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Monday, December 16, 2013

Dez Bryant Is a Bigger Disappointment Than Tony Romo In Dallas!

     Tony Romo has been criticized every season for throwing untimely interceptions, folding under pressure, or not being a true winner. Perhaps that is true, considering his two untimely interceptions in Sunday's game against Green Bay that led the Packers to scoring two touchdowns late in the game to take the lead and clinch the game respectively. Yes, criticism is something that Romo probably deserves for his on the field performance in crucial games at crucial moments. But there is one thing everyone has to admit, and that is Romo still has and displays leadership and character on and off the field despite his shortcomings. However, the same can not be said for star Wide Receiver (WR), Dez Bryant!

     Dez Bryant will not get as much scrutiny in the long run, heck, he may not even get as much right now for his actions after the Dallas Cowboys collapsed and blew a 26-3 halftime lead over Green Bay as they were outscored in the 2nd half 34-10 by the Packers and ended up losing 37-36. Romo again disappointed all Dallas fans, but at least he did not embarrass the Cowboys and the fans in the sense of poor leadership like Bryant did! After Romo threw his 2nd interception that helped seal Green Bay's incredible comeback, Bryant walked off the field in frustration despite there being nearly a minute and a half left on the game clock. Granted, as mentioned, Green Bay had the game secured after the turnover, but what Bryant did is far more detrimental to the Cowboys than Romo's late game choke job whether you believe it or not! There is a saying "You win as a team, and you lose as a team" apparently "team" doesn't apply to Bryant as he bailed on his teammates when they needed him and his leadership the most!

                                                                         (Screenshot via Buzzfeed Sports)

     What is worse is that Bryant has now drawn unnecessary attention to himself that could cause friction in the locker room, which is something the Cowboys do not need right now, especially since they are in the midst of a playoff hunt.

               Here is a Tweet from Bryant regarding him walking off the field before time expired


Believe me I hate losing too! We all do. We all probably hate losing more than we like winning! But when things are looking down, you do not let it keep you down! You do not let it beat you! You get back up and continue to fight! Unfortunately for Dez Bryant he appears to have thrown in the white towel already!

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