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NFL Week 6 Studs & Duds

                                                                      Week 6 Studs

    Aaron Rodgers- Nothing better than silencing your critics by throwing for 6 TD's and over 300 yards! Aaron Rodgers prove why he IS the reigning NFL MVP

    Jordy Nelson- Has been having a rather quiet year up until Sunday. Nelson was Rodgers favorite target on the night, as Nelson accounted for 3 of Rodgers 6 TD Passes and 121 yards receiving.

   Shone Greene-  His performance on Sunday against the Colts was arguably the main reason for the Jets success on offense as he accounted for 161 rushing yards and 3 TD's to go along with it

   Casey Hayward- Hauled in 2 interceptions too help Green Bay pick apart Houston's offense

   Calvin Johnson- I love whenever "Megatron" comes up and has a big game. Johnson account for 135 of Matthew Stafford's Passing Yards on just 6 catches alone! That's an average of 22.5 YPC(yards per catch)

   Jeremy Maclin- On the other side of the field between Detroit and Philadelphia, Eagles Wide Receiver had an extremely well performance too. As he put up similar numbers as Calvin Johnson by obtaining 6 receptions for 130 yards and had a TD reception to go along with that as well.

  Russell Wilson- Like last week between the Colts and Packers, this game also pitted up a "Teacher vs. Student" type match up with the Student coming out on top once again. Not to mention, its was done in comeback fashion like last week's as well! Rookie Quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks went head to head Veteran Tom Brady and got the best of him in this quarterback duel. Wilson lead the Seahawks to a win after being down 13 midway through the 4th, Wilson threw 2 TD passes, connecting with Braylon Edwards and then late in the game with Sidney Rice to give the Seahawks the win. Wilson threw for 293 yards, and 3 touchdowns.

 Wes Welker- No surprise that he ends up being Tom Brady's favorite target of the day! As Welker had 138 yards on 10 receptions and a TD. Yes Welker is simply that good.

  A.J Green-  A young receiver who put himself on the map this past weekend. Green in his 2nd season, is only one TD catch away from tying his rookie season total of 7. That he did in 15 games, while he has garnered 6 TD receptions in the first 6 games of this season. Despite in a losing effort, Green had 7 receptions, 2 that went for TD's and had 135 receiving yards to go with impressive display.

  Josh Gordon- Another emerging young receiver, Rookie Josh Gordon is showing why he is Brandon Weeden's favorite target as per the quote I am about to provide from a source "Gordon has caught five passes for 181 yards with three touchdowns the last two games. He has a very favorable matchup against the Colts as well and may be becoming Weeden's favorite target in the passing game" (1.) Gordon 3 receptions for 99 yards and a TD as he helped Cleveland earn its first win of the season.

                                                                       Week 6 Duds

       Matt Ryan- Despite being able to come away with the win and go 6-0, Atlanta Falcon's quarterback Matt Ryan was picked off 3 times in the first half alone by the Oakland Raiders. This is something the team will need to address going into their bye week this weekend.

       Greg Zuerlein- Started off on the right foot(no pun intended) by kicking and making his first two FG attempts. However he went on to miss his 3 consecutive kicks (though I won't really hold it against him for missing a 66yd FG at the end) Zuerlein still missed from 52 and 37, which would have ended up being enough to beat the Dolphins (shoulda, woulda, coulda)

       Andy Dalton-  Despite putting up impressive numbers against the Browns (381 passing yards & 3 TD Passes) Cincinnati's QB Andy Dalton was intercepted 3 times by Cleveland as they ended up losing and giving the (then) winless Browns their first victory of the season

       Brady Quinn-  Hasn't done a whole lot since entering the league in 2007. Sunday was no different. 22 of 38 on for 180 yds. No TD's and 2 INT's.

       Phillip Rivers-  When you're up 24-0 at halftime, there should be no reason a team should lose a game. Now I know "you win as a team and lose as a team" but you have to start with Phillip Rivers. After shutting out the Broncos in the first half, the Broncos returned the favor to the Chargers. Rivers had 3 interceptions in the 2nd half, one which was returned for an INT which ended up sealing the win for Denver.

       Matt Schaub- Who I like to call the NFL's only back-up quarterback starting at Quarterback. Not to take anything away from Schaub but I only still have a hard time looking at his as an "elite" quarterback. The Packers Defense, which can be a hit or miss, depending which (defensive) team decides to show up, completely picked apart Schaub, by in essence picking him off two different times. Which was enough to allow T.J. Yates to get some garbage time. Schaub threw for 232 yds. 0 TD and 2 interceptions.

        Alex Smith- You know the old saying goes "defense wins championships" now before I go on, I just want to say Alex Smith is finally living up to expectations since entering the league in 05' and I think he has been impressive as of late. With that said, we know the 49ers have arguably one of, if not, the best defense in the entire league. But Smith's performance shows that even a dominating defense can only do so much when you throw 3 interceptions and have your defense's back immediately defending their own end zone.  Smiths stats- 200 yds. passing. 0 TDs 3 INTs

        Stephen Ridley- Not much coming out of Ridley this pass weekend, only having 34 yards on 16 carries with his longest run of the day being for 6 yds.

         LeSean McCoy- like Ridley, McCoy was anemic in the running game as he only amassed 22 yards on 14 carries. What's worse is that his longest run went for 11 yards(half of his total) while the remainder of his 13 carries only went for the same number. His numbers this past weekend matched his nickname, "Shady"

         Richard Sherman-  Okay so this one is a little more interesting. Sherman had a good game as he picked off Tom Brady for an interception. It's what he did after the game that made him a dud. I see nothing wrong with what Sherman did by getting in Brady's face mocking him and then later used his Twitter account to add fuel to the fire. Now some may see this as classless, and I admit, I think it was a bit sophomoric. But the reason why I put him on the Dud's list is because what he did may essentially backfire on every team that remains on the Patriots schedule by awakening the beast within Tom Brady and setting the league on fire. Richard Sherman, It was said here first. If the Patriots, especially Tom Brady go on a tear following your trash talk, everyone should have you to thank for that! :)

              Stay tuned for the NFL Week 7 Studs and Duds coming next week!

(1.)source- http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/players/playerpage/1686045/josh-gordon

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