Monday, April 8, 2013

Wrestlemania 29 Review

     Well WrestleMania 29 is officially in the books and now that I've had almost a full day to digest, I am ready to give my thoughts and opinions on it by discussing each match.

          The Shield vs. Sheamus, Randy Orton, & The Big Show

Despite the randomness for this match as Big Show was practically thrown in at the last minute, not to mention he was a heel who suddenly became face only to seemingly end up heel again after the match, the match itself overall was good. I think it was the right decision to have the Shield win as it establishes further credibility for their stable and each of the wrestlers as an individual themselves. I liked the ending where Rollins jumped off the top rope and Orton caught him in the RKO. Then Roman Reigns spears Orton and Dean Ambrose covers him to pick up the win for the Shield. Though I think it was pointless to have Big Show in the match since he reverted back to essentially being a heel anyway when he knocked out Orton and Sheamus after the match.

      Ryback vs. Mark Henry
Nothing to special about this match. You have two big guys who are not really going to have high flying moves or anything flashly. Still it was alright given those circumstances. Ryback did get his "WrestleMania moment" when he Shellshocked Mark Henry, but it was not until after the fact Henry already won the match. I do not understand the outcome as it does nothing to put Ryback over as a wrecking force.

      Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston
Decent tag match that mainly served as a filler. Good choice for WWE to have Team Hell No win and retain the titles as they are one of the more interesting topics going on right now for the company and I think Kane and Bryan's character's have meshed well together.

      Chris Jericho vs. Fandango
I understand the choice in having Fandango beating Chris Jericho to put him over. What I do not understand is that WWE waited to have Fandango have his first match be at WrestleMania. His character has not even established himself leading up to the match. The match was okay. Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho only for his "bummed" knee to give out and Fandango would win in an undramatic fashion with a rollup.

      Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger
A storyline of Swagger's character being fed up with America and taking an ultra conservative approach of how the country should be with Del Rio's defense claiming himself to be "American Made". The matchup consisted of each wrestler putting one another in their submission moves. In the end, Del Rio would prevail via Cross Arm Breaker. (side note: O thought there was a good possibility WWE would decide to have Ziggler cash in his "Money in the Bank" since this match took place after Dolph's tag team match.)

      CM Punk vs. Undertaker
Maybe the best match of the night. (and that is not saying too much) It is kind of disappointing at the fact WWE invested so much into the death of Paul Bearer leading up to Mania, but then hardly have it become a factor in the match or the outcome of it. I was hoping WWE would get creative(lol yeah right!) and have CM Punk at the end dismantle Undertaker and hit him with a GTS and then mock Taker by hitting him with a Tombstone. Then as Punk would go for the cover and sure win to finally end the streak, green smoke would "mysteriously" start coming out from the urn that Heyman was holding. The "spirit" of Paul Bearer would cause Undertaker to rise and sit up and then for Punk to turn around all bug eyed and shocked to see Taker standing there who would then finish off Punk with a Chokeslam and Tombstone to pick up the win and extend the streak to 21-0 that way. (I am least happy the Undertaker remained undefeated)

      Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
Probably the most predictable outcome for a match on the night (along with Cena vs. The Rock) Not to take anything away from the match itself as it was decent, but the buildup to it was stale. Brock Lesnar breaks Shawn Michaels arm. Triple H wants revenge only to lose at Summerslam to Lesnar. Lesnar would then break Triple H's arm. Brock later on would go on to give Vince Mcmahon an F5, causing him to have "surgery" on his hip. Triple H comes back to get redemption against Lesnar for all of his actions against him, his best friend, and family. Maybe if the outcome would not have had been as predicatble if the stipulation "If Triple H loses, he must retire" Come on, this is the guy who is going to be around forever as he is next in line to run the company when Mcmahon is gone.

      The Rock vs. John Cena
Another redemption match. As noted before, the most predicatble match (along side Triple H vs Brock Lesnar). Nothing spectular as the "highlight" of the matchup was near the end when the wrestlers were trading, countering, doing the other's signature move(s) only to repeatedly kick out at the last second. The result was nothing outstanding either, it was with 100% certainity that Cena would win and become champion as The Rock will go back to Hollywood to film more movies. If that was not bad enough, they had Cena & Rock embrace one another by shaking hands and hugging. It gets a little redudant seeing wrestlers break character and kayfabe(i.e. last year when Undertaker, Shawn Micheals, and Triple H all embraced each other after the end of the match) instead of trying to get the fans to believe their is legitimate heat between the wrestlers. Oh and did anyone really think WWE was going to have Cena turn heel? (How many times has that rumor popped up only for it to obviously never come to fruition?)

      As far as the show goes as a whole, the results were actually good, but the delivery of the matches could have been better. WrestleMania 29 was average as I feel the writers made to many things predictable with no surprises twists or endings. No real special "WrestleMania Moments" other than Ryback(even though it was AFTER he lost his match) Too much advertising during the show and in between matches (i.e. promos for The Rock's movies, John Cena and his involvment in the Make a Wish Foundation, etc.) There was really no backstage segments in between the matches either. Finally, P Diddy singing was also pointless. I give this WrestleMania a 4 out of 10.

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