Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Start Or Sit Em'? Adrian Peterson Week 2 Against The Green Bay Packers

While the Minnesota Vikings were able to make adjustments after being down 10-0 to Tennessee in Week 1, the Titans had no problem containing superstar running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson had 19 carries for just 31 yards, not something we are all used to see him doing on the gridiron. Perhaps some fantasy owners may be thinking of whether or not to start or sit him in week 2 against the Green Bay Packers. Always a tough match up the Packers will definitely bring everything they have to the table in this huge division rivalry game. As a matter of fact, after week 1 of the 2016 NFL season the Packers lead the league in run defense with just 48 yards. So again the question do you start or sit Peterson? Personally I would still keep Peterson in regardless, but thankfully history is on my side as well!

In 16 career games against the Green Bay Packers, Adrian Peterson has amassed 1,760 yards on 334 carries, (an amazing 5.27 yards per carry average). Peterson has also added 13 touchdowns to go with his dominating performance against the Packers. While I am sure many were not going to sit him, this was just to simply confirm to not have any doubts starting Adrian Peterson this weekend against the Green Bay Packers.


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  1. Peterson doesn't play in the pre-season so his first game is usually pretty bad. It was the same thing last year in week one as the Vikings in general but Peterson in particular have an awful game offensively. Despite the dreadful week one performance he still won the rushing title so nothing to worry about here.

    1. I agree. Nothing to be worried about for Adrian Peterson fans.