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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Look At 2013 Heisman Trophy Candidates. Who Do You Think Should Win The Heisman?

     The 2013 Heisman Trophy Award Ceremony will be taking place this Saturday, December 14. I will list the candidates and their stats and give a brief statement regarding individual and team success and at the end I will give my opinion on who should win the Heisman. (I do not want to beat around the bush and am just strictly, at least for myself, am basing it upon on field performances and not including off the field issues that some of the candidates have had. Though if you would like to voice your opinion about that and say it effects the way on how and who you would vote for, please feel free to do so!)

                                                   First up is Jameis Winston, Quarterback Florida State Seminoles

                                                                                   (AP Photo/Phil Sears)

     Jameis Winston led the Florida State Seminoles through a path of destruction during their 2013 season! The Seminoles outscored their opponents 689-139! Winston and the Seminoles went 13-0 and were 4-0 against ranked opponents (#25 Maryland 63-0, #3 Clemson 51-14, #7 Miami 41-14, #20 Duke 45-7) and won the ACC Championship and earned themselves the current #1 Ranking and a shot at the National Championship against #2 Auburn. Winston himself had a total of 42 TD's (38 Passing, 4 Rushing) and just 10 INT's while throwing for 3,820 yards!


                              Second on the list is last year's Heisman Winner, Quarterback Texas A&M Johnny Manziel                        

                                                                             (Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

     Johnny Manziel- Last year's Heisman Winner Johnny "Football" Manziel has a chance to make history by becoming the only the 2nd college football player to win the Heisman Award twice. Manziel, though his stats were similar to last year through the air (2013: 3,732 Passing Yards 33 TD 13 INT vs. 2012: 3,706 Passing Yards 26 TD 9 INT) His Rushing stats took an extreme dip from last year ( 2013: 686 Rushing Yards 8 TD vs 2012: 1,410 Rushing Yards 22 TD) and Texas A&M's record also declined a bit going from 11-2 in 2012 to 8-4 in 2013 pending on the outcome of their bowl game.


                                                              Third is Tre Mason, Running Back Auburn Tigers

                                                                                   Todd Kirkland/Icon SMI     

     What a complete 180 for the Auburn Tigers from last season to this season! Going 3-9 (and an 0-8 conference record) in 2012 to 12-1 (7-1 conference record) and a #2 Ranking that has them playing for the National Championship! The Tigers have Tre Mason to thank as he has went for 1,621 yards on the ground and 22 TD!

                                                          Next up is Andre Williams Running Back Boston College

                                                                           Mark L. Baer/ USA TODAY Sports                

     Boston College had an above sub par season (7-5) Running Back Andre Williams still caught the eye of an entire nation rushing for over 2,000 yards (2,102 8th most all time in a single season! *) and 17 TD

*NOTE In the article it states/shows Williams with 2,073 yards. This was before BC's final game against Syracuse.


                                              Fifth, and not to be forgotten, AJ McCarron Quarterback Alabama


                                                                                 (AP Photo/Dave Martin, File)

     It is hard to not have A.J. McCarron on the Heisman list! The guy is coming off back-to-back National Championship seasons in which he was the starting Quarterback both times and was just possibly 1 game away from a possible third straight National Title (assuming Alabama went on to win their conference championship game as well) McCarron's numbers are definitely eye-opening throwing for 2,676 yards and 26 TD with only 5 INT.


                                                        Lastly, we have Jordan Lynch Quarterback Northern Illinois

                                                                             Andrew Weber, USA TODAY Sports

     Northern Illinois did not have the strongest or toughest schedule this season, but there is no denying just how incredible Quarterback Jordan Lynch performed throughout the season! Lynch led the Huskies to a 12-1 record and produced 4,557 yards of total offense (2,676 Passing, 1,881 Rushing) and 45 TD ( 23 Passing, 22 Rushing) No doubt that Lynch is at LEAST deserving to be a Heisman Finalist. Will or can he win is the ultimate question?          
     For me if and when I am suppose to pick who is the best to win something I like to look at what the player did as an individual and not necessarily what the team did (Though it does help to have overall success individually as well as a team overall). Sometimes an award like the Heisman does not necessarily go to the best player, but the best player on the best team. That is why I am picking Jameis Winston to be announced as the 2013 Heisman Award Winner. If it were up to me however and going off my criteria, I think I would have to either go with Andre Williams or Jordan Lynch and probably ultimately going with Williams. What do you think? Who should win the 2013 Heisman Award? Should it matter about the team the player is on (best player on best team) or should it be based on the player's performance as an individual? Feel free to share your opinions and let me and others know what you think!

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  1. Tre Mason proved in the Alabama game and the SEC championship game that he is the best running back in college football.

  2. There have been cases where the Heisman has simply gone to the best player, and not the best player on the best team. For example, Robert Griffin III won the Heisman with a Baylor team that wasn't even in contention for a BCS Bowl. Personally, Winston will get the nod not only for his stats, but for his position as the media's favorite. Media heralds Winston 24/7, which is why he's such a heavy favorite. Lynch has had the best stats, and hasn't really had a "down" game all year (The 2 picks in his last game came against a stellar Falcons defense, and yet he still rushed for 126 yards). I do believe that Lynch is the best player in college football, and hopefully Heisman voters see that.