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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

File Profile: Allen Robinson


 Name: Allen Robinson

 Height: 6ft 3in.

 Weight: 210lbs.

 College: Penn State

 Stats: 177 Receptions, 2,479 Receiving Yards, 17 TD

 2 Time  "Richter-Howard Receiver of the Year" Winner (Best Wide Receiver in Big Ten)

NFL Player comparison- Demaryius Thomas

 - Great at creating separation between he and the opposing defender(s)
 - Productive/Strong on the Screen (play)
 - Good on the "comeback" route as he can get defender to over commit on a pattern allowing Robinson to come back and get open for the Quarterback (QB)

     Robinson is very hard to take down in the open field, using his size and hands to push away from oncoming tacklers. Has a reported 4.54 40 and his 37in. Vertical will catch the attention of many scouts! (Some reports list his vertical as high as 40in.!) Which will make him very reliable in jump ball situations, which he has proved on the field itself! Case in point this year's game against Michigan when he made a leaping catch at the 1 yard line (See pics below)

                                                           Robinson putting himself in position to make a play on the ball


                                                                                    (From another angle)

                                                                    Robinson displaying tremendous leaping ability!


                                                                                                 One more look!

    Robinson has proven he is also quick to create chemistry with a QB. In 2012 he had Matt McGloin and 2013 Christian Hackenberg. Different QB's but same production level by Robinson! I think Robinson could improve in the blocking game a bit. But because of his play making abilities he is and will be great at being used as a decoy (Similar to Reggie Bush during his stint in New Orleans) creating confusion for opposing defenses!

     I've already made comparisons of Allen Robinson with two current NFL Stars ( Demaryius Thomas, Reggie Bush) but there is one more person he reminds me off due to his "Acrobatic" like skills, and that it none other than Calvin "Megatron" Johnson! I'm not saying he is Johnson (or Bush and Thomas for that matter), but Robinson is a playmaker and if a QB throws the ball up into the air, Allen has the ability to go up and grab it, even in tight coverage!

     Allen Robinson just recently stated he would make his decision after Christmas on what he will do regarding his future (staying one more year at Penn State with a season of eligibility left, or go for a once in a life time opportunity and take his talents to the next level in the NFL). If Robinson forgoes his final year of eligibility, I look for Robinson to be a late 1st, early 2nd round selection in the 2014 NFL Draft. If he however chooses to comeback for another season at Penn State, his stock will definitely rise and I would project he would be anywhere from a Top 15-20 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Whatever decision Robinson makes, we here at Penn State will fully support it! You have helped us through these dark times Allen, and for that we thank you! Again we would love to have you back, but this is your life, so do whatever it is your heart is telling you to do!

                                            Here's a Bonus GIF of Robinson burning the entire Ohio State Buckeye Defense!

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