Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Honoring Joe Paterno One Year Later After His Passing

     One year ago today, my life as I knew it changed. A man I admired and loved passed away, but not before he touched the lives of many and inspired countless numbers of people for over half a century! Joe Paterno was born on December 21, 1926. In 1950, Paterno became an assistant coach under then head coach Rip Engle. Paterno then took over the helm of the school's football program in 1966 and during that time up until his undeserved firing, he made Penn State into a national powerhouse and regardless of what the NCAA may say, complied a winning record of 409-136-3 and a record 24 bowl game victories. Paterno also coached five undefeated teams, led Penn State to two national championships, and three Big Ten titles. Try as they may, nobody can take away what Paterno did for a school and community (not to mention he is one of the few who actually did do the right thing regarding the handling of the situation regarding the reporting of Jerry Sandusky. He reported what was told to him to his superiors that was more than Centre County Children & Youth and Department of Public Welfare and the proper Law Enforcement Agencies acted on. For as much as Paterno will be remembered for being a great coach, he was much more than that.

      Paterno was a father figure to over thousands of players over the years. Not only did he make these kids better football players, but he helped them grow to become better men. Many are very successful with outstanding careers and strong standings enhanced by Paterno instilling his fine beliefs in them. Paterno was strict on his players, he was an educator who impressed upon them that their education was really the most important thing football was second Though, the media claims the only care was football, his character obviously contradicted those claims by his actions. Many stories from people have been shared of Paterno over the years that demonstrate his strong character and true beliefs. Paterno was financially secure, yet you would not know that by looking at the house he lived in. Paterno did not care about the money or fame, what he did care about was the PSU he so dearly cared for and loved! Over the years he donated millions of dollars to the university to improve the schools facilities and learning environment along with his wife Sue. This was not just for his players, but for the thousands and thousands of students that attend PSU as well! He left this earth leaving behind a legacy that money could never buy!

     Thus it came to no surprise that Penn State always ranked at the top of students athletes with the highest graduation rates year in and year out. Despite whatever the media may try to say, Paterno
 was a humble man who did not care about records, championships, or football in general. His main course of business at hand was about making sure the the students would first and foremost get a good education and help guide them for a better future and life outside of football. This he accomplished by his "Success With Honor".

       I unfortunately never got the opportunity to meet Joe Paterno, he still had a tremendous impact on my life. Joe made sure to live by those words "Success with honor." so even I am touched by these words and try to live my life in this fashion. As much as the media and the general public try to ruin Paterno's legacy fills me with anger and frustration, I know Paterno would not want us, Penn State, to act in an irrational matter by stooping to their levels. Rather he would want us to band and come together as one like a family, and do what it is right by seeking the truth and making others around us better people.

     Over the past year since Paterno's death, I have come across many people who have said ill things towards Paterno and Penn State with in my opinion defamatory comments, as they took part of their character assassination, saying that we live in a "bubble", and we are "delusional". The real truth is, that WE ARE NOT living in a bubble. WE ARE NOT delusional. WE ARE seeking the truth and due process for a man who was about doing things the right way. WE ARE because JOE WAS. WE ARE.............PENN STATE!

                                                                   R.I.P. Joe Paterno!

I would once again like to thank my Editor Marilyn! :) You're awesome and I really appreciate that you are able to take time out of your busy day to help me with my blogs!

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