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File Profile: Eddie Lacy

                                                                          (Photo: Evan Habeeb, USA TODAY Sports)

Name: Eddie Lacy

Height: 5 ft. 11 in.

Weight: 230lbs.

College: Alabama

College Stats: (Rushing) 355 Carries, 2,402 yards,  30 TD's
                       (Receiving) 35 Receptions 338 yards, 2 TD's

2013 NFL Draft:  2nd Round (61st Overall) Green Bay Packers

40 Time: Some accounts list as fast as 4.44, while many have him listed between 4.5-4.55

Bench Press: 21 Reps (225lbs.)

     Eddie Lacy is part of a recent chain of running back success at the University of Alabama, following immediately in the footsteps of Heisman Trophy Winner Mark Ingram, and highly touted prospect Trent Richardson respectively. Lacy continued to provide the Crimson Tide with an excellent option in the backfield with his performance while at Alabama! Eddie Lacy was projected to be a late 1st round/early 2nd round draft pick but because of a poor outing at the NFL combine (reported 40 time of only 4.57 & 4.60, well below his fastest of 4.44) Even with the poor outing, Lacy was still a proven back at the college level with a chance to showcase his abilities in the NFL. And when the Green Bay Packers selected him, it was considered a steal, not only because the Packers were getting a reputable running back, but were also filling one of their needs with a quality caliber with Lacy.

     What Eddie Lacy has done for the Packers is finally solve the missing piece to the puzzle and
provide a ground game for Green Bay! Through 8 games, Lacy has 669 yards on the ground (including two games were he went for 100+ on the ground) and 4 TD's. Lacy has strong and powerful legs and is quick on his feet, along with great acceleration.Combining these assets that Lacy possesses, makes it difficult for defenders to make an open field tackle. (as evident by the gif below)  Because of his strong legs, Lacy can bullrush his way through opposing lines, dragging defenders with him along the way as he makes a big gain.

     Lacy also stays low on his ground game, squaring up his shoulders and getting low that forces the defender to get to his level. Already difficult to take in the open field, Lacy has amazing footwork and has great cut backing ability causing the defender to become out of position. Watch in this following gif where Lacy showcases these abilities as he dashes right past the defensive line and blasts his was right into the secondary!


      Eddie Lacy no doubt has the skill sets and capability to become the franchise Running Back for the Green Bay Packers they have so desperately needed ever since the Ahmen Green days. There is however one point I would like to address that I think Eddie Lacy from what I have observed could still work on a bit. Lacy likes to plow his way like a bulldozer through opposing defenders but in the process he may sometimes give up an open hole that could have gone for a bigger gain. Case in point with diagram I am about to provide below

(I took these still images from highlights of the 2013 BCS National Championship Game where Alabama played Notre Dame)

                               In this still shot, you can see the lane that is already opened up for Lacy. Take notice also to the receiver on that side going down field as he would been able to provide additional blocking for Lacy had he chosen to go through the hole in which I have shown in this image.


Here you can see what Eddie Lacy gives up (in yellow) but instead tries to pursuit other potential holes (in red) by going up the middle


Finally you can see once again what he passed up (yellow) and what he ended up doing (red). To summarize these, Lacy no doubt can break through defenders up the middle, but sometimes he passes up the easier decisions and prevents himself from getting an even bigger gain.

     Make no mistake about it though, Eddie Lacy has the tools to be a high caliber running back in the NFL. As mentioned, he has become the answer for the Green Bay Packers lack of ground game. Lacy likes to get low, will fall forward, and is not afraid of getting physical by creating contact with opposing defenders. I look for Lacy to have a better career (statistically) than Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson (his predecessors as starting running back at the University of Alabama). Lacy is great at picking up blocks and is great as an additional receiver, especially for a screen play which allows him to catch the ball in stride while maintaining his ability to accelerate up field, following his blockers. One last note, Lacy's ground game, which the Packers have longed seeked, opens up Green Bay's passing game even more,and with a Quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, Lacy makes the Packers offense that much more dangerous!

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