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Friday, November 8, 2013

File Profile: A.J. Green

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Name: A.J. Green

Height: 6ft 4in.

Weight: 206lbs.

College: Georgia

College Stats: 166 Receptions,  2,619 Receiving Yards, 23 TD

2011 NFL Draft:  1st Round (4th Overall) Cincinnati Bengals

40 Time: 4.48

Bench Press: 18 Reps (225lbs.)

Vertical Jump: 34.5 inches

     In just his 3rd season in the NFL, A.J. Green is already one of the top Wide Recievers (WR) in the league. To date (as of November 8, 2013) through 40 career games, Green has 219 Receptions for 3,269 Yards, and 23 Touchdowns (TD). With the emergence of Green, the Cincinnati Bengals have become contenders (making the playoffs in his first two seasons) and are currentl in first place in the AFC North thanks in part to Green's contributions!

     Green posessess the basic fundamentals a quality receiver needs in order to be a threat! Good down field threat, great hands, and acceleration. A.J. Green is not the biggest WR (206lbs.) which can cause problems, especially against bigger and more physical defenders, making him more susceptible and vulnerable in coverage. Green makes up for it with his ability to make a play on the ball by grabbing and hauling in overthrown passes, thanks in part because of his great concentration and establishment of good positioning to make a play on the football.

                     Take note to how Green focuses on making a play on the ball before he continues up field for the Touchdown

     Green's vertical jump is not necessarily one of the greatest, however he is still very reliable in jump ball situations with his excellent timing and proper execution going into the air to retrieve the football. This asset of Green's is also noticed whenever he makes a reception, as he makes sure to secure the ball in his hand before making a play to turn up field. This also makes Green dangerous when he is set up for a lateral. With his agility, Green becomes difficult to tackle in the open field, causing defenders to miss tackles and allowing Green to go for a big gain.


     Green is a player who keeps things simple, yet is very effective when doing it! He will still need to add some size onto his frame for not only when he fighting off defenders in coverage, but also to make an impact in the run blocking game, especially when he may need to block lineman or linebackers.

     Make no mistake about it though! Green is only going to continue to get better with time and experience. And as long as he continues working on his areas for improvement while performing with the skill sets he already posesses, he will do so!

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