Friday, March 1, 2013

File Profile: Martin Brodeur "Greatest Goalie Ever To Play Hockey"


     It is not hard to argue that Martin Brodeur is not only the best goalie in hockey today, but is also the best to have ever played the game! For good reason as well!

     To date, Brodeur holds several records that speaks volumes in itself alone. Arguably two of his most impressive feats are his 691 wins and an astonishing 125 career shutouts in the regular season.(Both are all time best)  Add the 24 he has posted in his playoff career (also an all time best), Brodeur has 149 in total. Some goaltenders that have come and gone throughout the games history are just lucky to even accomplish that many wins, but to have that amount of shutouts is simply unfathomable.

     As evident by his 24 career shutouts in the playoffs, Brodeur has been able to transition his regular season successes over into the postseason as he has lead the New Jersey Devils to five Stanley Cup Finals appearances, winning 3 out 5 of them. His performance in the 2003 playoffs is arguably his greatest postseason to date when he recorded seven shutouts, three alone in the Cup Finals as he helped the Devils secure a Stanley Cup Championship over the Anaheim Ducks.

     No questions asked, Brodeur is a guaranteed hall of famer who again is not only the best goaltender in the game today, but is already the best of all time as well! At the age of 40, Brodeur still displays the skills of a goalie in his prime and will only add on to his career achievements as he is the "Wayne Gretzky" of goalies with impressive stats that may never be duplicated ever again in the history of the game!

  Martin Brodeur's Career Accolades

Updated 1-27-15

- 691 wins (all time leader)
-125 shutouts (all time leader)
-2.24 GAA
-.912 Save Percentage
-3 Time Stanley Cup Champion  ('95, 00', 03')
-2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist ('02, '10)
-Most Career playoff shutouts 24
-10 Time NHL All-Star
-4 Time Vezina Winner (best goaltender)
-1994 Calder Memorial Trophy (Rookie of the Year)
-5 Time William M. Jennings Trophy (Goaltender who allowed least amount of goals in a season) ('97, '98, '03, '04, '10)

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  1. it is very easy to argue Brodeur is not the best goalie in the league today. Because he isn't. Rask, Fleury, Rinne, Lundqvist, Anderson, Price, Halak..etc. They are all better than Brodeur this year. He is old and gets injured. You don't know shit about hockey.

    1. Yet I provide you with stats such as Brodeur's wins, shutouts, stanley cup wins. Plus his achievements and accolades. Yet you can't provide any info to back up your "argument". Yeah injuries happen, but it's to be expected for any player no matter what age. Broduer this season is still putting up solid numbers; 10-2-3 record, GAA 2.22, SV%.907 and a shutout. Look what happened when they were without him! Brodeur has been the backbone of this team and still is one of the best in the game TODAY! Yeah "I don't know shit about hockey" even though like I mentioned I provided stats and numbers while all you do is just a list a couple of goalies without any supporting evidence or reason. Who's the one that doesn't know shit about hockey now?