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Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Time For Andy Reid To Go

                      The City of Brotherly Love Isn't Showing Andy Reid Much Love These Days

     With the loss to divisional rival Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles playoffs hopes are all but dead.  Not only are Philadelphia's playoff chances at jeopardy, but so is Andy Reid's job. Reid, who has held the head coaching position since 1999, has had a realtively successful tenure in Philadelphia. Between 2000-2004, Reid led the Eagles to consecutive playoff appearances, four of which he led them to the NFC Championship(also consecutively) and a Super Bowl appearance to go with it. Not to mention, Reid also had consecutively led the Eagles to four straight Division Titles during the same time period.

     Since 2005 however, things have been rather rocky to say the least for Reid and the Eagles. Philadelphia missed out on the playoffs three times. Even four of their playoff appearances were disappointing, being ousted in the Wild Card Round. Reid and the Eagles problems have not only been subjected on the field, but off the field as well as Reid has butted heads with several players of the course of his tenure as head coach. Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, and most recently DT Cullen Jenkins when they had a heated argument, after the Eagles had committed 22 penalties in a pre-season game.

     Players haven't been the only ones who have been vocal about the way things are going as of late. The fans of Philadelphia have not been shy of showing their displeasure of Andy Reid by hanging large signs and banners, some of which that had read "Fire Andy" and "This is not acceptable."

     Andy Reid's time in Philadelphia as the Head Coach has been relatively successful, as he has posted a win loss record of 126-81-1(prior to the 2012 season beginning) and a 7-5 record in the playoffs. All of that though is in the past as the Eagles need a change of scenery in Philadelphia by moving on from Andy Reid by thinking about the future, of which that one that ultimately consists of Reid.

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