clowney meets ball carrier in backfield!

                                      Clowney beats the blocker using the outside edge to record a Sack on opposing QB!

      As evident of the previous GIF's displayed, and mentioned beforehand, Clowney has such amazing strength as he easily beats blockers to bring down ball carriers for a loss in the backfield! (2.) His reported 350+lbs. Power Clean attests for explosiveness and strength as well! His use of hands and feet are flawless, and his athleticism allows him to also stand out! Clowney is the complete package and has all the tools to be a star defensive end in the NFL! The only downside for him is having all of this hype surround him (rightfully and understandably so) are the huge expectations that come with it!


Sources: (1.)


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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Super Bowl 48 Preview: Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos


     Many are not surprised of the two participants in this year's Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. I too expected it as they were both my preseason picks to make it to the Super Bowl, as you can see here .

     Peyton Manning's record setting season has been the focal point of the entire NFL this season. Manning set the single season record for most Touchdown (TD) passes (55) and Passing Yards (5,477), but many critics alike ask the question "Does Peyton need to win this one in order to go down as one of the best Quarterbacks (QB) ever?" While that statement is laughable (one because he already has a Super Bowl ring, and two, you can not deny what Manning has done on the field to prevent him from being in the discussion of one of the greatest QB's of all time). It would however, seemingly be all for not if Manning can not come away with a Super Bowl title even after all he has done this past season.

                                                                         (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

     The Broncos led the league in scoring with 606 points (a new single season record) and to put it in perspective, the Chicago Bears who ranked 2nd in points, totaled 445. A difference of 161 points! Manning has had a handy repertoire of pieces that have aided him. Wide Receiver's Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker all had at least 10 TD's or more (Thomas-14, Decker-11, Welker-10). Tight End Julius Thomas also had 12 TD Receptions. Manning and his receivers will need to maintain a high level of production as Seattle ranked 1st in total yards allowed per game, but more notably and compelling, had the leagues best Passing Defense as well!

                                                                        (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

     The Seattle Defense, who also ranked 1st in allowing the least amount points this season (231), is anchored by Cornerback Richard Sherman, leading the league in Interceptions with 8. As many of you recall, Sherman made the key play in the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers to help clinch the game for Seattle. This was followed up by Sherman's much talked about post game interview (which you can view here ). Not only did Sherman lead the league in interceptions, but the Seattle Defense as a whole had the most interceptions (28); Earl Thomas (5 Int's), Bryon Maxwell (4 Int's), Kam Chancellor (3 Int's), Malcolm Smith and Bobby Wagner (2 Int's) with Bruce Irvin, Clinton McDonald, Walter Thurmond, and Brandon Browner rounding out the cavalry with an interception each. Also not to be outdone by the Denver Offense, Seattle's has been anything but futile!


     Russell Wilson, who is just in his 2nd season, has turn a deflated Seahawks team around and has put Seattle in position to capture the franchise's first Super Bowl Trophy! Wilson compiled a total of 3,896 yards of offense ( 3,357 Passing, 539 Rushing) and 27 TD's ( 26 Passing, 1 Rushing). Lets not forget Running Back Marshawn Lynch, who has also been a key contributor to the Seattle Offense provided the Seahawks with an effective ground game. Combined with speed and power, Lynch amassed over 1,200 yards on the ground (1,257) and 12 TD's. Lynch's versatility gives Russell Wilson another option in the receiving game (36 Receptions, 316 yards, 2 TD's). For as much attention and praise Denver's offense has garnered, their defense should not be overlooked!


     The Broncos ranked tied for 7th (coincidentally with the Seattle Seahawks) in the league for least rushing yards allowed per game (101.6). Denver's Defensive unit is led by Shaun Phillips, who had a team high 10.0 sacks, all the while without Von Miller for the majority of the year (suspension) and eventually a season ending injury with a torn ACL.


     I believe the key match ups for the game will come down to two things. 1. Peyton Manning and the Broncos Passing Game against the Seattle Pass Defense. 2. Seattle's run game against the Denver  Run Defense.


     Finally, I am going to get a little dangerous by making a prediction! As I mentioned earlier, I had projected Seattle and Denver to meet in the Super Bowl (which again you can see here ) I am going to honor my original pick of the Seattle Seahawks coming away with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Final score, Seattle Seahawks 37  Denver Broncos 33

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Monday, January 20, 2014

How I And Others Can Relate To Richard Sherman!

Richard Sherman celebrates after tipping ball to teammate Malcolm Smith that led to an Interception clinching the NFC Championship!
                                                                          (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

     I know a lot of folks are not going to agree with what I am about to write, and I completely understand why they may/will. After the Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC Championship, Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman, gave a post game interview that will be hard to forget!

     Erin Andrews approached Sherman asking him to take her through the final play where Sherman tipped the ball to teammate Malcolm Smith who came down with an Interception to end and win the game for Seattle. Sherman's response was filled with emotion, adrenaline, and a whole lot of attitude!

     Well I'm the best Corner in the game!  When you try me with a sorry Receiver like Crabtree, that's the result you gonna get. Don't you ever talk about me!"

     An awkward silence would follow before Erin Andrews, who was taken back quite a bit, asked, "Who was talking about you?"

     Sherman's response,
      Michael Crabtree. Don't  you open your mouth about the best or I'm going to shut it for you! L.O.B."

     Instantly social media was booming! People took to Twitter voicing their opinions on Sherman's antics. Some found it comedic, most found it disgraceful. A few found it admirable. Oddly enough, I was one of them!

     Normally I am one who is not for such an athlete or person in general that displays actions like Richard Sherman did. But then I realized, I am like Sherman in some ways! Feeling of anger  and total lack of respect at times, despite all I have accomplished. If you think about it, Sherman served as a mouthpiece for many people who feel under appreciated. For example, at our places of employment, a lot of us go well above and beyond and do so much more than what is required out of us, without any sign of appreciation from our superiors! Our emotions and frustrations begin to build up inside of us from the rejection, and before we know it, we explode and sometimes it is towards the wrong people.

     Luckily for Sherman, in his case, he got to have that platform to release all of the negative energy built up inside of him. Then he explains why he is the best at what he does and no one can say otherwise! If we all had such a platform ready and available for us whenever we needed to vent, then perhaps we would all feel better once we got whatever we needed to get off our chest!

      Was what Richard Sherman did right or wrong? I will let you decide that for yourself, but one thing is for sure, whenever we as people feel that we have been wronged, we all want our voices to be heard and speak our minds the way Richard Sherman did! Whether it be our superiors at our place of employment, those who have taken advantage of us, or those who get ahead of us even by doing less, we all would/do love to speak our minds!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Seattle Seahawks Overcome San Francisco 49ers Stingy Defense In NFC Championship, Sets Up Showdown vs Denver Broncos In Super Bowl 48

                                                                  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

    The Seattle Seahawks knew they were going to be up for a challenge when they had to face the San Francisco for a third time this season in the NFC Championship Game! The 49ers Defense had 9.0 Sacks, 2 Interceptions, and 2 Forced Fumbles in its first two playoff games. On the very first possession of the game, 49ers Linebacker Aldon Smith strip sacked Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson and recovered the loose ball! Seattle would hold its own, but not before the 49ers came away with three points on a Phil Dawson Field Goal (FG) to give San Francisco an early 3-0 lead.

     The San Francisco Defense continued its dominating approach by forcing Seattle to a 3 & out on their following possession. On the next Seahawks possession following their 3 & out, Seattle's drive came to end when NaVorro Bowman sacked Russell Wilson for a loss of 11, thus forcing Seattle to punt. Seattle appeared to have forced San Francisco to a 3 & out, but a holding penalty on Defensive Back Richard Sherman gave the 49ers a fresh set of downs. The penalty proved costly as QB Colin Kaepernick made carries the ball twice on the next two plays for 70 yards (the 2nd going for a career long of 58) setting up the 49ers at the 10. Anthony Dixon would finish off the drive with a 1 yd TD run (or rather jump over the line) on 4th & Goal, increasing the 49ers lead to 10-0. 

     Seattle appeared as if it were going to come up empty handed again, but a 51 yard pass play from Wilson to Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin set the Seahawks up at the 49ers 11 yd line. But on the first play after the big gain, Wilson was sacked by Dan Skuta. Marshawn Lynch had a 2 yard gain before Wilson threw an incomplete pass, forcing Seattle to settle for a FG despite the big play a few plays prior. Steven Hauschka connected from 32 yards out, cutting San Francisco's lead to 10-3 and would remain that way heading into the half.

     San Francisco would receive the ball to start the 2nd Half, and Seattle needed to stop the 49ers offense from putting anymore points on the board, or else they would find themselves in a deep hole! The Seahawks Defense would hold and on the ensuing possession would only need four plays to score! Marshawn Lynch put on the jets and ran it all the way into the end zone for a 40 yd TD run, as the Seahawks would tie the game and have the momentum (for the short time being) in their favor.

     Following the Seattle TD, Colin Kaepernick had a passing and running play each going for 22 yards. Kaepernick then made an amazing play as he scrambled out of the pocket near the sideline and hit Anquan Boldin in the back of the end zone for a TD and quickly regained the lead for San Francisco 17-10.

     Seattle again would have great field position, this time after a Doug Baldwin kickoff return setup the Seahawks at the San Francisco 33 yard line. But Seattle would end up being held to another FG by the 49ers defense with plays resulting in a loss of yardage and a false start penalty that cost them five yards. Seattle's Defense would make up for its TD it gave up on San Francisco's last drive by forcing the 49ers to a 3 and out on its ensuing possession.

    Seattle had a very interesting sequence of events on its own ensuing possession! Russell Wilson was called for Intentional Grounding (who already may have gotten away with one before earlier) making it 3rd and 22 at midfield. On the next play Wilson hit Tight End Zach Miller for a 15 yard pickup that put Seattle back into FG range. However, after bringing the kicking unit onto the field, Seattle called a timeout and afterwards the offense came back on and the Seahawks would end up going for it instead. Prior to the snap, Aldon Smith jumped offsides, giving Seattle a free play, but ended up not needing it anyway as Wilson hit Jermaine Kearse for a 35 yd TD pass and gave the Seahawks its first lead of the game 20-17! The next three possessions (San Francisco 2 Seattle 1) each ended up with a turnover!

     Colin Kaepernick would be strip sacked by Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett returning it for 17 yards to the San Francisco 6. A penalty cost the Seahawks five yards, but Seattle would get it down to the one on 4th & Goal. Seattle declined to kick the FG, ended up going for it, but Marshawn Lynch mishandled the hand-off causing a fumble and a turnover on downs. But just two plays later, Kaepernick threw a passed intended for Boldin that ended up getting picked off by Kam Chancellor. The turnover lead to a FG and gave the Seahawks a 23-17 lead, but with plenty of time left for the 49ers to put together a scoring drive!

     With 3:32 remaining, San Francisco put together a nice drive. A key play came on 4th & 2 when Kaepernick found Frank Gore for a 17 yard pickup. With 3rd & 2 at the Seattle 45, Kaepernick found Michael Crabtree for a gain of 16 and came back on the next play and hooked up with Vernon Davis for 11 yards to the Seattle 18. Kaepernick, on the very next play, went for it all in the corner of the end zone for Crabtree. Richard Sherman got a hand out it and alertly batted the ball into the hands of teammate Malcolm Smith so he could come up with the Interception and seal the deal for the Seahawks as they would come away with the win and the NFC Championship! The Seattle Seahawks will be making its 2nd trip to the Super Bowl in franchise history (lost to Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10 in Super Bowl 40) where they will meet the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48!

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Manning and Broncos Avenge Themselves From Week 12 Loss Against Brady & Patriots, Win AFC Championship To Secure Spot in Super Bowl 48


     A lot of the talk heading into the AFC Championship Game circulated around Peyton Manning's and Tom Brady's history against one another with Brady having a 10-4 edge. Denver had blown a 24-0 lead in Week 12 against New England that saw the Patriots comeback to defeat the Broncos. Denver made sure this time around they would not let New England have any chance of making a comeback as they controlled nearly every aspect of the game (Points, time of possession, offense, defense).

     After taking a 3-0 lead on a Matt Prater Field Goal (FG), the Broncos forced the Patriots to punt after having two 3 & Outs to start the game. Denver would start at the New England 7 and go on a long drive that covered 7:01 on the possession. Denver used a good mixture and balance of passing and running plays (58 Passing yards 30 Rushing yards) to move the ball and finished the drive with Manning finding Jacob Tamme for a 1 yd TD pass, putting Denver up by 10. New England and Denver would exchange FG's before the half, giving the Broncos a 13-3 lead and possession first to start the 2nd half.

     Denver opened up the 2nd half and chewed up another possession that went over 7 minutes long! (7:08) Manning had 53 passing yards on the drive and hooked up  Demaryius Thomas three times for 22 yards, the third going for a TD to put the Broncos up 20-3! Brady and the Patriots offense tried to respond with a score of their own, but would turn the ball over on downs on a 4th & 3 from the Denver 29 after a sack by Terrance Knighton. Denver would put together a nice 60 yard drive that lasted a little over 5 minutes, coming away with three more points to put the Broncos up 23-3.

    Brady and the Patriots would not go down without a fight! New England went 80 yards in just 2:36 that was capped off by a TD Reception by Julian Edelman, trimming the Denver lead to 23-10. After holding Denver to another FG, New England would try to put together another scoring drive and hopefully bring it to a one possession game. Tom Brady would account for 55 passing yards and finished of the drive with a 5 yard scramble for a TD! Down 26-16, needing to go for two to bring it to a one score game, New England's Shane Vereen appeared he was going to find his way across the goal line but was suddenly stopped short and Tom Brady put his hands over his head knowing that was the game!

    New England would attempt an onside kick which Denver would go on recover. Despite having three timeouts, the Patriots could do nothing as they had to burn all three as the Broncos continued to move the chains and eventually burn out the clock as Denver held on to win the AFC Championship and await to see who they will meet in Super Bowl 48 between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks!

Picture via Bleacher Report Twitter

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Would Blake Wheeler Be a Good Fit For The Pittsburgh Penguins?

     Once again Pittsburgh Penguins General Manager (GM) Ray Shero, may have another interesting approach for the Pens at the trade deadline. With Pascal Dupuis out for an extended period of time, possibly for the remainder of the season, Shero may look to fill the void by adding a player with scoring ability to play on the line of Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz to fill in Dupuis' place. One player in particular has popped up on several occasions as a potential target for the Penguins, and that is Winnipeg Jets Forward Blake Wheeler.

     Blake Wheeler
                                                                                   Lance Thomson/Getty Images

     Blake Wheeler has great scoring ability (64 points in 2011-12 season and 41 points in last year's shortened season of 48 games), and has 38 points so far this season in 50 games ( 17 Goals 21 Assists). Wheeler's success has resulted in a spot on Team USA's roster for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Coaching him will be none other than Pittsburgh Penguins Head Coach Dan Bylsma! This coach-player relationship could potentially result in the Penguins drawing more interest in Wheeler, especially if he ends up being one of Team USA's main contributor's.

      For the Pittsburgh Penguins, not only would Wheeler provide the scoring ability, but also addresses one of the Penguins weak area's in size (6ft 5in). This was evident in the team's performance in the conference finals last year against the Boston Bruins where they ended up getting swept in four games. For a guy his size, Wheeler can actually be very creative with the puck! (see below)


     Wheeler would certainly be a good fit to be on the Penguins top line alongside Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz, who are each amongst the top scorers in the league. (Crosby in first in total points ;Goals & Assists). Wheeler's own production level may increase playing alongside such caliber players! What the Penguins may/will have to give in return may not be as costly as some may believe. It is said Winnipeg is looking to strengthen its blueline, and Simon Despres name has been linked to a potential trade if Pittsburgh were to land Wheeler. ( ) It will take a little more than Despres alone to acquire Wheeler, so possibly another prospect and/or draft pick(s) would be sent Winnipeg's way. Knowing Ray Shero, if he can work his magic, I do not see why he would not be able to pull off yet another genius move like he has done in the past (Marian Hossa 2008 Pascal Dupuis was shipped alongside in package deal , James Neal 2011, Jarome Iginla 2013).

     Oh yes, the trade deadline will definitely be interesting to say the least, and it will be interesting to see what, if any, moves the Penguins make, and if Wheeler does perhaps receive calls from Pittsburgh!


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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

AFC Championship Preview: Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots, The 15th Chapter of The Manning-Brady Rivalry!


     Another chapter will be added to the rivalry of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady this Sunday when they face each other in the AFC Championship between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. Tom Brady is 10-4 all time against Peyton Manning, and already faced each other once this season when the Patriots came back from a 24-0 deficit at halftime to upset the Broncos 34-31 in overtime!

     The New England Defense limited Peyton Manning's production, going just 19 of 36 for 150 yards, 2 TD's and 1 INT. Broncos Running Back Knowshon Moreno had a career day by rushing for 224 yards on 37 carries including 1 TD. The Patriots are going to need to contain Moreno and also keep Peyton off the field as long as possible, similar to what the Chargers did when they defeated the Broncos in Week 15. The New England running game will be key, because if they have the same amount of success on the ground against Denver like they did against Indianapolis, the Patriots will put themselves in a great position to defeat the Broncos by controlling the clock and the game.

                                                                                         Winslow Townson/SI

     Manning, (who broke the single season TD Passing record of 50 previously held by Brady (55 and broke the record for most Passing Yards in a season 5,477), and the Broncos offense is the polar opposite's of Brady and New England's. While New England has a more methodical approach on offense, Denver is more fast paced and like to strike quickly and have the weapons to do so! Manning has four receivers who had 10 or more TD Receptions this season (Demaryius Thomas-14, Julius Thomas-12, Eric Decker-11, and former Patriot, Wes Welker-10).

     Statistically speaking, this was not one of Tom Brady's better seasons (25 TD's 11 INT's 4,343 Passing Yards) yet it is his leadership ability that has gotten the Patriots to where they are right now! Keep in mind, Brady has been without his favorite target, Tight End Rob Gronkowski (who missed the beginning of the season recovering from back surgery, only to go down again, tearing his ACL and MCL, bringing his season to an end). Wide Receiver Julian Edelman stepped up for the Patriots this season, recording 6 TD Receptions and going for over 1,000 yards!( 1,056), had a huge game against the Broncos in their regular season match up, catching 9 for 110 yards and 2 TD's!

     New England will need to continue establishing it's run game with Stevan Ridley and LeGarrette Blount if they want to be successful. Denver's Defensive performance will be crucial. If they can stop the Patriots run game and force New England to punt, it will allow the Broncos to put the ball in Manning's hands quick;y and more often! Which is what you do not want if you are New England!

Image sources:

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Champion vs Champion: NFC Championship Preview, Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers

     The San Francisco 49ers are making their third straight appearance in the NFC Championship game and hope to become the two time defending NFC Champion this Sunday when they face reigning NFC West Division Champion, Seattle Seahawks!

     The teams split the two meetings from the regular season, in which the home team won on both occasions. (Seattle defeated San Francisco 29-3 in Week 2, San Francisco defeated Seattle 19-17 in Week 14). As divisional rivals, the only game that truly matters this year between the two is their match up Sunday in the NFC Championship Game!

     Colin Kaepernick has had a tremendous amount of success as the San Francisco 49ers Quarterback (QB), showing he is no one hit wonder! Since becoming the starting QB for San Francisco, Kaepernick has gone 21-7-1 (including playoffs) and is on the verge of a potential 2nd straight Super Bowl Appearance!

     In the two playoff games, Kaepernick has produced 536 yards of total offense ( 423 Passing, 113 Rushing) and 3 Touchdowns ( 2 Passing, 1 Rushing). Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin have each stepped up in both of the 49ers playoffs game this season. Crabtree had 8 receptions for 125 yards against the Green Bay Packers, while Boldin produced 8 receptions for 136 yards against the Panthers, including a key 45 yard reception of the 49ers first possession of the 2nd half that led to a San Francisco TD.

     Running Back Frank Gore has put in his share as well. In two games, Gore has 150 yards and 1 TD on the ground. The 49ers defense, led by NaVorro Bowman, Patrick Willis, and Ahmad Brooks, has also pulled it's weight and keeps coming up big for San Francisco. In two playoff games, the 49ers defense has registered 9.0 sacks, 2 Interceptions, and 2 Forced Fumbles, thus limiting offensive production against both Green Bay and Carolina.


      Seattle comes into the game with a young QB sensation in Russell Wilson. Wilson is 26-9 as starting QB for the Seahawks and received late consideration last season for "Rookie of the Year" and has not looked back since. Wilson, like his counterpart Kaepernick can beat you through the air with his arm, and on the ground with his legs. Wilson has also received some chatter about NFL MVP for the 2013 season. Team mate and Running Back Marshawn Lynch also has deserved a case for league MVP!

     Lynch has not only provided great production in the backfield (2013 regular season 1,257 Rushing Yards, 12 TD's) but has proven to be a reliable target in the receiving game if and when he needs to be! (36 Receptions, 316 yards, 2 TD's). In Seattle's playoff game against the New Orleans Saints, Lynch went for 140 yards on 28 carries and 2 Rushing TD's. If Lynch wants to have success against a superb 49ers Defense, he will need to be utilized in the Receiving game along with his Rushing game.

     Wilson and Lynch are one dynamic duo ( you can read an article I did on both of them earlier in the season right here ) and have wreaked havoc on opposing defenses all season. They will once again be facing a challenge this Sunday against the 49ers!

     The Seahawks defense is no slouch either! Led by Richard Sherman (Who led the league in Interceptions with 8) and Earl Thomas (who had 5 Interceptions of his own), Seattle will most likely match these two up with 49ers Wide Receiver's Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree. If they can shut down the 49ers receiving game, it will be interesting to see how San Francisco will do to adjust. Seattle had the number one Passing and Overall defense during the regular season, so this could force the 49ers to adjust a bit and create a running game in order to establish its passing!

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Towelie's Message To Brandon Sutter!

     The Pittsburgh Penguins finished its Western Canada road trip last night in Calgary. Pittsburgh went 2-0-1 in its games against Vancouver (win), Edmonton (OT Loss), and Calgary (Win). After the Penguins victory over the Flames, in what is (should) just your routine post-game interviews had a rather "unique" twist to it! While Penguins forward Tanner Glass was being interviewed (who helped set up what would eventually be the game winning goal) in the background was Penguins Center Brandon Sutter. You might be saying "Yeah, so?"  Just take a look at the picture that has been floating around in the past less than 24 hours since it came about!

     Right there, as clear as day, the camera is practically in on Brandon Sutter walking around naked in the locker room. What makes it funny is that it would appear that Sutter is aware that he was indirectly caught by the camera, and proceeded to cover himself up! The picture and situation really speaks for itself, but if there is to be a lesson in all of this, "Towelie" of South Park can sum it up best!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 NFL Stats of Penn State Football Players

NaVorro Bowman ( San Francisco 49ers)

               Christian Petersen/Getty Images 

145 Tackles, 5.0 Sacks, 4 Forced Fumbles, 2 Fumble Recoveries, 2 Interceptions (1 returned for a Touchdown), 9 Pass Deflections

Levi Brown ( Pittsburgh Steelers) IR

           Christian Petersen/Getty Images 

Started in 4 games for the Arizona Cardinals before being traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers and suffering a season ending triceps injury.

Dan Connor ( Carolina Panthers)

          Handout/Getty Images

Played in 6 games total (1 with NY Giants 5 with Carolina Panthers) recorded 4 Tackles

Jack Crawford (Oakland Raiders)

  Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Played in 15 games while recording 8 Tackles

Robbie Gould ( Chicago Bears)

   Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images 

26 of 29 on Field Goal Attempts, Made 11 from 20-29 yards, 7 from 30-39 yards, 7 from 40-49 yards, 4 from 50+ yards, (58 longest of 2013-14 season and of career) 55 of 56 on Extra Points, 123 Points

Tamba Hali ( Kansas City Chiefs)


  Harry How/Getty Images

 46 Tackles, 11.0 Sacks, 4 Forced Fumbles, 2 Fumble Recoveries, 1 Interception (returned for a Touchdown), 1 Pass Deflection

Jordan Hill ( Seattle Seahawks)


7 Tackles, 1.5 Sacks in 4 games played.

Gerald Hodges ( Minnesota Vikings)

 Hannah Foslien/Getty Images North America

5 Tackles in 11 games played

Josh Hull ( Washington Redskins)

                       Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports                  

14 Tackles in 11 games played

Sean Lee ( Dallas Cowboys)

       Ray Carlin/Icon SMI 

99 Tackles in 11 games, 1 Fumble Recovery, 4 Interceptions (1 returned for a Touchdown), 6 Pass Deflections

Michael Mauti ( Minnesota Vikings)

    Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports  

12 Tackles in 14 games played

Matt McGloin ( Oakland Raiders)

  Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In 7 games, went 118 of 211 on pass completions, 1,547 yards, 8 TD, 8 INT, 2 Fumbles (1 lost)

Derek Moye (Pittsburgh Steelers)

    Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America)

In 7 games played, caught 2 receptions for 20 yards, one being a TD Reception!

Jared Odrick ( Miami Dolphins)

            Photo via Allen Eyestone/Palm Beach Post      

43 Tackles, 4.5 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, 2 Pass Deflections

Rich Ohrnberger ( San Diego Chargers)

               Photo Credit: San Diego Chargers' Website.

Played in 13 Games (Named starter in one)

Paul Posluszny ( Jacksonville Jaguars)

      Rick Stewart/Getty Images

161 Tackles, 3.0 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, 1 Fumble Recovery, 2 Interceptions (1 returned for a TD), 9 Pass Deflections

Chaz Powell ( New York Giants) Practice Squad


No Stats

Andrew Quarless (Green Bay Packers)
   Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

32 Receptions, 312 yards, 2 Touchdowns

Michael Robinson ( Seattle Seahawks)

         Al Bello/Getty Images         

Played in 9 games, 0 rushing yards, 2 Receptions for 27 yards

Evan Royster ( Washington Redskins)

   Jason Miller/Getty Images

Played in 10 games, 0 rushing yards, 1 reception 3 yards, before suffering ankle injury

A.Q. Shipley ( Baltimore Ravens)

   Brad Mills - USA TODAY Sports

Played in 16 games (starting in nine)

Mickey Shuler ( Atlanta Falcons) Practice Squad

      (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

No Stats

Devon Still ( Cincinnati Bengals)

           Mark Zerof-US PRESSWIRE

In 10 games had 7 Tackles, 0.5 sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, 3 Pass Deflections. Suffered season ending elbow injury

Nathan Stupar ( Jacksonville Jaguars)

      via Stupar's Twitter

In 12 Games (5 with San Francisco, 7 with Jacksonville) recorded 10 Tackles

Andrew Szczerba ( Atlanta Falcons) IR


No Stats

Phillip Taylor ( Cleveland Browns)

    Matt Sullivan/Getty Images North America

26 Tackles, 2.0 Sacks, 1 Pass Deflection

Johnnie Troutman ( San Diego Chargers)

            AP Photo/Paul Spinelli         

Played in 14 Games

Cameron Wake ( Miami Dolphins)

   Jim Rogash/Getty Images

37 Tackles, 8.5 Sacks, 2 Forced Fumbles, 1 Fumble Recovery. Also recorded a safety against the Cincinnati Bengals to win game for Miami Dolphins

Stefen Wisniewski ( Oakland Raiders)

 picture via

Played and started in 14 games

Michael Zordich ( Carolina Panthers)


Missed season with ACL injury

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