Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quarterbacks Who May Be In Danger of Losing Their Role As Starting QB

     We're a little over the halfway point into the 2012 season and are starting to get a feel of where teams exactly stand when it comes to whether or not they will make the playoffs. It can also be a good indication if there needs to be a change of scenery for teams by addressing and fixing an issue just in time to make a late playoff run. However, for some teams, especially its team's quarterback, time may not only be running out on the season, but possibly their role as the starting quarterback.

             Tony Romo  2012 stats as of week 9 (2,394 passing yards. 10TD's 13 INT's)

                For the Dallas Cowboys, they have gone through numerous quarterbacks in order to find their next franchise quarterback ever since Troy Aikman retired. Quincy Carter, Chad Hucthinson, Vinny Testaverde, and Drew Bledsoe are among the list of quarterbacks the Cowboys have tried experimenting with. Midway through the 2006 season, Dallas finally seemed to have what they had been looking for in a quarterback when Romo took over the starting job from Bledsoe. Though Romo has put up very respectable numbers and a winning record, he will often make ill-afford mistakes. In Week 9, despite throwing for over 400 yards against the Giants, Romo only had 1 TD pass and had 4 interceptions. The turnovers proved costly, especially since the Cowboys were able to come back after being down 23-0 and take a 1 point lead, but the turnovers came back to doom Romo and the 'Boys'. Romo's track record in the playoffs isn't the greatest either. In the 2007 Wild Card Round, Romo mishandled a snap on a FG attempt and had to quickly pick the ball up and run with it in hopes of getting a score via a touchdown. Unfortunately for Romo, he got stopped at the 1yd line thus ending Dallas' season when the practically had the game in their hands(or rather feet, FG pun) The following season saw an awesome regular season campaign by Romo, leading the Cowboys to a 13-3 record and a first round bye. However Dallas was upset by the #6 seed NY Giants in the Divisional Round. Dallas had one last shot and were driving, and with nine remaining, Romo was picked off in the endzone, his only of the game, which ended up being the difference in it. Romo appeared in the playoffs only once more, in 2010 and would win his first (and the Cowboys' first in 13 years)  playoff game before being eliminated by the Minnesota Vikings where Romo had three fumbles (losing two) an interception and was sacked six times. Since then, things have gone south for Romo. In 2010 he broke his left clavicle in a Week 5 game against the Giants. Forcing him to miss the remainder of the season. 2011 Romo had a good season by statistical standards, but had five interception in the first four games which would eventually end up being too much as the Cowboys were eliminated from playoff contention in the final game of the season losing to eventual SuperBowl Champions NY Giants, where Romo threw an interception, and was sacked six times. Through 9 games in 2012 Romo has 10 TD's and has already surpassed the amount of interceptions he had last year(12) with 13 interceptions to date on the season. If Romo continues to slide like this and not perform in key situations and games, the Cowboys may eventually have to count there losses and move on from Tony Romo.

        Mike Vick  2012 stats as of week 9 (10 TD's 9INT's 4 fumbles 2,095 passing yards.)

       Ever since Vick re-entered the league, many argued whetheror not he should have been allowed to play again. Though Vick had a nice comeback story by taking over the starting role from Donovan McNabb and lead the Eagles to a playoff appearance in 2011. (2010 season) But ever since then, Vick has performed poorly and is constantly getting hurt. For the 2012 season, Vick and the Eagles have been having troubling controlling the ball and constantly fumble and turn the ball over in the endzone, shooting themselves in the foot as evident of their 3-5 record (started out 3-1) and Vick has 10 TD passes but 9 interceptions to his resume to date for the season. Granted his Offensive Line has not been of much help, as evident by last nights performance by giving up 7 sacks. Nevertheless the, going back to Vick's 2010 performance which looks like its been more than nothing of a one-hit wonder. If Vick doesn't quickly turn things around and the Eagles fall out of playoff contention, they may want to start experimenting with Nick Foles and start preparing for the future.

     Mark Sanchez  2012 stats as of week 9 (10 TD's 8 INT's 1,736 passing yards)

       I think it may be a bit premature for the Jets to worry about a QB change by replacing Mark Sanchez. Sanchez in his first two seasons, took the Jets to the AFC Championship. In all six postseason game appearances, Sanchez has put up good numbers with a total of 1,055 yards, 9TD's and just 3 INT's. With all that being said, Sanchez has come under a lot of criticism from teammates for his poor work ethic and inability to improve. But it's not just teammates, fans alike are also growing restless as they see Sanchez's performance below his expected standards as well. Sanchez doesn't help his case taking in the consideration that the Jets are 3-5 up to this point, and if things continue the waythey are, the Jets may have no other choice but to go with someone other than Sanchez.

     Christian Ponder 2012 stats as of week 9 ( 10 TD's 8 INT's 1,806 passing yards

         The Vikings had gotten off to a great start and seem poised to exceed all expectations by jumping out to a 4-1 record. Since then they have lost 3 of their last 4 and two of Ponder's last three performances he hadn't even amassed 100 yards passing! Yes I said NOT EVEN 100 yards passing.
One saving grace for Ponder is that, as mentioned, the Vikings started out early exceeding all expectations and he still has time and potential to develop into a productive starting QB. If Ponder continues to have outings where he doesn't even crack the century mark in passing yards, the Vikings could once again be looking for a new QB to take over the starting job. Which was probably alot sooner than they had hoped after selecting Ponder in the 2011 NFL Draft

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