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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Most Reps Performed For 225lb. Bench Press At NFL Combine

     I did a piece on the fastest 40 times at the NFL Combine which you can view by clicking the following link.
  This time I will be doing a piece on the most reps performed on the Bench Press with 225lbs. at the NFL Combine, and like the fastest 40 time, I will have a criteria, with this it will be a minimum of 30 reps. Lets take a look dating back to 1999 with the most reps performed on the Bench Press with 225lbs. at the NFL Combine!

                                                            Stephen Paea performed 49 reps at the 2011 NFL Combine

Justin Ernest 51 reps
Zach Piller 40 reps
Jeff Smith 38 reps
Craig Page 38 reps
Justin Glasglow 35 reps
Tony D'Amato 34 reps
Luke Petitgout 33 reps
Randy Thomas 31 reps
Emarlos Leroy 31 reps
Corey Hulsey 31 reps
Aaron Gibson 31 reps
Jerry Wisne 30 reps
Jason Mills 30 reps
Reggie McGrew 30 reps
Willie Jones 30 reps
Antico Dalton 30 reps

Leif Larsen 45 reps
Matt Johnson 35 reps
Chris Hovan 35 reps
Michael Moore 34 reps
John Frank 32 reps
Jay Tant 31 reps
Bryon Frisch 31 reps
Cornelius Griffin 30 reps

Moran Norris 37 reps
Victor Leyva 37 reps
Roberto Garza 37 reps
Casey Hampton 34 reps
Brandon Spoon 33 reps
Kris Jenkins 33 reps
Leonard Davis 33 reps
Ray Redziniak 32 reps
Rick Demulling 32 reps
Derrick Chambers 32 reps
Darrell Bivens 32 reps
Devonte Peterson 31 reps
Kenyatta Jones 31 reps
Jonas Jennings 31 reps
Steve Hutchinson 31 reps
Adam Archuleta 31 reps
Heath Evans 30 reps
Chris Brown 30 reps

Scott Peters 36 reps
Ryan Denney 36 reps
Martin Bibla 35 reps
Will Bartholomew 35 reps
Fred Weary 34 reps
Bryan Thomas 33 reps
Eric Heitman 33 reps
Brandon Moore 32 reps
Eddie Freeman 32 reps
Melvin Fowler 32 reps
Toniu Fonoti 32 reps
Michael Collins 32 reps
Kenyon Coleman 32 reps
Mike Collins 31 reps
Kurt Vollers 30 reps
Jason Scukanec 30 reps
Melvin Page 30 reps
Curt McGill 30 reps
Kondrad Dean 30 reps
Dorsett Davis 30 reps
Marc Colombo 30 reps
Rock Cartwright 30 reps
Pete Campion 30 reps
Rocky Bernard 30 reps

Tony Pashos 38 reps
Wayne Hunter 37 reps
Makoa Freitas 36 reps
Omari Hand 34 reps
Jon Stinchcomb 32 reps
Nick Barnett 32 reps
Justin Sands 31 reps
Matt Walters 30 reps
Terrance Martin 30 reps
Sean Mahan 30 reps
Matt Leonard 30 reps
Ben Johnson 30 reps
Montrae Holland 30 reps

Isaac Sopoaga 42 reps
Igor Olshansky 41 reps
Vince Wilfork 36 reps
Travis Laboy 35 reps
Ryan Fowler 35 reps
Ben Watson 34 reps
Donnell Washington 34 reps
Stacy Andrews 34 reps
Uyi Osunde 33 reps
Ryon Bingham 33 reps
Quinn Christensen 32 reps
Scott Wells 31 reps
Junior Siavii 31 reps 
Brian Rimpf 31 reps
Dylan McFarland 31 reps
Rodney Leslie 31 reps
Tank Johnson 31 reps
Isaac Hilton 31 reps
Jake Grove 31 reps
Josh Sewell 30 reps 
Jacob Rogers 30 reps
Leon Joe 30 reps
Vernon Carey 30 reps
Marcus Tubbs 30 reps

Liam Ezekiel 36 reps
Evan Mathis 35 reps
Tyjuan Hagler 35 reps
Tim Bulman 35 reps
Robert McCune 34 reps
Justin Geisinger 34 reps
Shaun Cody 34 reps
Jovan Hoye 33 reps
Boomer Grigsby 32 reps
Luis Castillo 32 reps
Rob Hunt 31 reps
Eric Ghiaciuc 30 reps
Joe Berger 30 reps

Mike Kudla 45 reps
Brodrick Bunkley 44 reps
Terna Nande 41 reps
Haloti Ngata 37 reps
Gabe Watson 36 reps
Mario Williams 35 reps
Naufahu Tahi 35 reps
Will Montgomery 35 reps
Barry Cofield 35 reps
Ryan LaCasse 34 reps
Dusty Dvoracek 34 reps
James Wyche 34 reps
Babatunde Oshinowo 33 reps
Marcus Green 33 reps
Joe Toledo 32 reps
Rodrique Wright 31 reps
Kedric Golston 31 reps
Charles Spencer 30 reps
LeKevin Smith 30 reps
Kai Parham 30 reps
Elvis Dumervil 30 reps
McKinley Boykin 30 reps
Ray Edwards 30 reps
Jon Alston 30 reps

Tank Tyler 42 reps
Manuell Rameriz 40 reps
Justin Blalock 40 reps
Cameron Stephenson 34 reps
Enoka Lucas 34 reps
Ryan Kalil 34 reps
Brandon Frye 34 reps
Dustin Fry 34 reps
Joe Cohen 34 reps
Daniel Coats 34 reps
Nathan Bennett 34 reps
Charles Johnson 33 reps
Keith Jackson 33 reps
Adam Carriker 33 reps
Alan Branch 33 reps
Desmond Bishop 33 reps
Tony Ugoh 32 reps
Kasey Studdard 32 reps
Tim Crowder 32 reps
Doug Datish 31 reps
Levi Brown 31 reps
Antwan Barnes 31 reps
Anthony Spencer 30 reps
Stephon Heyer 30 reps

Jake Long 37 reps
Vernon Gholston 37 reps
Jeremy Zuttah 35 reps
Ahtyba Rubin 35 reps
Trevor Lewis 35 reps
Nick Hayden 34 reps
Sedrick Ellis 34 reps
Kentwan Balmer 33 reps
Frank Okam 32 reps
Carl Nicks 31 reps
Dre Moore 31 reps 
Brandon Keith 31 reps
Lawerence Jackson 31 reps
Derrick Harvey 31 reps
Mike Gibson 31 reps
Carl Stewart 30 reps
Mike McGlynn 30 reps
Quentin Groves 30 reps
John Greco 30 reps
Jerome Felton 30 reps

Louis Vasquez 39 reps
Terrance Taylor 37 reps
Roy Miller 36 reps
David Veikune 35 reps
Evander Hood 34 reps
Juan Garcia 34 reps
Travis Bright 34 reps
Jason Smith 33 reps
A.Q. Shipley 33 reps
B.J. Raji 33 reps
Robby Felix 33 reps
Alex Boone 33 reps
Kevin Ellison 32 reps
Ron Brace 32 reps
Brian Orakpo 31 reps
Jamon Meredith 31 reps
Adrian Grady 31 reps
Jon Cooper 31 reps
Eric Wood 30 reps
Khalif Mitchell 30 reps
Kaluka Maiaua 30 reps
Alex Magee 30 reps
Marcus Freeman 30 reps
Alex Fletcher 30 reps
Tony Piammetta 30 reps
Ray Feinga 30 reps
Brian Cushing 30 reps
Rob Bruggeman 30 reps

Mitch Petrus 45 reps
Jeff Owens 44 reps
Linval Joseph 39 reps
Russell OKung 38 reps
Eric Olsen 35 reps
Joe Hawley 35 reps
Donald Butler 35 reps
Sean Weatherspoon 34 reps
Torell Troup 34 reps
Brian Price 34 reps
Bruce Campbell 34 reps
Geno Atkins 34 reps
Tony Washington 33 reps
Shawn Lauvao 33 reps
Jeff Byers 33 reps
C.J. Wilson 32 reps
Jared Veldheer 32 reps
Ndamukong Suh 32 reps
Thaddeus Gibson 32 reps
Cam Thomas 31 reps
Mike Neal 31 reps
Micah Johnson 31 reps
Brandon Graham 31 reps
Jay Ross 30 reps
Lamarr Houston 30 reps
Clay Harbor 30 reps

Stephen Paea 49 reps
Marvin Austin 38 reps
Bruce Miller 35 reps
Justin "J.J." Watt 34 reps
Adrian Taylor 34 reps
Ryan Bartholomew 34 reps
Zane Taylor 33 reps
Chris Hairston 33 reps
Marcus Cannon 33 reps
Anthony Sherman 32 reps
Ross Haman 32 reps
Ian Williams 31 reps
Shane Vereen 31 reps
Phil Taylor 31 reps
Kris O'Dowd 31 reps
Drake Nevis 31 reps
Patrick Kerrigan 31 reps
Stefen Wisniewski 30 reps
Stephen Schilling 30 reps
D'Aundre Reed 30 reps
Chris Neild 30 reps
Justin Houston 30 reps
Marcus Gilbert 30 reps
Sione Fua 30 reps

Dontari Poe 44 reps
David Molk 41 reps
Kendall Reyes 36 reps
Mike Martin 36 reps
Ronnell Lewis 36 reps
Hebron Fangupo 36 reps
Brandon Thompson 35 reps
Alameda Ta'amu 35 reps
Nick Perry 35 reps
Marcus Forston 35 reps
Orson Charles 35 reps
Scott Soloman 34 reps
David DeCastro 34 reps
Derek Wolfe 33 reps
Kevin Zeitler 32 reps
Brett Roy 32 reps
Ryan Miller 32 reps
Kelechi Osemele 32 reps
Demario Davis 32 reps
Tony Bergstrom 32 reps
Justin Anderson 32 reps
Olivier Vernon 31 reps
Johnnie Troutman 31 reps
Dominique Hamilton 31 reps
Cordy Glenn 31 reps
Miles Burris 31 reps
Christian Tupou 30 reps
Travian Robertson 30 reps
Brandon Mosley 30 reps
Matt Kalil 30 reps
Fletcher Cox 30 reps
Ryan Baker 30 reps

Brandon Williams 38 reps
Margus Hunt 38 reps
Akeem Spence 37 reps
Cornelius Washington 36 reps
Eric Herman 36 reps
Tommy Bohanon 36 reps
Lamar Mady 35 reps
Jonathan Cooper 35 reps
Reid Fragel 33 reps
T.J. Johnson 32 reps
Vinston Painter 32 reps
Josh Boyd 32 reps
Zach Allen 32 reps
Brian Schwenke 31 reps
Vance McDonald 31 reps
Luke Marquardt 31 reps
Knile Davis 31 reps
Terron Armstead 31reps
Trevardo Williams 30 reps
Jesse Williams 30 reps
Sheldon Richardson 30 reps
Stansly Maponga 30 reps
Bennie Logan 30 reps
Chris Jones 30 reps
Abry Jones 30 reps
John Jenkins 30 reps

If you would like to check out other players 40 times, shuttles, Bench Reps, etc. Then go to this following link where I was able to gather my information I plan to continue making these videos of stats that I find interesting that don't get mentioned on a daily basis as more common statistics.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Michael Robinson and The Impact Joe Paterno Had On Him!

                                                                         AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

     If you did not know already, I am a huge Penn State football fan. I am also not afraid to admit that I am a huge Joe Paterno fan! (Say what you want, but Paterno was railroaded and received no due process, but that is a different story for another day). Ever since becoming a fan of Penn State at the age of six one player who has always stood out for me from many others was Michael Robinson!  Michael Robinson who is currently the starting Fullback for the reigning Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawks, came to Penn State in 2002.  Robinson was used at many different positions (Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver) before finally getting the starting spot at Quarterback his senior year during the 2005 season.

     When Robinson first came to Penn State he has mentioned his eagerness to be the starting Quarterback and the frustration at having to wait to become so. Robinson would be looking at the picture from about one to two feet away, while Head Coach Joe Paterno was seeing things in the big picture from 20 feet away. As a matter of fact, Paterno predicted that Robinson would one day make it to the NFL Pro Bowl and that it would be either as a Running Back or Fullback. Paterno died on January 22, 2012. The same week Michael Robinson was practicing for his upcoming game in his first Pro Bowl, and just like Paterno predicted it was as a Fullback!

     When asked what it was like playing for Joe Paterno, Robinson stated on his "RealRobReport" show  
     "It's the best thing in the world!" You don't always know it as a Freshman, but by the time you're a senior, you understand it, you have respect of all life and you know exactly what your purpose here was.

     Robinson has stated that his favorite moment at Penn State was after their 2006 Orange Bowl victory over the Florida State Seminoles and he was standing on the stage next to Joe. He noticed how proud Joe was of Robinson and this particular group of young men for what they had accomplished. (considering the fact that at the time, Penn State recently came off four losing seasons in the past five years). Robinson really started to appreciate what he went through at Penn State.

     Despite Robinson's stubbornness at wanting to become the starting Quarterback at Penn State, his playing of different positions allowed him to become a student of the game and learn all aspects of it!  Paterno's coaching duties on the sidelines would transition over to Robinson went he went on the field. The leadership that Paterno handed over to Robinson allowed him (Robinson) to take responsability for the team's performance and take notes at what things worked and what things needed to be changed.

     Robinson never blamed Paterno for any of his mistakes. Instead he held himself accountable for the team's performance on the field and would look to Joe not to blame him for the mistakes, but on how to correct them. Paterno's love for Penn State would transition over to thousands upon thousands of alumni and players and Robinson was no exception! And despite all of the actions of one man (Jerry Sandusky) Robinson stated on his show

     "I want future high school men and women who are deciding where to play football, or where deciding to play volleyball, basketball, whatever it maybe, an engineer. Whatever it maybe, really take a look at Penn State because we make some of the best men and women this world has to offer! Don't let the actions of one man deter you away from a great university. Thank you."


     Robinson would give an eulogy at Joe Paterno's memorial service. Holding back the tears Robinson said

     He didn't lie to me, he didn't lie to me at all once. Joe promised me my education would be second to none. He promised I would have an opportunity to compete for a starting Quarterback Position. He promised me I would play in front of the best fans in college football. Again Joe Paterno did not lie to me.  It's been well noted the different positions I had to play during my career here. It was a gift and a curse. The gift was the amount of knowledge I gained that would help me in the National Football League today. The curse was the attitude Joe had to put up with because I wasn't the starting Quarterback. I was and thought like a boy. Coach Paterno actually told me one day that he thought I would probably be a Pro Bowl Running Back or Fullback.

     At this point you could see Robinson shed some tears as he continued

       And as God as my God as my witness, three hours ago I got off a plane from Hawaii because I've been voted to my first Pro Bowl. Again, Coach Paterno did not lie to me!

                                                                Jim Mahoney/AP

       The love an admiration for his school was the same love and admiration Paterno had for the university as he put over 60 years of his time into making Penn State what it is today, "Success with honor".  Robinson always shared those same beliefs. He believes in doing things the right way, "success with honor", Joe Paterno, the grand experiment! I personally would like to add onto that as one other popular slogan regarding Paterno and Penn State was  the black shoes, white helmets, no names on the back of jersey's. To me that was all about honoring the past, while continuing for a brighter future!

     "Success with honor" has allowed Robinson to flourish not just as a football player, but as a responsible, productive, and caring citizen! Robinson has succeeded in the NFL, having been voted to a Pro Bowl and having won a Super Bowl, while simultaneously beginning his own sports reporting gig, "RealRobReport". The experience and knowledge Robinson gained from Penn State and Joe Paterno has allowed him to have success in many fields, as opposed to just one of that being football. Robinson has continued to live his life by "Success with honor" because he was able to be apart of Joe Paterno's grand experiment!

     For more on Michael Robinson visit his website
                            or check him out on youtube
                            You can also follow him on Twitter!

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File Profile: Scouting Andre Williams

                                                                      Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

     Name: Andre Williams

     Height: 6ft. 0

     Weight: 227lbs.

     College: Boston College

     Led NCAA in rushing during 2013 season with 2,177 yards (becoming just the 16th player in NCAA history to rush for 2000+ yards in a single season and ranks 5th for most all time). Williams also had 18 Rushing Touchdowns on the year.

     After evaluating Williams, the one thing that stood out most to me was his physicality.

     Williams, who also does a good job of getting to the outside, displays a stiff arm as he pushes away the defender!

                              Williams does a good job getting low, allowing him to get more drive from his legs. Watch as he squares up and uses his lower body to break through and knock over the defender!
                                               Here's another look from that same play!


     Again Williams gets low, allowing himself to plow over the defender and pick up additional yardage!

     Andre Williams may not be the flashiest back, but he plays a power run game. His size and strength gives him the ability to break through a wall of defenders that will create opportunities where he picks up 10+ yards. That being said, if and once he is able to break away from defenders, Williams actually has great break away speed to go the distance for a big gain or touchdown.

     Projected as a 4th round pick, I see someone like the New York Giants selecting him. The Giants ranked 29th in league in rushing and have be known to go with power in the run game. (Other likely destinations- Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

T.J. Oshie: The New American Badass!

     In Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympic games, it was Zach Parise that captured the hearts of many Americans. His performance during the Men's Hockey tournament propelled him into the spotlight in the NHL and more importantly, for the time being, the entire nation! Parise registerd 8 points (4 Goals, 4 Assists) in 5 games, including a game tying goal in the Gold Medal Game with 24 seconds left against Canada. (Canada would go on to win in overtime).

     Flash forward to four years later and the USA has a new star and his name is T.J. Oshie! After coming off an impressive 7-1 win over Slovakia, USA faced Team Russia, on their own home ice too! Russia, who is heavy at the forward position featuring superstars Alex Ovechekin, Evgeni Malkin, Ilya Kovalchuk, and Pavel Datysuk. Russia was coming off an impressive win of their own in their first game, beating Slovenia 5-2. 

     U.S. Goalie Jonathan Quick also did a great job at limiting the high powered offense of the Russians to just two goals. Tied 2-2 at the end of regulation, neither team could score in overtime, forcing the game to be decided in a shootout. Enter T.J. Oshie! Oshie would start the shootout, beating Russian Goalie Sergei Bobrovsky, giving USA a quick 1-0 edge. Oshie on his second attempt with the shootout tied 1-1, would miss his shot before Pavel Datysuk would score a goal to give Russia a 2-1 edge. Oshie though would get another shot right away and this time came through, knotting everything back up at 2-2.

     After Ilya Kovalchuk scored to reclaim the lead for Russia, Oshie again would go out and once more beat Bobvrosky and the shootout remained tied. After Datysuk was denied by Quick, Oshie was sent back out by Team USA Head Coach Dan Bylsma and grab the victory for USA. Oshie came in on Bobvrosky on the backhand, but his attempt would go wide, extending the game for another round of shootouts. Kovalchuk came back out for Russia but Quick denied him, giving the U.S. another chance to seal the game. As expected, Oshie would be back out to clinch the game for the Americans!
With the team riding on his shoulders, Oshie skated in on Bobvrosky and beat him going through the five-hole and gave the Americans a 3-2 victory of the Russians!

     Oshie who went 4-6 in the shootout, turned around and humbly pointed at Jonathan Quick giving him kudos for his performance. No doubt thought that it was Oshie who stole the show in the Team USA's shootout win over Russia.  The win gives the Americans a 2-0 record in the preliminary rounds and with a win over Slovenia, USA will receive a first round bye for the second consecutive Olympics in the medal rounds.
     T.J. Oshie now gives Team USA much more momentum. Not only were they able to defeat a Gold Medal favorite Russia, but as mentioned earlier on their own home ice! Oshie and USA will take and use all it can get and has put the rest of the world on notice! For now though, T.J. Oshie is the face of America and a testament to that is the fact that he gained 15,000+ followers on Twitter!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

File Profile: Scouting Storm Johnson

     Name: Storm Johnson
     Height: 6ft.

     Weight: 215lbs.
     College: University of Central Florida (UCF)
                    *Originally attended University of Miami before transferring to UCF. As a Hurricane, Johnson had 9 carries for 119 yards and 1 TD. He also had 1 Reception for 9 yards.
     College Stats: (Including Miami) 3 total seasons- 1,765 Rushing Yards, 19 TD's. 41 Receptions for 289 yards and 3 TD's. A total of 2,054 yards from scrimmage and 22 TD's for his college career.
                    *In his second season at UCF, Johnson had a breakout year. Off his total stats for Rushing and Receiving, he gathered 1,139 Rushing Yards and had 14 TD's on the ground in his second season at UCF with all three of his Receiving TD's coming alone in that season itself.

      -Number 9 rated Running Back prospect for 2014 NFL Draft
      -*Self Reported 380lb Bench Press, 510lb Squat, and 35 inch vertical jump in high school.
       Reported 4.56 40 time. *Though Johnson self reported a 4.37 40 time weighing 218lbs. as a Freshman*

      Storm Johnson help lead the UCF Knights to a 12-1 record, Conference Championship (American Athletic Conference) en route to a Fiesta Bowl victory over the Baylor Bears. The Knights finished in the Top 10 (#10) in the Associated Press thanks to Johnson's contributions!

East & West

     While watching some film and highlights of Johnson, I noticed he tends to play an "East & West" game at times as opposed to a "North & South". Here's an example

     Johnson was able to bounce to the outside quickly, but the picture below shows that he had a hole right up the middle he could have scored a TD much easier had he taken it.

                           Looking at this, one (or at least me personally) would have to question Johnson's vision of the entire field!


                                                                                       Cutback Ability

     One thing that impresses me about Johnson is his ability of using the cutback move, especially a guy his size. Johnson is very sharp on his feet and can cutback quickly on a dime to elude from would be tacklers!

                Even though he tends to go "East & West" his cutback ability makes up for it and allows him to get into that "North & South" running approach. Check out this fine example for instance!


                                         Watch here as Johnson jukes and fakes out the initial opposing defender!

                                                                  3rd Down Situations

                           Though he did not have a lot of attempts, Johnson had 80 yards on 15 carries on 3rd Down settings. Good enough for a 5.33 yards per carry average on 3rd Down. Johnson is more of a 1st and 2nd down back, picking up big yards on the initial part of a down (650 yards on 131 carries on 1st Down = 4.96 yards per carry average and 409 yards on 67 carries on 2nd Down = 6.10 yards per carry average).



     Johnson is a power back, with strong legs that able him to shed off tacklers and accelerate into the open with his explosiveness and strength . Johnson is never shy of getting physical,  and will fight for additional yardage and carry defenders with him if he has too! One other aspect of Johnson is he can make an impact catching passes in the backfield to make a big play!

     Johnson's breakout year allowed him to become a top prospect for this year's NFL Draft. The downside is that there are a lot of good running back prospects that Johnson may get overlooked in favor of other players. I see Johnson being drafted anywhere as high as the 3rd round to no later than the 6th round. Whoever lands him will be getting a gem in my opinion as I believe he has the complete package (size, power, explosiveness, footwork/cutback ability, strength) to be an effective running back at the next level!

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Legion of Boom Dominates Denver Bronco Offense, Leads Seattle Seahawks to First Super Bowl in Franchise History!

                                                                      (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

     The first snap of Super Bowl 48 very much dictated what kind of game it was going to be between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. A bad snap over the head of Peyton Manning wound up in the end zone, forcing Knowshon Moreno to fall on it, quickly giving Seattle a 2-0 lead. It would only get worse for Manning and Denver from then on out!

     Seattle quickly added three more points after the free kick from Denver. The top rated Seahawks defense would force the Broncos to a 3 and out and once more added three more points after Place Kicker Steven Hauschka hit his 2nd field goal of the game to give the Seahawks a 8-0 lead.

     The Seahawks defense would again cause problems for the top rated Broncos offense! On the Denver's ensuing possession,  Manning had a pass deflected on 3rd Down that ended up in the hands of Seahawks Safety, Kam Chancellor. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks would this time make good on a golden opportunity!

     After a Pass Interference call on Broncos Cornerback, Tony Carter, in the endzone, Seattle was set up with a 1st & Goal at the Denver 1 yd. line. Two plays later, Marshawn Lynch would take it in from one yard out after a nice block by Fullback Michael Robinson set up the touchdown (TD) for Lynch. Down 15-0, the Broncos needed to respond quickly and appeared well on their way in doing so!

     Starting from their own 15, Denver quickly established a rhythm. Demaryius Thomas had 5 catches for 26 yards and Wes Welker had a big 16 yard reception on 3rd and 9 to keep the drive going. However, after a tripping penalty on Zane Beadles and a 2 yard loss by Tight End Jacob Tamme, Denver was facing a 2nd & 22. On 3rd & 13 Manning attempted a pass and would get hit in the process by Cliff Avril, causing the ball to be bobbled and float in the air which allowed Malcolm Smith to intercept the ball and return it for a pick 6! Just when it seemed Denver had some momentum going, Seattle's Defense stepped up once again, giving the Seahawks a 22-0 lead!

     Denver would escape disaster after a fumble recovery by Seattle on the ensuing kickoff was overturned as Trindon Holliday was ruled down and gave the ball back to the Broncos. Denver again would drive into Seattle territory, but shot themselves in the foot again. A false start on 3rd & 4 moved Denver back five yards. After picking seven yards back up and facing a 4th & 2, Denver elected to go for it, but again Seattle's defense applied great pressure and Chris Clemons got a hand on the ball to cause a deflection and force an incomplete pass and turnover on downs. Seattle would run the clock out and go up 22 heading into the half.

     Seattle, just like in the 1st half, put together a quick score (both exactly in 12 seconds) when Percy Harvin returned a kickoff 87 yards for a TD and Seattle was now up 29-0! The Seattle secondary continued to take it to the Denver offense! Denver who was forced to punt on their first possession of the 2nd half, turned the ball over after Manning hit Demaryius Thomas for a completion, but thanks to Byron Maxwell knocking the ball out, allowing teammate Malcom Smith to come up with the fumble recovery.

                                                                        (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)


      Not to be outdone by his Defensive teammates, Russell Wilson put together a nice drive following the turnover!  Wilson went 3 of 4 for for 54 yards, including a 23 yard TD Pass to Jermaine Kearse to cap off the drive. The Seattle defense would finally break as Denver would finally respond with a scoring drive of its own after going 80 yards in 6 plays for a TD when Manning hooked up with Demaryius Thomas. Denver would convert on the 2 point conversion to make it 36-8 Seattle at the close of the 3rd Quarter.

      Russell Wilson and the Seahawks would again put together and nice drive and respond to Denver's scoring drive quickly, with Wilson going 5 for 5 for 58 yards including a 10 yard TD Pass to Doug Baldwin. While Wilson finished 18 of 25 for 206 yds and 2TD's, it was the Seattle Defense that made the initial and biggest difference in this game! Seattle forced 4 turnovers (2 Interceptions, 2 Fumbles) with the first 3 resulting in 21 points for the Seahawks! Peyton Manning finished the day 34 of 49, 280 yds. 1 TD 2 INT and was sacked once which resulted with a lost fumble in the process.

                                                                        (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
     Seattle dominated and controlled the game from the very get go and proved that defense wins championship's as the number one defense of the Seattle Seahawks annihilated the number one offense of the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl XLVIII by a final score of 43-8!

Notes:  Demaryius Thomas broke a Super Bowl record for most receptions with 13 , a record previously held by Deion Branch, Jerry Rice, Dan Ross, Wes Welker with 11.

           Floyd Mayweather lost his 10.4 Million Dollar bet he placed on the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl

           Peyton Manning is now 1-2 in Super Bowls

           Malcolm Smith was named Super Bowl XLVIII MVP ( 9 Tackles, 69 yard INT return for TD)

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