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Monday, August 20, 2012

Why Jake Locker Is The Right Choice For Tennessee

                                                                             Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

     Since the Tennessee Titans are one of my two favorite teams in the NFL, I think it's fitting that I give my opinion of the team naming Jake Locker the starting quarterback. I personally, think its the right choice.

     Despite not having the greatest numbers during the preseason, Locker already proved last year that he is more than capable of leading the team to success, when he had a strong showing in a game against the Atlanta Falcons, where he came in for an injured Matt Hasselback and threw 2 TD's and 140 yds in a losing effort. So now is the time for the Titans to start building for the future and that starts with Jake Locker.

     Locker is still young and he needs all the experience he can get and learn from his mistakes early on to eventually develop himself into an elite quarterback, and if you're going to make him the future of the franchise, then you also have to make sure you also build around him as well. The Titans already have a running back in Chris Johnson and a solid receiving core with Nate Washington,  Damian Williams, Kenny Britt (if and when decides to get his act together) and Rookie Kendall Wright who was considered by many experts to be the best Wide Receiver in the 2012 NFL Draft.

     Giving Locker the job for starting quarterback will allow him to be able to understand and learn the offensive system quicker. While in the process of learning the system, Locker will also be able to create and build chemistry with the players around him. Locker can also benefit having Matt Hasselback as a potential mentor, as he(Hasselback) has the experience of what it takes to win, who came one game away from winning a Super Bowl.

It will take Jake Locker some time to get adjusted, but with a good supporting cast, Locker and the Titans may finally return this team to being a contender like they once were in the early 2000's when Steve McNair led the them to a Super Bowl appearance. Who knows, maybe Locker will have similar success like another quarterback (that played for the organization when they were still known as the Houston Oilers) who, coincidentally, played college football for Washington as well. I'll let you think for a second as to who that quarterback was (Hint: Warren Moon)

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  1. His name is Jake, not Jack.

  2. lol omg I cant believe I did that! and through the whole article as well. Thanks for catching that