Sunday, February 16, 2014

File Profile: Scouting Andre Williams

                                                                      Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

     Name: Andre Williams

     Height: 6ft. 0

     Weight: 227lbs.

     College: Boston College

     Led NCAA in rushing during 2013 season with 2,177 yards (becoming just the 16th player in NCAA history to rush for 2000+ yards in a single season and ranks 5th for most all time). Williams also had 18 Rushing Touchdowns on the year.

     After evaluating Williams, the one thing that stood out most to me was his physicality.

     Williams, who also does a good job of getting to the outside, displays a stiff arm as he pushes away the defender!

                              Williams does a good job getting low, allowing him to get more drive from his legs. Watch as he squares up and uses his lower body to break through and knock over the defender!
                                               Here's another look from that same play!


     Again Williams gets low, allowing himself to plow over the defender and pick up additional yardage!

     Andre Williams may not be the flashiest back, but he plays a power run game. His size and strength gives him the ability to break through a wall of defenders that will create opportunities where he picks up 10+ yards. That being said, if and once he is able to break away from defenders, Williams actually has great break away speed to go the distance for a big gain or touchdown.

     Projected as a 4th round pick, I see someone like the New York Giants selecting him. The Giants ranked 29th in league in rushing and have be known to go with power in the run game. (Other likely destinations- Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos

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