Thursday, December 13, 2012

What In The "H-E Double Hockey Stick" Will It Take for the NHL & NHLPA to Strike a Deal?

     Hockey fans have been waiting and wondering if and when a new collective bargaining agreement will be reached between the players (NHLPA) and the owners (NHL). It is clear that for each side it is all about making more money. What remains unclear is what is it that will make each side come to terms and reach an agreement that is fair for both?

      Both sides continually deny any proposition the other makes, and yet somehow they remain "optimistic" despite not even being close to coming to terms. But if that is truly the case then what in the "H-E Double Hockey Stick" is taking so long? If the players and owners want to seriously end the lockout and get the game going again, then they need to continue talks until they can come to an agreement. No matter how long it takes.

     For the owners, they need to realize that without the players, there will be no games. Therefore they are losing money (i.e. ticket sales, merchandise, memorabilia, etc). Players however, can still make money playing hockey. All they have to do is go over seas in play in leagues such as the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL).

     As for the players, if they truly want to get the NHL up and running again, they need to realize the owners will continue to delay further talks until they get what they want, and until they do, there will not be any NHL hockey. Players not only make money with the contracts they sign, but with incentives such as endorsements and advertisments (Stemming from poster boys Sidney Crosby advertistng the NHL to a 4th liner marketing local businesses in the surrounding area in which the team's city is located in).

     Whatever the case may be, the players and owners need to stop beating around the proverbial bush and get a deal done, and done fast! The longer the lockout goes on, the more fans will lose interest. and the more fans lose interest, the more money will be lost! So to the players and owners, what will it take to reach an agreement? The impact by the loss of revenue? The lack of fan interest? What is it? Well whatever it is, for each sides sake, both better come to an agreement and fast!

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