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Sunday, December 1, 2013

File Profile: LeSean "Shady" McCoy

Name: LeSean "Shady" McCoy

Height: 5ft 11in.

Weight: 208 lbs

College: Pittsburgh (Had originally committed to the University of Miami. Went to Prep School to work on grades and during time Miami had a coaching change, causing McCoy to switch his commitment from Miami to Pittsburgh)

College Career Stats- (2 seasons) 3,365 total yards of offense (2,816 Rushing Yards, 549
Receiving Yards) 36 TD (35 Rushing, 1 Receiving)

2009 NFL Draft- Selected Round 2 Number 53 Overall 

40 Time: 4.5  (had a reported 4.23 40 time at the 2004 State College NIKE Training Camp)

Bench Press: 17
Reps (225lbs)
Vertical & Jumping:  29 inches

     I remember following LeSean McCoy's recruitment during his high school playing days. He was a highly touted running back with offers from scholarships all across the nation from prestigious schools. 2006 ESPN evaluation described him as "lightning in a bottle every time he touches the ball." (1.)  McCoy flew under the radar a bit for the NFL Draft, most likely because of his short college career (2 seasons), which may have been the reason why he slipped into the 2nd round. McCoy's talents though still heavily outweighed everything and any team (eventually Philadelphia Eagles) that would select him would be getting a gem!

     McCoy has some of the best footwork in the league today. His ability to cutback and his agility have made him one of the toughest backs to tackle in the game, especially in the open field! Take a look at the GIF below and notice how McCoy's ability to get would be tacklers to over commit with his fine stutter stepping and then quickly accelerates right back into full speed!


Take another look at his fine footwork and his ability to, as I mentioned before, cutback on a dime and leaving the defenders in the dust!


     In this next photo (below), take notice to how McCoy finds the hole real well and once he does, he bursts right through it and goes for a TD! He also displays more of his great footwork and elusiveness! (around the 40 yd. marker)


                                             Another fine example of McCoy finding the open hole as he waltz's in for a TD!

     There's no doubt the flashes of brilliance McCoy has displayed on the field as seen above. But for extremely talented as he is,I have noticed that McCoy could and needs to secure the ball a lot better than he does when carrying it. So I decided to do a little research (yeah research!) to see where McCoy was in regards of statistics for fumbling. This sampling below (which I will provide the link to at the bottom of this article) displays Running Backs who have had at least 700 touches (carries & receptions) and the amount of fumbles they have had between 2010-2012. McCoy is tied for 10th.          

       Again, McCoy displays fine footwork and great cutback abilities, but as you can see in the GIF below, he needs to secure and tuck the ball in much closer to his body.

     If McCoy can reduce his amount of turnovers by securing the ball better, the Philadelphia Eagles offense will surely be more productive and have more success. Turnovers have been a huge reason as of late for the Eagles offense, which has cost them numerous of games that have added up in resulting on missing out on the playoffs. Once McCoy fixes and works at some of the kinks with turning the ball over, his overall game will be complete to go a long with his speed, dynamic footwork, great cut backing abilities and his knack for finding holes quickly and quickly accelerating through them!

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