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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Detroit Lions vs Houston Texans "Calling Into Question A Questionable Call"

     During the 3rd Quarter of the Houston Texans vs Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day afternoon game, Texans Running Back Justin Forsett was granted an 81 yard touchdown even though replay clearly had shown he was down. No problem though as all touchdowns are automatically reviewed. Except for one thing, it is illegal according to NFL rules to throw a challenge flag on a touchdown call, because as mentioned before, all touchdowns are automatically reviewed.

     Unfortunately, Head Coach Jim Schwartz (and to be honest probably most NFL fans) was unaware of this rule. When Schwartz threw the challenge flag, he committed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty thus causing the play to become automatically non-reviewable. Again I, and I would think most fans, did not realize such a rule existed.

     Nevermind whether or not it was a touchdown, but the fact that the play is no longer reviewable just because the coach threw a challenge flag is just simply foolish. Maybe not the strongest point to start an argument, but right away it is almost like they are saying the play did not happen as they ruled it "non-reviewable". Another point is they are practically contradicting the fact that every touchdown is always reviewed by not reviewing it.

     I am sure there are many other points to be made about this call, as the even the NFL stated after the game that they would look into reviewing this rule in the off-season. I would still be okay with the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty if the coach threw a challenge flag on a touchdown. As it would not be necessary to do so since all touchdowns are reviewed, but to completely neglect a play that can have a huge effect on a game, comes off as irresponsible on the league's part

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  1. I would only challenge a couple of things in this post.

    1. That the coach didn't know about the rule, I found this direct quote in a news article.

    "‘I knew the rule — you can’t challenge on a turnover or a scoring play — but I was so mad that I overreacted,’’ said Schwartz. ‘‘I had the flag in my hand before he even scored because he was obviously down.’’"

    2. Even if the coach didn't know about the rule, he should have. It's not that big of a deal if the fans don't know, but if the coach doesn't know, it could cost a team the it did in this case.

    1. Yeah you're right. I mean I dont want to argue the fact whether or not he should have known, but I think it's compeletly ridiculous that the play then becomes "unreviewable" Which the NFL even said they are going to look into this rule more in the offseason. The coach probably did know, but was going off natural instinct of challenging the play because he saw that the player was down before getting up to run again.