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Unforgettable Super Bowl Moments

                        One Yard Short

     After being down 16-0 to the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl 34, the Tennessee Titans would score 16 unanswered points of their own to tie the game. However, the score would not stay that way for long. On the very first play of the next possession, Rams Quarterback Kurt Warner found Issac Bruce for a 73 yard TD Pass. Giving the Rams the lead once again at 23-16. Titans would get another chance to march the ball down the field and extend the game, in what would be the first overtime in Super Bowl history. With six seconds remaining, and the ball on the Rams 10, the Titans called their final timeout to set up one last play. Steve McNair would snap the ball, step back, and find Kevin Dyson on a slant route. Dyson looked to be heading for the end zone. Before Dyson could cross the goal line however, Rams Linebacker Mike Jones would make a desperation tackle by grabbing Dyson's legs. As Jones held on, Dyson would attempt to stretch the ball across the goal line, but Jones would prevent him from doing so, causing him to fall one yard short of the end zone. Immediately ending any hope for the Titans to extend this game into overtime. The Rams would claim victory and capture the franchises first Super Bowl.



     The Super Bowl itself is not the only reason millions across the country tune in to watch. Viewers tune in to anticipate and watch for the special commercials and the traditional halftime performances each year. One halftime show in particular has a special and historical impact than any other to date. Super Bowl 38 featured special performances which included, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. Nearing the end of their duet, right as Timberlake said his final line, "I'm going to have you naked by the end of this song." he pulled off a part of Jackson's wardrobe accidentally revealing part of her right breast! The incident created much backlash. With the FCC cracking down on perceived indecency in broadcasting


                   18 Wins 1 'Giant' Loss

     The New England Patriots were 2:42 away from a perfect 19-0 record after a Randy Moss TD Reception gave them a 14-10 lead over the New York Giants. New York would have one last chance to respond. On 3rd & 5 from their own 44 yard line, Eli Manning, who was almost picked off on the previous play, escaped disaster again when he managed to avoid getting sacked by Adalius Thomas and broke free from the grasps of Jarvis Green and Richard Seymour. Now free from the Patriot tacklers, Manning stepped up and threw the ball down the middle of the field. David Tyree(who scored the Giants first TD) made a catch that is probably the most memorable play of this game when he hauled in the pass with one hand before securing the ball against his helmet. All while doing this fighting off Patriots safety Rodney Harrison. The catch would help keep the drive alive and four plays later, Eli Manning would find a wide-open Plaxico Burress for a score to give the Giants a 17-14 lead with 35 seconds remaining. New England would get one last opportunity. Despite having three timeouts remaining however, the Patriots would not manage to gain a single yard and on 4th and 20 Tom Brady threw a pass that was knocked down, effectively ruining their perfect season finishing 18-1. The Giants would go on to win the Super Bowl in the biggest upset in its(Super Bowl) history.

 Here are submissions by my fellow sports fans!

                           John Elway "Helicopter"
       My favorite Super Bowl memory and the first one that came to my mind right away was the John Elway "helicopter". With less than two minutes to go in a tied Super Bowl XXXII the Broncos faced a 3rd and 6 from the Packers 13 yd line. Elway took the shotgun snap and immediately the Packers got a heavy rush up the middle. Elway had just enough blocking to escape and then scrambled down field where he was met by three Packers defenders. The collision resulted in Elway being spun around like the blades of a helicopter through the air and he landed at the Packers 3 and a half yard line for a crucial first down. This allowed the Broncos to run more time off the clock as they went on to score the go ahead touchdown on 2nd & goal to upset heavily favored Green Bay.


                The "Bus" Wins At His Final Stop

                Super Bowl Extra Large
     It all started the year before. The Steelers lost in the playoffs in Ben Roethlisberger’s rookie season. At the conclusion of the game he promised Jerome Bettis that if he stayed one more year they would win that Super Bowl for him. The next year they indeed did. To start I just want everyone to remember that Antwaan Randle El was a dual threat QB at Indiana while in college and upon entering the NFL he was immediately converted to a deadly wide receiver. The moment I remember most was Antwan Randle El’s TD throw to Hines Ward. It was a wide receiver reverse pass for Randle El and he dropped that pass right into Ward’s hands for a 45 yard TD score that sealed the victory for the Steelers. It was at this moment that Jerome Bettis knew that Big Ben would make good on his promise. They were going to win the Superbowl over the Seattle Seahawks 21-10. It was a great moment in Steelers History. I believe this is a fitting memory for this years Superbowl because with this victory Big Ben and the Steelers tied the 49ers in Super Bowl victories. The Steelers have since passed the 49ers with 6 Super Bowl victories. This year Colin Kaepernick (A second year QB that took over for the starter mid season) has a chance to tie the Steelers in Super Bowl wins. I personally will always remember this victory though because of Jerome Bettis. He was and will remain one of my favorite players all time. He was a great person and he really was a “Bus” when it came to running the football.

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