Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don's Top 10 BCS Standings week of 10-28-12


     Back again with another edition of Don's Top 10. Before I give his top 10 I would just like to thank Don for contributing to my blog and greatly appreciate his work. With that said, lets see who Don's top 10 are.

1. Oregon - Dominant as ever
                      2. Alabama - Impressive win over Miss St., still can't touch Oregon though
3. Kansas St. - No doubt a Top 3 team after that big win
4. Clemson - Delivered a blow out, no change here
5. Notre Dame - Not only did they beat my previous #5 but they did it convincingly
6. Georgia - Florida had a turnover problem but i don't think that mattered, my gut feeling for this team has always been good
7. Florida - Didn't drop very far because of the uncharacteristic turnovers, every team has a bad game
8. Florida St. - They took on a confident Duke team that was playing extremely well and made them look like a joke
9. Oklahoma - Disappointing loss but it was to a team that i previously had at #12
10. Mississippi St. - South Carolina barely beating Tennessee keeps the Bulldogs in my top 10 just ahead of said Gamecocks and Vols who are 11 and 12

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