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File Profile: Scouting Storm Johnson

     Name: Storm Johnson
     Height: 6ft.

     Weight: 215lbs.
     College: University of Central Florida (UCF)
                    *Originally attended University of Miami before transferring to UCF. As a Hurricane, Johnson had 9 carries for 119 yards and 1 TD. He also had 1 Reception for 9 yards.
     College Stats: (Including Miami) 3 total seasons- 1,765 Rushing Yards, 19 TD's. 41 Receptions for 289 yards and 3 TD's. A total of 2,054 yards from scrimmage and 22 TD's for his college career.
                    *In his second season at UCF, Johnson had a breakout year. Off his total stats for Rushing and Receiving, he gathered 1,139 Rushing Yards and had 14 TD's on the ground in his second season at UCF with all three of his Receiving TD's coming alone in that season itself.

      -Number 9 rated Running Back prospect for 2014 NFL Draft
      -*Self Reported 380lb Bench Press, 510lb Squat, and 35 inch vertical jump in high school.
       Reported 4.56 40 time. *Though Johnson self reported a 4.37 40 time weighing 218lbs. as a Freshman*

      Storm Johnson help lead the UCF Knights to a 12-1 record, Conference Championship (American Athletic Conference) en route to a Fiesta Bowl victory over the Baylor Bears. The Knights finished in the Top 10 (#10) in the Associated Press thanks to Johnson's contributions!

East & West

     While watching some film and highlights of Johnson, I noticed he tends to play an "East & West" game at times as opposed to a "North & South". Here's an example

     Johnson was able to bounce to the outside quickly, but the picture below shows that he had a hole right up the middle he could have scored a TD much easier had he taken it.

                           Looking at this, one (or at least me personally) would have to question Johnson's vision of the entire field!


                                                                                       Cutback Ability

     One thing that impresses me about Johnson is his ability of using the cutback move, especially a guy his size. Johnson is very sharp on his feet and can cutback quickly on a dime to elude from would be tacklers!

                Even though he tends to go "East & West" his cutback ability makes up for it and allows him to get into that "North & South" running approach. Check out this fine example for instance!


                                         Watch here as Johnson jukes and fakes out the initial opposing defender!

                                                                  3rd Down Situations

                           Though he did not have a lot of attempts, Johnson had 80 yards on 15 carries on 3rd Down settings. Good enough for a 5.33 yards per carry average on 3rd Down. Johnson is more of a 1st and 2nd down back, picking up big yards on the initial part of a down (650 yards on 131 carries on 1st Down = 4.96 yards per carry average and 409 yards on 67 carries on 2nd Down = 6.10 yards per carry average).



     Johnson is a power back, with strong legs that able him to shed off tacklers and accelerate into the open with his explosiveness and strength . Johnson is never shy of getting physical,  and will fight for additional yardage and carry defenders with him if he has too! One other aspect of Johnson is he can make an impact catching passes in the backfield to make a big play!

     Johnson's breakout year allowed him to become a top prospect for this year's NFL Draft. The downside is that there are a lot of good running back prospects that Johnson may get overlooked in favor of other players. I see Johnson being drafted anywhere as high as the 3rd round to no later than the 6th round. Whoever lands him will be getting a gem in my opinion as I believe he has the complete package (size, power, explosiveness, footwork/cutback ability, strength) to be an effective running back at the next level!

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