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Friday, December 20, 2013

Who Is The Best Wide Receiver For The 2013 NFL Season?

     While there is no award really for "Wide Receiver of the Year" that is not going to stop me from looking and talking about potential candidates if there were such an award!

(*This is strictly for Wide Receivers and does not include Tight Ends or Running Backs)
All stats are as of 12-20-2013

Calvin Johnson

                                                                 (Photo: Julian H. Gonzalez, Detroit Free Press)

     Calvin Johnson broke Jerry Rice's single season record for most Receiving Yards last year and came close to cracking the 2,000+ mark (1,964 yards)! While Johnson most likely not break his own record this year (unless he has another output like he did against Dallas) he will break the 1,500 Receiving Yard mark for the 3rd straight season! (Currently has 1,449, which is 2nd to only Josh Gordon) Johnson has also more than doubled his TD Reception mark from last season (5) by recording 12 TD grabs thus far (currently the most out of all Wide Receivers in the league!)

Josh Gordon


                                                                              Jason Miller/Getty Images

     You could make the argument that Josh Gordon is not only (and obviously) team MVP for the Cleveland Browns, but a candidate for league MVP! Gordon became the 1st player in NFL History to have back to back 200+ yards receiving in a game! Currently Gordon leads the league in Receiving Yards with 1,467, and has 9 TD catches and a total of 74 receptions. If not for Josh Gordon, the Cleveland Browns would probably have nothing to be excited for this season, other than watching Gordon himself!

Antonio Brown



     Like Josh Gordon (mentioned above) Antonio Brown is the MVP for his team (Pittsburgh Steelers, which coincidentally are in the same division as Gordon's Cleveland Browns). The Steelers still have a very small and unlikely shot at making the playoffs, Pittsburgh has Antonio Brown to thank for that! Brown has 95 Receptions for 1,307 yards and 8 TD. Not only will the Steelers need fate by their side, but need Brown to continue with his dominance performance he has displayed this season thus far!

Dez Bryant


     Despite acting like a diva by walking to the locker room with time still on the clock after the Dallas Cowboys blew a big lead to the Green Bay Packers, there is no argument that he possess great talent! In that same game against the Packers, Bryant made a spectacular catch in the back of the endzone for a TD, by somehow getting both feet down in bounds even with two defenders covering him! I will also go on the record making this bold statement that I believe Bryant has one of the best pair of hands in the entire league! To date, Bryant has recorded 81 Receptions for 1,061 yards and 11 TD Receptions (which is tied for second overall among Wide Receivers in the league)!

Brandon Marshall & Alshon Jeffrey

                                                                                       Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

   Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey are without a doubt the best Wide Receiver duo in the entire NFL right now! Together Marshall and Jeffrey have combined for 170 Receptions (Marshall-90, Jeffrey-80) 2,450 Receiving Yards (Marshall- 1,185, Jeffrey- 1,265) and 17 TD's (Marshall 10, Jeffrey 7). I am sure if the time ever comes where Chicago would have to part ways with one or the, Bears fans would have a difficult time in who they would prefer staying put!

Andre Johnson

                                                                                        (Bob Levey/Getty Images)

It may be a down year for the Houston Texans, but that has not slowed down Andre Johnson at all one bit! Johnson currently leads the entire league with 99 Receptions, and has 1,295 Receiving Yards (which ranks 4th) and 5 TD Receptions.

Demaryius Thomas

                                                       Source: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images North America)

     Peyton Manning has plenty of targets in Denver, and Demaryius Thomas is one of them! Thomas brings a lot of versatility to his game that makes him one of the more dangerous receivers in the league for opposing defenses! Not only a down field threat, but Thomas is very effective on the screen, and twice has gone 78 yards for a TD on such play. Thomas currently has 78 Receptions, 1,194 Receiving yards, and 11 TD Receptions (tied for 2nd most amongst Wide Receivers)

     I do not want to short change other worthy players who would be strong candidates if there were an award for "NFL Receiver of the Year", so here is a few others that would be included, but not limited to, at least to on my list!

     DeSean Jackson- 75 Receptions, 1,275 Receiving Yards, 9 TD

                                                                                      Photo: Al Tielemans/SI


     A.J. Green- 87 Receptions, 1,268 Receiving Yards, 8 TD
                                                                                Frank Victores/US Presswire    


     Larry Fitzgerald- 73 Receptions, 823 Receiving Yards, 10 TD

                                                                                                 Getty Images

     Keenan Allen- (Also potential candidate for "Rookie of the Year!) 63 Receptions, 931 Receiving Yards, 7 TD


                                                                                              Peter Aiken/Getty Images


Jordy Nelson-  72 Receptions, 1,107 Receiving Yards 8 TD

                                                                (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Vincent Jackson-  69 Receptions, 1,091 Receiving Yards, 7 TD

                                                                                  Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

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