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Monday, November 26, 2012

Who Should Be The 2012 National Football League Defensive Player of the Year

     Through 12 weeks we have seen some impressive numbers put up on both sides of the ball. When it comes to Defense, who is the MVP and what makes their case and point to be so? Lets name a few worthy individuals mentioning for this honor.

     J.J. Watt (Houston Texans) 14.5 sacks Watt is one of the best D-Linemen in the league today and the Houston Texans 10-1 record is partially due to the play of Watt.

     Von Miller (Denver Broncos) 14.0 sacks 4 Forced Fumbles  I do not think Miller gets enough credit that he truly deserves. Miller's play has propelled the Broncos to atop of the standings in the AFC West and are in contention for a potential first round bye in the playoffs.

     Aldon Smith (San Francisco 49ers) 16.5 sacks 3 Forced Fumbles  Smith has made a name for himself and made a case for the Defensive MVP.  Smith has reached 30 career sacks faster than Reggie White and in only his second season! The 49ers have arguably the best defense in the league and you can contribute alot of their success to Aldon Smith's play.

     Other Noteworthy Players
      1. Tim Jennings (Chicago Bears) 8 interceptions 1 TD
      2. DeMarcus Ware (Dallas Cowboys) 10 sacks 4 Forced Fumbles
      3. Charles Tillman (Chicago Bears) 7 Forced Fumbles 2 INT's (both returned for TD's)
      4. Clay Matthews (Green Bay Packers) 9 Sacks 1 INT
      5. Cameron Wake (Miami Dolphins) 9.5 Sacks 1 Forced Fumble

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