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Friday, December 13, 2013

Who Should Be The 2013 NFL MVP?

     In the case for being NFL MVP, a certain set of criteria(s) are taken into account. For me it is simple 1. Stats. 2. Team Success.  Having big numbers/stats is certainly what turns my head and draws my attention. Doing so while also having and creating overall team success is a big contributor and factor that I also take into account! So who should be the 2013 NFL MVP? Lets look at some players below that I have listed and the reasoning I give to (some) support each of the player's cases for league MVP.

NOTE: Any and all stats are as of 12-13-13

Peyton Manning-

                                                                        (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)


     Current stats as of Week 15- 4,811 Passing Yards (has two games left to eclipse 5,000 yard mark, which would be the first time he ever cracked 5,000+ Passing Yards in a single season during his career)!  47 Touchdown (TD) Passes (two games left to break Tom Brady's single season record of most TD Passes in single season [50] ). Denver Broncos are currently 1st in the AFC West, and hold the tie-breaker against the Kansas City Chiefs and are in position to earn the #1 Seed in the AFC for the 2nd straight season.

     Manning's approach to the game has always been unique. He is very vocal on the field when it comes to play calling and has proven he can instantly make any team better. Including players themselves! Prior to Manning coming to Denver, the Broncos went 8-8 the year before, Peyton improved their win total dramatically the following season with five more finishing with a 13-3 record! As for making other players around him, Manning has allowed others to produce even bigger numbers they had before even with other big name Quarterbacks (QB) and springboard others into real time players! Wes Welker broke his own single season TD Reception record of 9 when he played with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, with 10 in just his first season with Petyon Manning as his QB! In Eric Decker's first two seasons he had a total of 718 receiving yards and 9 total TD Receptions. In his first season with Manning, Decker finished with 1,064 receiving yards and 13 TD Receptions! Currently he has 1,130 Receiving Yards and 8 TD Receptions for the 2013 season. In Demaryius Thomas' first two season's, head had 834 Receiving Yards and 6 TD Receptions. In his first season with Manning, Thomas had 1,434 Receiving Yards and 10 TD Receptions. Currently Thomas has 1,194 Receiving Yards and 11 TD Receptions.

     Peyton may be getting older, but as evidence of his continuous of high production with big numbers, Manning is "like fine wine, (he) gets better with age"!

Russell Wilson

                                                                           (Associated Press/Nell Richmond)

     In his Rookie Season, Russell Wilson improved the Seattle Seahawks record of 7-9 (missed playoffs) in 2011 with four more win in 2012, finishing with a record of 11-5! Russell led the Seahawks to a playoff appearance and a win over another Rookie sensation Robert Griffin III (RGIII) and the Washington Redskins. Wilson finished his Rookie year with 3,607 yards of total offense (3,118 Passing , 489 Rushing) and 30 total TD's (26 Passing, 4 Rushing). Unlike RGIII, Wilson has not been hit with the "Sophomore Slump" and has maintained a quality production level. Currently for the season Wilson has 3,329 total yards of offense (2,871 Passing, 458 Rushing) and 24 total TD's (23 Passing, 1 Rushing). On top of that, Wilson has the Seattle Seahawks in position to not only win the NFC Division Title, but a chance to obtain the #1 seed in the NFC as Seattle currently holds an 11-2 record. Wilson is very versatile, by being able to beat opponents both through the air and on the ground and has proven he is no pushover!

Nick Foles

                                                                                  Rich Schultz/Getty Images


     The Philadelphia Eagles are 7-1 since Nick Foles became the starting QB. Foles has been practically flawless thus far as he has thrown for 20 TD's and has only been intercepted once in the 10 games he appeared in (of the 10, he started in 8 of those games). Prior to becoming Philadelphia's starting QB this season, the Eagles were 1-4 and near the bottom of the NFC East Standings (Though too be honest, nearly the entire division was at the bottom as other teams had had just as bad if not a worse record than Philadelphia). Currently Philadelphia sits atop the NFC East Standings with an 8-5 record, and control their own destiny thanks in large part to Fole's Performance's. One has to wonder, had the Eagles went with Foles from the beginning of the season just where exactly Philadelphia would be and if they would be in better playoff positioning based off his success he has produced up to this point. Another important stat that should be mentioned is Foles currently has the highest QB Rating with 120.0 (7.1 better than Peyton Manning)!

Jamaal Charles

                                                                    Jamaal Charles, Josh Umphrey/Getty Images


     For as much as the Kansas City Chiefs defense has been dominant and a huge reason to the team's success so far this season, Running Back Jamaal Charles is probably the MVP of the team! So not only is Charles arguably the Kansas City Chiefs team MVP, but has a legitimate case for league MVP as well! Charles has proven to be one of the best "All Purpose Backs" in the game today for overall offensive production. Currently Charles ranks third in All Purpose Yards with 1,621 yards with 1,161 of them coming on the ground (which also ranks third in the league) and 460 Receiving Yards. Charles is no stranger to the end zone as he has 13 scores on the season (10 Rushing, [which is tied for 1st with three others- Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, and Knowshon Moreno] 3 Receiving). Charles and the Kansas City Chiefs have a record of 10-3 and still have an outside chance to win the AFC West Division. If Charles can maintain a good overall production level on both the ground and through the air, the Chiefs will have a good shot at doing so!

Other Potential Candidates

Drew Brees 4,107 Passing Yards 33 TD 8 INT (Also has 1 Rushing TD)

                                                             Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports.

Josh Gordon- 71 Receptions, 1,400 Receiving Yards (Currently ranks 1st)!  8 TD Receptions

                                                                             (Ed Suba Jr./Akron Beacon Journal)

Calvin Johnson- 75 Receptions, 1,351 Receiving Yards (Currently ranks 2nd) 12 TD Receptions (Also currently ranks 2nd)

                                                                         Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Peterson- 1,221 Rushing Yards (Currently Ranks 2nd) 10 Rushing TD's (Currently tied for most with Jamal Charles, Marshawn Lynch, and Knowshon Moreno) 169 Receiving Yards, 1 TD Reception

                                                                                     Eric Miller/ Reuters


Marshawn Lynch- 1,042 Rushing Yards 10 Rushing TD's (Currently tied for most with Jamal Charles, Adrian Peterson, and Knowshon Moreno) 234 Receiving Yards, 2 TD Receptions

                                                                           (Associated Press/Tom Gannam)


LeSean McCoy- 1,744 All Purpose Yards (Currently ranks 1st) 1,305 coming on the ground (Currently ranks 1st for Rushing) 7 Rushing TD's,  439 Receiving Yard, 1 TD Reception

                                                                            Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

     So who do you think should be the 2013 NFL MVP? Should it be Manning? Wilson? Foles? Perhaps he is not even listed on here! Please feel free to share your opinion and comment on who you think should be league MVP!

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