Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Don's Top 10 BCS Standings"

    I will be introducing a new "column" if you will, to my blogs. This column or section of my blog is written by a friend of mine and it will be dealing with who he believes are the top 10 teams in college football and essentially compare them to the official BCS standings. Also, I want to state that none of this section has any input by me, as it is all completely Don's opinions.

                                                                     Don's BCS Standings

1. Oregon - Off week they don't go anywhere
2. Alabama - Hate to do it because I feel they're terribly overrated but S. Carolina losing forces me to put them in the top two
3. South Carolina - They probably would have won if they had one more possession, if they played again it'd be a blowout
4. Notre Dame- Didn't play well but neither did anyone else that won in last week's top 10
5. Kansas St. - Same as above
6. Clemson - Had an off
7. Georgia - Had an off
8. Oklahoma - All i can say is WOW! I had Texas in my #9 spot last week, I knew they had a weak defense but not 63 pts. weak, also their offense was supposed be able to put up a lot of points but Oklahoma's defense kept them from scoring in the entire first half, plus OU only lost to K. St. by 10 earlier in the season so this wasn't a fluke game
9. LSU - Just beat last week's #2, they gotta move up
10. Michigan - Even though Illinois isn't that great, they can still play tough so this blowout/shutout is impressive

                      Link to official BCS Standings http://espn.go.com/college-football/rankings


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