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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Towelie's Message To Brandon Sutter!

     The Pittsburgh Penguins finished its Western Canada road trip last night in Calgary. Pittsburgh went 2-0-1 in its games against Vancouver (win), Edmonton (OT Loss), and Calgary (Win). After the Penguins victory over the Flames, in what is (should) just your routine post-game interviews had a rather "unique" twist to it! While Penguins forward Tanner Glass was being interviewed (who helped set up what would eventually be the game winning goal) in the background was Penguins Center Brandon Sutter. You might be saying "Yeah, so?"  Just take a look at the picture that has been floating around in the past less than 24 hours since it came about!

     Right there, as clear as day, the camera is practically in on Brandon Sutter walking around naked in the locker room. What makes it funny is that it would appear that Sutter is aware that he was indirectly caught by the camera, and proceeded to cover himself up! The picture and situation really speaks for itself, but if there is to be a lesson in all of this, "Towelie" of South Park can sum it up best!

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